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Title: An Ode to my Dakar
Post by: LiveInTheOutdoors on January 24, 2006, 04:28:51 pm
I am migrating my stuff to here, cos theres some nice fun times depicted in the piccies, heres some fun stuff that I did on and with the Dakar  8)

Hey All, as a last, I just wanted to put in some photos of what I did on my Dakar while I owned her. It was a beauty of a bike, where I learnt to go from fear of ANY scratch, to just downright do anything that I can think of on her.

Ok, so heres some photos - there will be additional new fotos at the end, and when I am done... can you spelll burnout.....?


Firstly, the one that Roelof posted to Weg, to get me in the mag. Baby shoes, here you are, in all your glory, famous for a month. May the buggers who make you muddy from here, get an infectious pox on their genitals, and may it be worse than a thousand camel fleas laying eggs in their skin.

Pic: snotgat - 4x4 course, Zevenfontein.


4x4 course


snotgat again - fun stuff


learning how to ride in sand


somersaults on the bike


another time


in deepppp


playing in the first rains of the season mud


going down a dam wall - practicing for GS challenge


this was much much tougher than it looks - tiny amount of air on front wheel, though trying to keep it down


jest a cooool foto :-)


the day I left baby behind for the weekend, to test the 1200GS - Route 62 dirt


meeting up with all the mates in Grabouw for the weekend


the day she turned... from


to (note the time, everything was in sync)


3rd day I had my bike. I shat myself badly following my mate and his wife on the 1150GSADV

(new Years Day)


New Years Day - first full day of having it in my name (note the bubblewrap - thats how much I hated scratches  :oops: )


first day I had the bike: going up Sir Lowrys Pass......

it was fooking cold and windy


first camping trip


first ride I led in entirety - it was all virgin territory to me too, didnt fall once, which made me feel hundreds. Craig almost lost his ATwin down the cliff, Leon too with his GS ADV


heres a pic of that


as always, doesnt look as bad as it was.


view from Craigs bike (where it lay)


on the way back from Kagga Kamma ride, outside Ceres


deep in the Karoo, I felt thankful for the reliability of a BMW. It was searingly hot.


the bikes cooking in the sun - Kagga Kamma


Near Slanghoek, in the Cape


Trip out to Grabouw, via Lord knows where. Note Eskom wind generators. Suffice to say it was fooking windy, got blown everywhere..

(note how nice the bike looks, map on the tank, scratched it to pieces unfortunately - lessons you learn  :roll: )


the way I first travelled -  :oops:


from Calitzdorp Spa, over the mountains, on the way to George


last biker to pack up  (my mate promised a technical ride first, which got cancelled, I had to repack, though I was originally the first packed)


a shallow river crossing


camping in Vic Bay, George  - only half the bikers had arrived


going past ostrich farms - Calitzdorp, Monkeys Wedding


rear view of the water crossing


pitching up and taking over :-)


breakfast was served on this river bed - thanks ODM


what a bike -


more people pitching up, Vic Bay, George


leaving Calitzdorp Spa


almost in George now


love my bike


Craig gets stuck in a really innoccous (sp) mud hole


half the gang is gone already, this was the breakfast in the river bed


better view


one petrol pump in the whole town, no warning, oke shat himself. Half the gang arrives


Riding near LStrikers house


first time Steenbras trip - realllly difficult


first day of bike in Grabouw


teaching the boyz how to dance in the CAVE


DaCave - this is on the railway that the famous Choo Choo goes on... cant see the cave from the road


Franschoek mountains


Steenbras - awesome


jest breathtaking - Steenbras




first dune discovery - West Beach


I thought I was in the Sahara


target fixation


sunset - wot a day


notice my ATTGATT slippers


on the verge of Steenbras


overlooking Gordons Bay


loose gravel  - notice the pitch - it was fun


so pretty


here you are baby




on yer pegs Tyke!


a better view - so proud of this tiny 650




this is where I banged my rear shock absorber. I decided to take the most dificult line I could. It worked, but I think 2xKTM height not to hit anything


the first time, through West Beach with a pillion on the back, we never fell once.


where Ernies bike went kaput - great guy Ernie is


my bike had the heart to pull Ernie out of West Beach, but not the rope. HEres the end of the day, it was cold, and wet.


dont have too many fotos of this, but it was a very good challenge.


my bike took everything that was thrown at it like a trouper


on the last descent into the Hell


thats my bike 2nd from left - Die Hel




Racing everyone in the group down backside of Franchies. Roadblock


Camping in a riverbed - Montagu


On the way to Gamkapoort Dam


looking into Swartberg, way to Prince ALbert


Breakfast, Calitzdorp


took me nice and fast up Swartberg (nearly died around 30 mins before this, no pictures)


Only fall on the Hell trip (surprising),  - was a tipover at standstill. Reaching for my walkman


Provision buying in Barrydale


What a setting. My bike was often used as spares for my mates who broke things


The route she took me on


fooking snake was too big for my mouth


whats this then?


taking Michele on the back through Grabouw


good times


I never goof off!


Craig trying out the bike thats kicking his 750cc Twins ass


new sprockets, and clean


cant see the whoopsies, but McDuff can bear me out


I went over the tree stump, and it was fine, but the front end washed out. Down goes me and Mish on sand. She bruised herself eina


Joker negotiating


Little Dakkie, two people up, leads the way


always faithful, always there to help


hard working machine, going to be cleaned now


sideways in the mush mud


riding two up, and finally got knocked off,



Me and Mish - it was BITTERLY cold


Grabouw - with McDuff, Lourens and Nina


McD himself


L,N, and myself


Hardworking baaiks


Ernie likes the wall, I prefer the road


Last time she will probably see that part of the world, ever


and heres the finale............

state of the union




well, lets see how well she brakes


not bad. lets try this then:


warming up now....


mmmmm good stuff man....




still smoking after shes stopped


ok, lets head out for the new knobbly now....   :P


and the last photo ever taken of my bike while I had her:


R.I.P. Baby, R.I.P............ love ya
Title: An Ode to my Dakar
Post by: KiLRoy on January 25, 2006, 02:26:57 pm
LITO, weird - I can only view your last pic - do you know why?

Title: An Ode to my Dakar
Post by: LiveInTheOutdoors on January 25, 2006, 02:33:46 pm
Mebe cos that was the last pic ever taken of my bike...  :P ...... DID YOU STEAL IT?  :shock:  :P  :lol:

Dunno boet, if youre the only, then ungaaz, but if others have same problem, I might know why..

Theres some questions for you on General under suggestions mate
Title: An Ode to my Dakar
Post by: KiLRoy on August 10, 2006, 02:14:50 pm
Forgot how good this ode was - maybe because I couldn't view all the pics before.  AWESOME man - what a memory - respect...

Title: An Ode to my Dakar
Post by: Maverick on August 10, 2006, 02:44:27 pm
Yep that poor old dakkie has been through places where no KTM would want to be :D
Title: An Ode to my Dakar
Post by: X Banana Boy on August 10, 2006, 02:58:53 pm
Very cool ode.   8)  Funny to hear monkeys wedding again.  Some beautiful pics.
Title: An Ode to my Dakar
Post by: Gnomad on August 11, 2006, 03:27:42 am
Very good write up and the photos are inspiring....I can identify with the Dakar, seeing as how the Pegaso is kinda the same bike. Some folks underrate the ability of the Rotax 650 single and the bikes that wield them. Watch and learn, fellas, watch and learn!
Title: An Ode to my Dakar
Post by: greenmamba on August 11, 2006, 08:30:53 am
A Stunning collection of pic's - they are worthy of any BMW collection
Title: An Ode to my Dakar
Post by: Kev on August 11, 2006, 10:11:56 am
Good bump! Nice to see these old photos again George. That poor Dakar was not stolen, it was rescued and put in the bike equivalent of the witness protection program: the abused bike protection program, by the "BAL" - Bike Anti-cruelty League. Life long member are old BALas.
Title: An Ode to my Dakar
Post by: Lootch67 on August 11, 2006, 11:55:31 am
:lol:   :P  :lol:  :P  :lol:  :P
Title: An Ode to my Dakar
Post by: Lito on August 15, 2006, 05:17:10 pm
Kev - :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :D  :D  8)  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  - very very good