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Title: Adventure Bike Videos
Post by: fudgypup on June 10, 2014, 04:57:41 am
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I have seen some cool videos and know of some interesting video series starting up that I thought it might be fun to have a thread for that (if one doesn't already exist.

This first one is part of a series called "The Ride of My Life" by a guy I met named Brad Barker.  I like it because it's interesting to me as a more dirt-oriented rider of a big bike, even if it is a bit of an info-mercial.

The Ride of My Life

Episode 1: Getting the bike equipped

Episode 2: Learning how to ride

He's working on a third right now that's about an event we did in March called the "Taste of Dakar"

Adventure Bike TV

I was really glad to catch this earlier this week, a new web series in the tradition of "Top Gear" complete with their own tame racing rider, "Bob."  I can't wait for the next episode.  In this first one, they review the new CCM GP450, show a couple's video of their 27 days aboard a cargo ship headed for Argentina, do and "Under the Visor" interview w/Sam Manicom, feature some adventure gear, and do a riding challenge of the Tiger 800 racing an old WW1 era "Tiger Moth" airplane.


Paddle Tire Project (Touratech)

Loved this project where they fitted an f800GS with a paddle tire and let Jonah Street ride it in the dunes

Adam Riemann's Motology films

Can't get enough of these.  Funny how Adam's a "slow talker."  Some favorites.



Alex Chacon's Modern Motorcycle Diaries

I read this guy's blog two years ago and was fascinated about his adventures in South America.  He told a story of being stranded at a remote gas station trying to hitch hike for like two weeks before some lady with her kids took pitty on him and gave him a ride with his broken down bike in her truck, fed him and let him stay with them for two more weeks while he got his bike fixed.  Then I see his videos MUCH later and the views are in the millions.  Pretty cool.