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Title: Excellent Service
Post by: Adventurer on April 30, 2006, 06:31:21 pm
Yesterday Carol puts her 1200 down in a river while we are out playing with the new knobblies, as a result of some kak idea from BMW the motor sucks a bit of water into the airbox and straight down into the motor. I decide to drain the oil and replace the oil filter, the air filter is also lekker wet so I reckon it is time for a K&N filter, problem, it is Saturday afternoon and everyone and his Beemer is at the ABBG! No problem, I phone Ray Muller at Cytech and he offers to help me out first thing Sunday morning with a new oil filter, I meet him at 9-00am at his wonderful new shop in Robertsham, walk out later with a new oil filter, sommer buy the oil filter socket as well, and a K&N air filter. 2 hours later the 1200 is back on the road, no water anywhere. Later in the afternoon Ray phones just to check that all is well, can one ask for more?
The right rear view mirror was also stuffed from the prang, but Ray doesn't have any in stock, no problem, I fit the left one on the right hand side, and Q-Bond the stuffed mirror back together and refit it on the left, bit out of line but still useable, a visit to BMW on Tuesday will sort this problem out. One can ride without mirrors, but not with water in the oil!
Big thanks to Ray, otherwise the 1200 would have stood until Tuesday.
Title: Excellent Service
Post by: wino on May 01, 2006, 11:12:37 am
although sometimes a bit expensive, cytech generally gives good service. i've always felt that the team there is genuinely interested in the person and bike.
good to get positive feedback here!
Title: Excellent Service
Post by: Adventurer on May 01, 2006, 04:06:41 pm
Not to mention advise, if anyone knows Africa, Ray does.