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July 13, 2013 (530 km) Finally we go. The bike is ready for a new adventure on the road. After a hearty breakfast we depart towards Goterborg. Today we are headed for the coast of Bohuslän in Swedish territory with its countless islands from the jagged and picturesque fishing villages. After 300 km we take a lunch break at a service station and then leave and leave the motorway at Stora Höga. The landscape changes suddenly and the monotony gives way to a magnificent landscape. Through the bridges we come to the island of Tjörn. The sun shining takes us up to the enchanting island of Klädesholmen or island herring in the southern most point of Tjörn with its fantastic cottage white and red. After a short walk through these beautiful homes we make a stop at the coffee bar located right above the restaurant Salt & Sill, renowned for its dishes herring. The place is really lovely with a great view of the coast. A huge three-masted sailing ship moored right in front of the bar (photo 1-14). Let unwillingly this beautiful place to head towards the island of Orust and in particular the small village of Mollönsund, in the south west of the island. It is the oldest fishing village on the coast of Bohuslän. Its picturesque harbor and the old fishermen's houses make it truly a little gem (photos 18-29). The Asciata the island we head towards a popular beach resort really picturesque. Smögen with its crowded and charming walk along the seafront and the picturesque fishermen's houses in my opinion is the most beautiful village of fishermen in the area. On one side restaurants, pubs and huge yachts and just around the corner the quiet absolute, with the colored houses and a view sula coast really extraordinary. From here with my wife, we enjoy a beautiful sunset while sitting on the cliffs, a light breeze cools the air and all around is tinged with orange. An incredible sight. (Photos 33-55). For the night we sleep at the Smögens Camping och Semesterby www.smogenscamping.se (http://www.smogenscamping.se) and only 4 km from the village, where we booked a room.








July 14, 2013 (350 km) The day looks magnificent. The sun is shining and the temperature is around 22 degrees ideal for motorcycle riding. After a good coffee made with my mocha and a cooker and a good breakfast we head towards Tanum still in Swedish territory. The plain of Tanum was declared a World Heritage Site for its rock carvings dating back to the Bronze Age. Especially the famous Rock of Vitlycke 22 meters high is a kind of canvas that shows the beautiful engravings ranging from simple signs to the real works of rock art of incredible beauty and elegance. Beside the interesting Vitlycke museum that traces the history of the peoples who lived in this territory and a fantastic reconstruction of a village of that time (photos 59-81). It starts in the direction of Oslo. A Moss on Norwegian territory we leave the highway to reach the coast where we take the ferry to Horten. After 20 minutes we are already on the other side of Norway (photos 82-83). The landscape suddenly changes and we are in short of magnificent landscapes, mountains, small lakes and vast forests. Across the street 32 ​​and 40 for many kilometers along a river, along a stretch of Norway truly spectacular. A continuous succession of landscapes that take your breath away. We come to Nottoden to visit about 5 km west of the city on the E134 the magnificent wooden church Heddal (photos 114-132). It is the largest wooden church in the country built in 1242 and supported by 12 pillars of Norwegian pine. Very beautiful floral paintings in it that date back to 1668 and intricate wood carvings on exterior doors. Adjacent to the church is the small museum of rural life with some beautiful wooden houses, where we take advantage on the lawn for a short nap pampered by the afternoon sun. We continue for a short distance on the E134 and then take the FV651 a real pleasure from every point of view (photos 136-140). We come near Rjukan and exactly in the area of ​​Gaustablikk right on the shore of the lake where we find Kvitåvatn accommodation at the Gaustatoppen Vandrerhjem Kvitåvatn Fjellstoge. The scenery is fantastic and from here you can see the top of Gaustatoppen that will be our goal for tomorrow. After a hot shower and a good dinner of asparagus soup "homemade" it's time for bed.











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July 15, 2013 (37 km) Today we have a very nice walk on top of Gaustatoppen (1,883 mt), considered by many the most beautiful mountain in Norway. After breakfast and prepared the need to tackle the climb we head into motion towards Stavsro about 8 km from our hotel at an altitude of 1,173 mt. right on the shore of the lake Heddrsvann. The road is magnificent and the scenery just amazing (photos 142-146). We park the bike and in the company of several people begin the long climb of about 3.5 hours through unspoiled nature and a fantastic landscape (photos 147-194). Is the sun occasionally peeking through the clouds illuminating a surreal light across the surrounding landscape. Finally we arrive at the shelter Gaustahytta located next to the radio tower NATO with a thick fog and a temperature of 5 degrees. We know that in the afternoon the weather will change and will be out of the sun. We take the opportunity for a good coffee and a hot chocolate to regain his strength. Between a sandwich and the other next to me I hear the Italians and so I take this opportunity to get acquainted with Michele, Naples resident in Denmark, Natalie, his girlfriend and Fernando Canadian who works right there in the bar (photo 196). We spend a good hour to chat about this and that and of course of our trip. Fernando shows very kind and considered that few Italians who come over for the occasion offers us the sweet specialty of the house. The weather forecast does not deny, and so at last the sun shines again and open our eyes to a view just amazing. After a photo together we prepare to face the descent until reaching back to the car park (photos 199-239). The sky is blue back and a magnificent sun illuminates the peak of the mountain. We need to do a little 'spending, so we decide to go into town in Rjukan through a fantastic way between the mountains (photos 240-257). Returned to our room after a delicious dinner, we take advantage to a digestive stroll on the banks of the lake to see the sun set behind the mountains (photos 258-260).

















July 16, 2013 (120 km) Another wonderful day. We have breakfast and head in the direction of Dalen. Magnificent scenery along the way 37 and 38 present themselves at every turn. Mountains, vast forests, lakes and waterfalls. It 'a succession of emotions endless. In one of these idyllic surroundings on the banks of a lake in the absolute quiet and surrounded by nature do the lunch break. Can not miss the coffee with mocha and gas cooker. That crackle output of coffee, aroma wafting through the air and breathtaking scenery give me every time an indescribable feeling. I tell my wife the experience of North Cape in 2004 with my friend Victor, I was reminded of all the times I've made coffee along the way and that I take this opportunity here to say goodbye (photos 264-282). We come to Dalen early and are staying at the Buoy Camping. The small village is situated on the banks of a lake colonized by a myriad of beavers. It's so hot that we decided to visit the nearby church of Eidsborg on RV45 for Høydalsmo in shorts! After just 4 km we arrive in a beautiful wooden church built in the fourteenth century. The place is really lovely and the adjacent cemetery on the hill with a beautiful view of a lake is very picturesque (photos 286-307) On the way back we pass to visit the Dalen Hotel built in 1894 entirely of wood and it looks very similar to a church (Photos 308-310). From the campsite part of a beautiful path of about 2 kilometers around the lake and along the river and on which you can admire the numerous servants of beavers who still live in these parts. The owners of the camp tell us we need to go after the 23 to be lucky and meet them .. but I with my luck I can get a close encounter with one of these delightful animals that quietly let himself be photographed and then enter his lair. On the path there is an abundance of incredible wild strawberries and take the opportunity to eat so many to empty an entire trail! I take this opportunity to give me a walk in the icy waters of the river, but after a while 'I am forced to leave the water is so cold it hurts your feet! (Photos 311-337) Let's go back in the evening for another walk but this time we are not so lucky with the beavers (photos 339-344).















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July 17, 2013 (150 km) It starts with a beautiful sunny day. Today we are going on the Lysefjord. Still breathtaking scenery along the way on the road 45 from which we reach the 9 for a short distance and then continue on FV337 (photos 345-353) in the region of Setesdalen a large area characterized by wooded hills and mountain valley dotted with lakes, one true spectacle of nature (photos 345-353). The weather begins to change and threatening clouds did not promise anything good. We have entered the region of Sirdal access point to Lysebotn. The scenery is just amazing (355-376). A succession of lakes and winding roads. The vegetation is almost no sign that here is very cold during the winter in fact the road is only open from mid-June to mid-September. Finally the Lysenfjorden. Through 27 sharp hairpin bends and an altitude difference of 1,000 meters Lysebotn come to where we are staying at the Tourist Cabin Lysefjorden a short walk from the ferry. The weather has improved and the fjord is presented in all its extraordinary beauty (photos 378-406). Stowed luggage after about two hour of relaxation take the bike to "make up" the 27 hairpin bends until Oygardsstolen Cafe also called the "Eagle's Nest" with its panoramic terrace overlooking of Lysebotn. From here the path for one of the most popular attractions in Norway, the Kjeragbolten a huge oval-shaped boulder wedged between two walls, which is reached after a difficult walk of 10 km (A / R). It 'sa bit late to get on and decide to postpone the next day. In the meantime, we meet once again Michael and Natalie just returned from the excursion (photos 407-429). After a brief chat we leave them to head back to our accommodation. After dinner, a nice walk along the river that runs along the ridge of rock overlooking the sea in peace and absolute quiet. (Photos 430-443)






















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Great pics!  :thumleft:
The thought of seeing so much snow in mid summer gives me the shivers though... ;D
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Francesco, you make me itch ... one day we will scratch it - nice photies :thumleft:
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July 18, 2013 (50 km) Just today we had decided to go on Kjeragbolten the weather decided to throw a tantrum! Already in the early morning rains and a thick fog envelops the entire fjord. You can not even see the tops of the mountains. Reluctantly we are forced to give up. In the meantime, we meet once again Michael and his partner who were not able to find a place on the 7:00 ferry. Given the weather conditions go on Preikstolen today does not make sense so we decide to take the ferry at 14:45 and head towards Stavanger to spend the night there and then the next day, as the sun will shine again, get on Preikstolen. We spend waiting in the bar of camping between a coffee and a chat. Finally you embark towards Lauvvika. The crossing flows nicely, only regret that the weather does not allow us to admire the sea from the ridge of the Preikstolen which swoops down to 640 meters (444-464 photos). However, even with the bad weather the Lysenfjorden everything has its own special charm. Not just landed with Michael and his partner who follow us in the car, make our way to Stavanger. The prices in the city are prohibitive so we find a good solution to First Hotel about 3 km from the center. Room with breakfast buffet at a great price. Stowed luggage, as it continues to drizzle we decided to leave the bike at the hotel and all go together in the center by car. The city center is characterized by its beautiful harbor, the magnificent medieval cathedral in stone dating back to 1125, the Valberg Tower erected in 1850 as a lookout and to control any outbreak of fire and the picturesque Gamle Stavanger, the district just above the historic harbor. A truly magical place with beautiful whitewashed wooden houses of the eighteenth century. all with an excellent standard and all with magnificent planters, including one in particular with beautiful roses. We are practically the only ones to stroll along the cobbled streets of the old town. All of a sudden we hear come from one of the windows of the music. It seems that someone play the piano. In fact, there is a woman on the floor. Jokingly we stop right in front of the window as if she wanted to do by the public and counter delight us a brief but beautiful piano played with a lot of final applause! The funny thing is that just a few yards away, a sign with a lot of written, please respect the privacy of the residents of the neighborhood! Useless to tell you the laughter that we made (photos 465-508). After dinner of kebabs back to the hotel.











July 19, 2013 (112 km) Wake up early and super mega buffet breakfast in the restaurant. We take the opportunity also prepare some sandwiches for lunch and dinner! We have time until 12:00 to leave the room so we decide to go down once again in the city center to visit the interior of the cathedral with its amazing works of art and the marina where in the meantime has docked a large cruise ship (photo 511 -546). The sun is shining again. We are ready to leave the destination Preikstolen perhaps the most beautiful place in Norway. At the "caravan" is added to a French couple met at the hotel. We return to Lauvvika to embark towards Oanes. We arrive just in time to catch the ferry before departure (photos 548-551) and in a few minutes we are already on the other side. A few kilometers we reach the car park from where the trail to the Preikstolen. After we changed and fixed everything in the car of Michael we are ready for a long walk. The weather is great. Sun and about 25 degrees! As soon as you start to climb the show begins. Rivers, forests, lakes, waterfalls wherever you turn (photos 553-578). After about two hour we arrive near the Preikstolen .. and remained speechless, before the spectacle of nature. The Preikstolen (Pulpit Rock) is an incredible ridge of rock with three walls uniforms that go down to the sea in the fjord below a height of 604 meters. A truly unique place in the world for its extraordinary beauty. Not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo! After the pictures "reckless" sitting on the edge or standing in front of the abyss, let us go up to the top where you can see the pulpit from different perspectives. Are not enough words to describe this unique and enchanting place. We spend the rest of the day to simply enjoy the magic of the bizarre nature and then later on to start the long descent back to the parking lot (photos 582-676). Here we greet Michael and his partner that they will continue their journey north as we will go to the south. I take this opportunity to greet them both. It 'been a real pleasure to meet you and hope to see you soon. It's already 22:00 and we have not yet found accommodation. The two campsites near there are no seats. So we go to Jorpeland about 10 km but even here it's all full and given the time it will not be easy to find accommodation. Let's do some 'spending in the local supermarket open until 23.00 and be sure to have at least something to eat and we decided to take the road. We take the ferry from Oanes to Lauvvika. Are 23.00 dallla light but still csembra afternoon! Across the road 508 and 45 arrive after about 25 km Ålgård. The campsite here is full (at least for Hitte) so in the end we find accommodation at the Hotel Ålgård, an old factory transformed the hotel with a beautiful view of the river and a super breakfast buffet! Finally a hot shower after this long day.




















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beautiful! thanks for sharing!  :thumleft:
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Got to back to Norway in the summer :thumleft:
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Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing
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Mein Got! that's beautiful :o
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Absolutely magnificent   :thumleft:
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Great report. Your photos are outstanding
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July 20, 2013 (220 km) Another beautiful sunny day. Super abundant breakfast buffet in the hotel .. and some sandwiches for the day! Are 09.30 and there are already 26 degrees. It starts in the direction of Egersund to travel the coastal road between RV44 hills, forests and lakes. In short we arrive at the destination. We park the bike right next to the village church built in 1292. Very nice interior and in particular the finely decorated balconies that date back to 1600 (photos 678-689). From here we move to the old part of town with its wooden houses built in 1843 after a devastating fire that destroyed most of the houses. Especially on the road to Strandgaten 43 which presents the so-called "mirror of gossip" and that allowed its inhabitants to keep an eye on the road and what was going on! (Photos 690-695). The temperature continues to rise and along the way we come to exceed 30 °! We arrive in the small and delicious Sogndalstrand which is characterized by its old wooden warehouses on the river built between the XVII and XVIII century. Spectacular view from the coast on the nearby islets. A true paradise to relax the mind and spirit (photos 699-712). Continuing on we arrive on the RV 44 Jøssingfjord with its cliffs overlooking the sea. Under cliff there are two old houses of the seventeenth century. calls Helleren really very special (photos 714-719). From here the road continues over the fjord we come to the tiny village of Bu right where the road ends (photos 720-725). Lunch and coffee at the edge of a pond in the quiet absolute (photos 726-728). We share along the RV44 until Flekkefjiord and then continue on E39 and exit near Lyngdal on Fv 401. The road is magnificent and majestic landscapes. They become even more on the road 460 that leads to Lindesnes the southernmost point of Norway (latitude 57 ° 58 '95'') http://www.lindesnesfyr.no/. (http://www.lindesnesfyr.no/.) North Cape is about 2518 km. On the summit of the promontory stands the charming and picturesque Lindesnes Fyr from the top you can admire a stunning panorama of the rocky coves that characterize this stretch of coast (photos 731-780). In one of the houses around the lighthouse remembers the tragedy of Palatia a German ship built in 1928 that was sunk during World War II as a torpedo bomber of the Royal New Zealand Air Force while carrying a cargo of Russian prisoners of war for forced labor between Germany and the occupied Norway. 915 prisoners died well, in addition to the German soldiers and members of the crew. Showcasing the ship's bell recovered in the depths of the North Sea (photo 733). After visiting about 8 km there is accommodation at the Feriesenter a series of delightful wooden houses decorated to the nines on a small fjord in absolute peace. The German-born owner asks us if we want to pay in cash but we have no availability so quietly tells us that the next morning when we leave the house will pass from a hotel about 4 km to pay by credit card. He leaves the keys and go away! Only in Scandinavia Can these things happen! The place is lovely and the tranquil waters of the fjord illuminated by the setting sun reflect the mountain in front like a perfect mirror (photos 787-788). After dinner, I can not let slip the opportunity of a sunset in "Head South." My Laura is a bit 'tired and prefer to rest. I take the bike and return to the lighthouse of Lindesnes. The show is to be left speechless. On the one hand the lighthouse and the moon (photos 792-793), and on the other the sun slowly descends on the horizon giving to these emotions infinite (photos 790-800)



















July 21, 2013 (605 km) 09.00 does a hot dog .. I feel almost in Sicily. There are nearly 30 °, and then what better opportunity for a dip in the waters "refreshing" of the Norwegian fjord (photos 803-811). Without breakfast we head towards the town of Kristiansand to board the boat to Denmark and to return home. Once in the city take a walk in the center just to look at the cathedral and drink (photos 812-817). At 13.30 the ferry to Hirtshals. The ticket (about 190 Euros) for two hours and fifteen minute crossing seems a bit 'expensive. Once on board we discover that the ship is packed and tickets were only available with chair and buffet lunch included! There is plenty of choice, fish, meat, dessert, fruit, soft drinks, coffee. Do not tell me I do it twice and I literally dip in the delights of the palate for the duration of the journey, including oranges and fruit for the return trip to Sweden! (Photos 818-824). Once at the top we put on the highway that crosses Denmark for its entire length. The landscape is monotonous exaggerated considering the comparison with Norway, do you think the highest hill in the whole of Denmark is 160 meters! At about 250 km from Malmö we make a stop to visit the beautiful castle of Hindsgavl Castle with its beautiful park, is now a hotel (photos 825-860). On the way we cross the Storebaeltsforbindelsen the big bridge that connects the two Danish islands of Zealand and Funen (photos 861-863), and shortly after the Öresund which tells us that the holiday is really over. At the next
A special thanks to my wife Laura for sharing with me this fantastic journey through the wonders of Scandinavia.











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Oil paintings!