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Title: Of Dust & Men (Day 7)
Post by: wino on January 30, 2006, 11:44:36 am
Day 7

Time to head back the same way we came. First, we had to drop off the keys at the kloof’s warden and ‘beg’ him for petrol for Chris’ BM.


The very friendly warden made us sit down, share a cup of coffee and told us some of the more unusual stories associated with the kloof and its previous people. And he did not show any hesitation in helping us with some petrol. 10/10!


A last glance back. I think we should have stayed another day here.



It was evident from early on that the rest of the group was in for a bit of off-road amusement and after a while I could not even see their dust! But for me this was the most relaxing experience of the whole trip. After the stay in the Hel, it felt like I was on a couple of prozacs – this feeling lasted for a few days. There was no rush to anywhere for me…



Time to be nasty to the cameraman… First, the two BM’s…



Take that! Woweee!


The rest then carried on with their own amusement…



Reaching the Swartberg Pass:


The Swartberg Pass was to provide us with more magnificent views:





Droewaterval = Dry waterfall (?) I smell an oxymoron…




Yep, time for an artistic photo, pity about the rider!




The church in Prins Albert:



After a chilli(ng) lunch, it was time to head back over the Swartberg Pass to Calitzdorp Spa.





Always looking cool!


The top of the pass:



Instead of taking the tar road via Oudtshoorn to Calitzdorp, we instead (do you blame us?) took the gravel back road.




Giving the BM some throttle!


Just chilling through!





Eventually we reached Calitzdorp and stocked up on some food & drink for the night. On the last bit of gravel road leading up to the highway Chris clocked 180k’s an hour!


Crossing the bridge to the spa.


Discussing the day’s adventure…brmmm, brmmm!


Our dazzling model sporting an astounding bottle of witblits – he won’t be smiling tomorrow morning!

Title: Of Dust & Men (Day 7)
Post by: LiveInTheOutdoors on January 30, 2006, 01:25:39 pm
Kickass report dood...  8)  8)  8)  8)