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Title: Thinking of buying a Honda crf450x
Post by: XRV-Boy on December 11, 2012, 07:32:58 pm
Ola dogs,

So Ive been harbouring the thought of expanding my garage by one and was thinking of something smaller and slightly more nimble than the twin. Thus being the loyal Honda supporter that I am I was thinking of a second hand crf450x, spacifically the x as it has slightly better IMO suspension than the normal crf.  The plan once I have found a bike and parted with some hard earned sheckels would be to have the bike as a project and slowly upgrade it with long range tanks etc.

I was thinking of a early 2000 model, any advice as to why or why not would be much appreciated.

many thanks

Title: Re: Thinking of buying a Honda crf450x
Post by: sidetrack on December 26, 2012, 11:40:35 pm

I would buy as new as you can afford, I think the first X came out in 2005. Small improvements were made through the production years. I have read mixed reviews on the bike, the biggest issue seems to be the stock titanium valves which eats into the valve seats. The solution seems to be stainless valves, some also had stator failures. Being a Honda I'm sure it will be reliable if looked after. I bought a 2007 model, so far I have done around 16 hours of riding (+- 800km) and it's been running great. Not sure how many hours on it allready. I'm also looking to change to a bigger tank and in general make it more of a dual sport than an enduro bike. I will admit it was never meant to be one but the rides I have done was completed with ease and it's lots of fun to ride. I run 14-48 gearing but will switch to 14-46 in the near future. My only complaint is the stiff front fork, it needs softer springs and maybe lighter weight oil. I wa spoilt with WP's on the KTM's. There are plenty of CRF's for sale so shop around, sure you will enjoy the bike  :thumleft:
Title: Re: Thinking of buying a Honda crf450x
Post by: XRV-Boy on January 08, 2013, 05:15:37 pm
Thanks sidetrack,

I have been chatting to  a mate of mine who is just as honda befok as I am so will soon find something that fits the bill, just out of interest sakes what mods have you done to your bike?