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Title: Circling Babilonstoring
Post by: buzzlightyear on December 31, 2007, 10:57:30 am
I developed a nasty itch, and had to scratch it, so I took the KLE out for a nice ride.

The route
Unfortunately I had mix it with the cars from Kleinmond to the Karwyderskraal turnoff, but after that, it was mostly gravel. I took the gravel road from the Karwyderskraal dumpsite that links with the Hemel and Aarde road, and found the Boskloof/De Bos dam.


Once on the Hemel and Aarde road I headed direction Caledon, but took the Tesselaarsdal turnoff to the right just before Shawsberg pass. This is a nice loop that eventually spits you out just outside Caledon. At a low water bridge I met a chap from Stellenbosch on a Dakar that was on his way back from Stilbaai, and mentioned the route I intended to follow, as he was looking for some gravel roads.

A nice narrow bridge along the way


I turned left and headed direction Hermanus for a few k's, and then took a right turn just before Shawsberg heading past Muirton in the direction of the famous Fall Down Hill. I wanted to see for myself if it was really that bad  >:D

The road is quiet, I only (almost) met one tractor reversing out of a barn. And there are a couple of gates to amuse yourself with along the way.

Just before FDH I saw that the road got a little marbly, and thought 'Is this it'?


But I was soon to find out I was wrong...

Luckily fall down hill was still quite solid from the recent rains, so going down did not prove a problem. I also saw some fresh tracks which looked like the guy on the Dakkie's, so he must have taken the same route, I wonder what he had to say to me going down FDH?

The took me back to Karwyderskraal, but this time I joined the Hermanus road close to the Shell garage, and made a duck home.

The recap
I loved the route so much, I had so share it with rooipoot, growweblaar and ball&chain two days later, this time the temperature was a bit higher, so every now and then we would stop and soak tshirts and jackets in the water to cool down. Also met a very laid back guy (Marius I think) on a GS12 at De Bos dam, he went on to have a lekka swim there while we continued our journey.

This time round FDH was a bit loose, all the moisture having been removed by the scorching sun, but it was still ok, no bikes, riders or egos hurt.

Unfortunately I didn't have a camera the second time, but I know growweblaar and b&c have some piccies, feel free to share guys!

PS My itch has been scratched, for now...
Title: Re: Circling Babilonstoring
Post by: Eisbein on December 31, 2007, 11:02:48 am
Very nice!

Still need to go with on a ride with you. Wouldn't mind going to say hi to 'uncle' RedPaw as well, so maybe we can do a ride like that next year sometime where we end up for coffee in Villiersdorp ?

Thanks for posting!