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Title: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: BlueBull2007 on August 24, 2014, 02:27:35 pm
Sertoes in Brazil Kicked off the first stage today, Speedy Gonclaves won the prologue, still waiting for the 1st stage results which will come in a few hours.http://www.webventure.com.br/sertoes2014/ (http://www.webventure.com.br/sertoes2014/)


Again no South Africans in this awesome race.  :-\

Really nice pictures of the first stage here: http://www.webventure.com.br/sertoes2014/galerias/fotos/id/1701/pag/16/ (http://www.webventure.com.br/sertoes2014/galerias/fotos/id/1701/pag/16/)

(Amageza photographers take note :deal: )

Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: markdiver on August 24, 2014, 04:20:00 pm
I see entrant #21 is Jacobus Ernest Potgieter on a KTM 450 RR - What happened to him?? Did he not turn up at last minute??
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: BlueBull2007 on August 24, 2014, 04:33:59 pm
Ja, that´s our Kobus. Last I heard his support crew dropped him so he decided to do another rally in Europe, cant remember which one.
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: markdiver on August 24, 2014, 05:00:55 pm
BB - I see from the stages they are quite short apart from stages 4 & 5.  Does not seem to be much mileage at all.  Is that because it is super technical or what??

STAGE     IL (km)         SS (km)      FL (km)      Total(km)
      1     40,5 km      155,65 km   20,06 km     216,21 km
      2     39,54 km    202,23 km   18,59 km     260,36 km
      3     22,20 km    209,86 km   128,39 km   360,45 km
      4     135,24 km  363,85 km    86,21 km    585,30 km
      5     223,57 km  335,98 km    85,89 km    645,44 km  
      6                     178,87 km    25,42 km    204,29 km
      7     54,38 km    125,88 km   151,96 km   336,93 km
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: SteveD on August 24, 2014, 07:01:06 pm
I see entrant #21 is Jacobus Ernest Potgieter on a KTM 450 RR - What happened to him?? Did he not turn up at last minute??

Kobus is off to race the Trans Anatolia rally in Turkey.
http://www.wilddog.za.net/forum/index.php?topic=157285.0 (http://www.wilddog.za.net/forum/index.php?topic=157285.0)
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: westfrogger on August 24, 2014, 07:04:01 pm
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: BlueBull2007 on August 25, 2014, 04:02:27 am
Hi Mark,

Yip, this is a much shorter rally that has been done in the past. Previously it was always 10 days, with specials up 500km long.

From VDG a Brazilian friend on Advrider:
The main reason is budget reduction for participants and organization. Goiania and Belo Horizonte are two cities which offer better structuries, like aerports, hotel, as well as most of the participants lives around these cities.
Another reason, the organization has decided, in the first time o f the rally history, to explore the Brasil northwest region which the rally finishes in Belo Horizonte -MG, region of many tecnical tracks.....
By reducing the numbers of stages from 10 to 7, the organization decided to have short stages but more techinical.....
This year will work as a test ......according to the organization from now on the ideia is to have total of 7 stages.....which was, apparently, approved by the participants .....let´s see....
The first stage is to adjust the equipments, explaned by Du Sachs, techinical director....
The last stage I believe the organization planned to finish the stage on day light for people see bike car and trucks arriving .....it is planning to have a big party with a show.....


Always a pleasure racing in Brazil ;D Lots of super friendly supporters  ;)

This channel made a short film of the prologue: Band Sports (http://"http://esporte.band.uol.com.br/clube/videos.asp?id=15172799")
At the very end you can see a quad passing over one of those infamous cattle grids.

Some pics of the Honda boys from http://www.vipcomm.com.br/buscar/fotos/rally%20dos%20sert%C3%B5es%202014 (http://www.vipcomm.com.br/buscar/fotos/rally%20dos%20sert%C3%B5es%202014)

Ike Klauman


But it was Coma who took the stage today. Margins are still thin with 6 days of racing still to go.

First Stage - Aug/24th
Goiânia (GO)/Caldas Novas (GO)
Deslocamento inicial: 40 km
Trecho especial: 155 km
Deslocamento final: 21 km
Total do dia: 216 km

Not especially long this stage traditionally is for running the bikes in.

From the oficial site:
With 155 km, the first special test of the 22nd edition of the Rally dos Sertões was disputed on Sunday (24th) between Goiânia (Goiás State) and Caldas Novas (also in Goiás). With many bumps, the special stage was very strong.

 The Spaniard Marc Coma (KTM Red Bull Factory Team), who leads the FIM World Rally Cross Country, won in bikes with the time of 01h49min08s and is also the first overall, counting his time during the prologue, disputed yesterday.

 In quads, the Polish Rafal Sonik (Sonik Team), also the world leader in the FIM, was the fastest (02h05min00s). In the UTVs category, the winners were Rodrigo Varela and João Arena (Divino Fogão Rally Team), with the time of 02h07min02s.

 Coma, who was not satisfied at the end of the prologue on Saturday (he got the third place) had a good start Today. The Portuguese Helder Rodrigues (Team Honda HRC) was the first runner-up, followed by his compatriot and teammate Paulo Gonçalves. The Brazilian Jean Azevedo (Honda Mobil de Rally) was fifth in the special. Thirty-seven bikes competed in the 1st stage.

 "I'm happy because today my pace was good. But it is only the first day and 150 km is almost like a warm up. It is an intense rally, especially this year that the special tests are not so long", said Coma, who won the Sertões in 2010.

Bikes - 1st Stage
 4 #3 JORDI VILLADONS (KTM / CASTEU ELF) 01h51min33s

More really beautiful pictures (like the one below) here: http://www.webventure.com.br/sertoes2014/galerias/fotos/?id=1700&strBusca=&ordem=registro&qtdPag=49 (http://www.webventure.com.br/sertoes2014/galerias/fotos/?id=1700&strBusca=&ordem=registro&qtdPag=49)

Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: BlueBull2007 on August 25, 2014, 04:03:15 am
Second Stage: Caldas Novas (GO) / Catalão (GO)
On Monday (25th), the competitors depart towards Catalão in the dispute of the 2nd stage of the Rally dos Sertões 2014. There will be 260.36 km in total on the second day (39.54 km of initial liaison, 202.23 km of special and 18.59 km of final liaison).
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: Kenisis on August 25, 2014, 12:54:22 pm
Thanks Boys, Need me rally Fix!

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Post by: BlueBull2007 on August 26, 2014, 04:13:05 am
Day 2.

Special was shortened for safety reasons to 70km from 200km.

Stage one video. VERY COOL.

Stage 1 quad crash. Not so good. Could not believe they basically left the guy behind, but my Portañol  is not great.  :P

David Casteu via email (badly translated from french)

Monday, August 26 - Rally Dos Sertoes in Brazil - Step 2

David Casteu finished in 8th place at the end of the 2nd stage of the Rally Dos Sertoes in Brazil, played between Monday and Catalao Caldas Novas.
The stage was won by Goncalves before Azevedo and Coma. The provisional standings, David won three seats, up to 7th place at 7'37 "leader Marc Coma.
"The stage was shortened this morning by security and thought I could go back seats, but the track was very narrow and there was a lot of dust. It was only at the second stage and there are still big steps. I was still able to catch the two riders in front, but I could not pass them because the width of the track was only 2 m to 2.50 m wide and bounded by barbed wire. It was very dangerous. We're all in a good rhythm. Here, you drive with alcohol and it is not easy to adjust the engines. Lawrence was able to prepare a bike that works very well. Tomorrow (Tuesday), we still have a good step. "
Stage 2: more nice pics from Webventure.


Results SS2:

1º Paulo Gonçalves (POR) #1 - 45min37s
2º Jean Azevedo (BRA) #5 - 46min39s
3º Marc Coma (ESP) #2 - 46min58s
4º Jordi Viladoms (ESP) #3 - 48min07s
5º Ruben Faria (POR) #12 - 48min16s
6º Helder Rodrigues (POR) #4 - 48min28s
7º Ike Klaumann (BRA) #6 - 48min39s
9º Júlio "Bissinho" Zavatti (BRA) #9 - 49min11s
16º Guto Klaumann (BRA) #8 - 51min56s

Guys someone else has to do the updating, I will be away in the Amazon for a few days  :deal:  :ricky:
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: atkinse on August 26, 2014, 06:37:25 am
Can't believe how they handled the crash, no one even checked the riders vitals, just left him there, strange
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: Gee S on August 26, 2014, 03:37:36 pm
I hope the guy made it but I don't have high hopes. I think if he was alive at least one of them would have stayed with him.
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: AntonW on August 26, 2014, 04:29:37 pm
How do you get back to racing after seeing that rider lying there. They did contact help and left the local there. scary
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Post by: SteveD on August 26, 2014, 05:37:48 pm
Eish, I can't find anything in the news feeds about that quad rider, but it didn't look good...

Third stage of the Sertões International Rally will be hard and technical
IL: 22.20 km/ SS: 209.86 km/ FL: 128.39 km/ Total: 360.45 km
"After another short initial liaison, the special begins on good ground with speeds varying from médium to high, alternating stretches of fine gravel and shale,” states Du Sachs, Technical Director of the Rally. It will be a very hard and technical special, with radar zones in this stage.
The special begins to get very difficult and twisty with farm roads and trails, with the last third being raced in a eucalyptus plantation with lots of curves and good ground. It will demand much navigation. This type of ground will continue on until the end of the special, -where there will be refueling. The final liaison will be 80 kilometers on an earth, however, very good road.

I wonder what "radar zones" are? Do they trap the guys speeding with radar? doesn't make sense, it sounds like it is inside the special...

Sam Sutherland's description of the race so far:
"This just about sums up my day today.... Some big old bull****, haha.
Made a nav error early in the stage then sat in dust the rest of the way.
It's a difficult race with many dangers and slippery terrain, tomorrow I will start back in the ...dust because of my mistake today, but the race is still early so hoping for some better terrain and less animals as at the moment it's a farm yard race down barbed wire fences in fields full of cows and horses! "

And some photos. I like the little smiley  :biggrin:
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: LoodPb on August 26, 2014, 06:18:19 pm
The quad riders name was Ilgizar Mardeev.

http://www.motorsport.com/rally/news/acclaimed-russian-rally-participant-ilgizar-mardeev-killed/ (http://www.motorsport.com/rally/news/acclaimed-russian-rally-participant-ilgizar-mardeev-killed/)

Sad, sad news.
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: SteveD on August 27, 2014, 08:43:46 am
Stage 3 - Aug 26th,
Catalão (GO) / Paracatu (MG) - 3ª Etapa
Deslocamento inicial: 22,20 km
Trecho especial: 209,86 km
Deslocamento final: 128,39 km
Total do dia: 360,45 km

Stage results:


I see that Honda #5 doesn't have the see-through fairing. I wonder why......
I am really chuffed that Ruben Faria is doing well, after his big crash at Dakar early this year. I think he was lifted out of the infamous canyon by helicopter? And I'm rooting for Goncalves. I have a soft spot for him, after seeing how emotional he got watching his bike burn.

Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: SteveD on August 27, 2014, 01:20:34 pm
From ADV:
A real "Dakar" day today - 585km with 364km of special stage, they would have been away around 6 am local time - I think we will see fitness kick in and if overtaking is possible a consolidation of the KTM team on the track behind Marc.
and from http://www.sertoes.com/ (http://www.sertoes.com/)
4th Stage: Paracatu (MG) / São Francisco (MG)
On Wednesday (27th), the competitors depart towards São Francisco (Minas Gerais State) in the dispute of the 4th stage of the Rally dos Sertões 2014. There will be 585.30 km in total on the fourth day (135.24 km of initial liaison, 363.85 km of special and 86.21 km of final liaison).

Between Goiânia and Belo Horizonte, Sertões will go through five more cities. Three will host the rally for the first time: Catalão, Paracatu and São Francisco. Caldas Novas and Diamantina complete the route.

Besides bikes, quads and UTVs, the Sertões also has disputes in the categories of cars and trucks. There are seven stages, more than 2600 km. The dispute has 197 competitors in total from seven countries: Brazil, Chile, Spain, France, Poland, Portugal and the UK. In bikes and quads category, the Sertões will also be valid for the FIM World Cross Country Rally.
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: SteveD on August 27, 2014, 01:28:06 pm
From Stage 2:


and a link to a clip from Stage 3:

http://www.arco.tv/ftp/2014release/Release_ET03.mp4 (http://www.arco.tv/ftp/2014release/Release_ET03.mp4)
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: bonova on August 27, 2014, 02:04:09 pm
Fark that smiley must have shaken some shit loose! And how much air did num 13 get?!?! Insane speeds these guys do sometimes.....

Rip to the quad guy.... Gives me a knot in my stomach that video
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: SteveD on August 27, 2014, 09:31:30 pm
I'm not really a car guy, but these guys look impressively and completely relaxed while flying down a tiny road..


I see they have a Garmin Montana GPS on the dash. I scratched through the Special Regulations for the rally, and the organisers recommend (quite strongly) using a Montana. Interesting.....
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Post by: SteveD on August 28, 2014, 03:22:58 pm

Results Stage Four (unofficial at the time of filing)
Paracatu to São Francisco 585 kilometers, 364 km of timed special – longest of the rally

Stage Results
1, Paolo Goncalves, POR, Honda, 4 hours 24.02
2, Marc Coma, ESP, KTM 4:25.17
3, Helder Rodrigues, POR, Honda, 4:30.51
4, Jean Azevedo, BRA, Honda, 4:31.20
5, Jordi Viladoms, ESP, KTM, 4:31.34
6, Sam Sunderland, GBR, KTM 4:31.58
7, Ruben Faria, POR, KTM, 4:32.20
8, David Casteu, FRA, KTM, 4:36.09

Overall after Stage Four (unofficial at time of filing)

1, Coma, KTM 9 hours 43.56
2, Goncalves at 2 minutes 04
3, Azevedo at 9.37
4, Rodrigues at 11.33
5, Viladoms, KTM, at 14.20
6, Faria KTM, at 16.22
7, Sunderland, KTM at 19.32
8, Casteu, KTM at 22:59

There is some discussion on ADV about the dust that the riders have to battle through:

This style of (roadbook) rally puts extra emphasis on quick but accurate roadbook navigation and tripmeter correlation... Especially in the dusty, on piste road conditions. Typically the top five or six competitors will be seperated by fairly regular intervals (of about a minute or parts thereof). If the top ten start at two minute intervalls, then basically (if the dust is that heavy) they are likelöy running in @bout a one minute - to - minute thirty corridor of "clean air".
If you push hard and move forward... you are faced with a dust wall from the rider ahead to contend with (riskfull)... if you fall off the pace, or make a simple nav error at an intersection or similar (and get passed) then you fall down the ladder a spot - behind another "dust wall" and as a result, you go south down thru the ranks at the rate of about one minute for every rung.
This is the "concertina" type effect.....
It makes the marking of roadbooks important... aside from the usual "attention" and "danger" markings, GPS/WPMS that must be respected... a rider can also look for "hints" where maybe they can make up a place in the dust; ie. two very close notes, where indecision plays a part, gateways or grids (where the dust/momentum is not so great)... those type of things.
Racing a "dust tunnel" rally requires a bit of a different strategy... but it is a strategy none the less...

Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: SteveD on August 28, 2014, 06:49:48 pm
This could mess up your day, big time  :o:

(via FB+terrible translation)
Problems with the ferry after step yesterday several vehicles took to reach the Parc Fermé on account of delay in the ferry crossing of the river San Francisco. During the Rally, lifting Du Sachs showed how was this crossing.
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: SteveD on August 28, 2014, 06:56:30 pm
Some more random photos
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: BlueBull2007 on August 29, 2014, 12:10:07 am
:eek: Big off in that video! Thanks for the update Steve :thumleft:
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: SteveD on August 29, 2014, 11:22:14 am
28/08 - 5th Stage - São Francisco (MG)/Diamantina (MG) - MARATHON
Initial Liaison: 223.57 km
Trecho especial: 335.98 km
Final Liaison: 85.89 km
Total: 645.44 km

The marathon stage, disputed on Thursday (28th), between the cities San Francisco and Diamantina (Minas Gerais State), marked the 5th stage of the 22th edition of the Rally dos Sertões. The competitors had the biggest stage of the rally this year, with a total of 645.44 km, 335.98 of special test.
In Bikes, the Spaniard Marc Coma (KTM Red Bull Factory Team) won his third stage in five and is on the lead, now with seven minutes of advantage to the Portuguese Paulo Gonçalves (Team Honda HRC), who was third on the day.
In quads, the event saw another change in the overall leadership. The current champion, Robert Nahas (RNN Sports) won and is the new leader. In UTVs, another change in the first position, with the duo André Sawaya and Eduardo Costa (S2 Rally / Bike Box) achieving the top.
Jean Azevedo is the first runner up in the stage and is the best Brazilian in Bikes
Besides Coma and Gonçalves, who has also shown a great performance is the Brazilian Jean Azevedo (Honda Mobil Rally). One of the most experienced and successful riders of the national rally, he was the first runner up today. Overall, he is in the third place.
Coma said at the end of the day that he liked the stage and he is optimistic. "It was the most complete stage of the rally, with much trial, much navigation and I tried to keep a good pace. I'm very happy for today. It was a great day", said the Spaniard.

6th Stage: Diamantina (MG) / Diamantina (MG)
On Friday (29th), the competitors will start and finish in Diamantina (Minas Gerais State) in the dispute of the 6th stage of the Rally dos Sertões 2014. There will be 204.29 km in total on the sixth day (0 km of initial liaison, 178.87 km of special and 25.42 km of final liaison).
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: SteveD on August 29, 2014, 11:26:36 am
From http://www.webventure.com.br/sertoes2014/n/check-out-what-the-physical-training-of-a-rally-motorbike-racer-is-like-/33260 (http://www.webventure.com.br/sertoes2014/n/check-out-what-the-physical-training-of-a-rally-motorbike-racer-is-like-/33260)

Check out what the physical training of a rally motorbike racer is like

Participating in long rally races be it by car, motornbike, quad, utv or trucks, demands a lot from the competitors; not only techniques and skill, but also adeqaute physical and mental preparation.
Depending on the category, there are different physical demands, so each racer needs a certain type of training. “We have to analyze the sport as a whole, analyzes the categories and see the physical characteristics the racer needs”, states the physical trainer of the Rinaldi Yamaha team, Jackson da Silva.
Mainly for the motorbike riders, it is fundamental to work on their cardiovascular resistance and the muscle structure, especially of the lower limbs. “The race is very long and the rider stands in the same position for the whole time”, the trainer explains.
The trunk and the abdomen are other essential parts that also need working on. “The motorbike racer does a lot of movements with his trunk, so he has to be very strong not to feel back aches and tiredness in the shoulders”.
The competitors have regular training routines for muscles and vary the other activities. “The ideal is to vary as much as possible, preferably with activities that do not have much impact because on the motorbike the suspension is the one that receives impact”.

Simulating the competition
Among the diversified training sessions, at some moments the riders carry out activities wearing heavy clothes in order to experience the reality of the race, as far as the heat as well as dehydration is concerned. “In Brazil there are many places that are very hot, so in order to get close to this reality, they train with slacks, sweatshirts and hoods”, Jackson explains.
On the week of the rally, the racers do stretching exercises after the specials and take good care of their nourishment. “Before the specials, they have a reinforced breakfast with carbohydrates and proteins”, he explains. The teams do not go a day without lots of water, isotonics and food supplements to compensate the consequences of the race. “Depending on the stretch and on the racer, they lose between a kilo and a half and three kilos per day of special.”

At the end of the day some teams celebrate the results with beer, which, according Jackson, can have effects on the athlete. “Depending on the amount of alcohol consumed, it can even hinder their physical coordination, the generation of force and the intake of oxygen, but this depends very much on the person and the culture.”
Ricardo Martins, racer in the Spirit Rally Team, assures that the preparation Works and is essential for any competitor. “A tired racer is a dumb racer because no matter how well he knows how to do it, if his stamina ends, he will not be able to do it”, and he adds: “the champion manages to be a Champion with the sum of many details, it is not only because he is physically well prepared that he will be a champion, but if he is not prepared, he will not manage to be one”.
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Post by: LoodPb on August 29, 2014, 01:56:07 pm
FARK!!!! ek't my breakfast weggeskrik met daai val!!!  :o :o :o
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Post by: MaxThePanda on August 29, 2014, 02:13:42 pm
FARK!!!! ek't my breakfast weggeskrik met daai val!!!  :o :o :o

A good reminder for all of us. I still have a pretty fresh accident in Angola to draw on. May write a sign on my nav tower to remind me.
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Post by: KND on August 29, 2014, 04:48:20 pm
I entered for Sertoes but at the last minute our team decided to rather go to Turkey for the Transanatolia. It was sad for me because I prepared mentally for Sertoes. Even my rally jackets arrived with the Sertoes logo.

For us as a team it was just to expensive to send one rider over because Mohammed Balooshi could not make the race.
Well, I'm in Turkey now and have joined up with the Turkish KTM distributor - SPORMOTO - where we will leave early in the morning for Ankara for scrutineering.
Will keep you posted.

Kobus Potgieter
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Post by: SteveD on August 30, 2014, 08:22:27 pm
Gonçalves and Coma decide the title on the last stage in Bikes

29/08 - 6ªth Stage - Diamantina (MG)/Diamantina (MG)
Initial Liaison: 0 km
Test Special: 178.87 km
Final Liaison: 25.42 km
Total: 204.29 km

Defined by the technical director of the Rally dos Sertões, Eduardo Sachs, as the most beautiful and complete special of the 22th edition of the Sertões, the sixth stage was held on Friday (29th) in Diamantina (Minas Gerais Stage). There were 204.29 km in total.
On Saturday (30th), Sertões 2014 will have the last stage and the new champions will be known in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais), where the dispute will end this year.
In bikes - which had 33 competitors in the stage this Friday - the Portuguese Paulo Gonçalves (Team Honda HRC) got his third victory in the edition and continues battle for the title against the Spaniard Marc Coma (KTM Red Bull Factory Team), who also has three wins and is the overall leader, with 16h45min39s (4min36s ahead to Gonçalves).
In the special of 178.87 kilometers, disputed today, Coma finished third behind the Brazilian Jean Azevedo (Honda Mobil de Rally).
Despite the advantage, Coma knows that there is still one more day to go and his goal is to remain cautious. "Today was important to control the pace, with a conservative tactic, knowing that we would lose some time, but it was good. It was not an easy stage. Tomorrow, there are still many miles, I will stay focused until the last kilometer", said the rider, who has won the Sertões in 2010 and is leading the FIM World Cross Country Rally.
Gonçalves admits it will not be easy to get his second title in Sertões. "It was a shorter special. I left in a good position, rode strong pace and, in the middle of the stage, I reached Jean, but it was very difficult to pass because of the dust. We have on more stage and it will be difficult to win, because Marc is a few minutes ahead, but the race hasn´t finished yet. Let's see what will happen".

Bikes - Overall
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Post by: SteveD on August 30, 2014, 08:25:32 pm
http://www.arco.tv/ftp/2014release/Release_ET05.mp4 (http://www.arco.tv/ftp/2014release/Release_ET05.mp4)

http://www.arco.tv/ftp/2014release/Release_ET06.mp4 (http://www.arco.tv/ftp/2014release/Release_ET06.mp4)
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: MaxThePanda on August 30, 2014, 08:42:27 pm
Gorgeous pictures!
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: SteveD on August 31, 2014, 04:34:54 pm
From www.sertoes.com (http://www.sertoes.com):

Rally dos Sertões: Coma wins on bikes

Aug 30 - 7th stage - Diamantina (MG)/Belo Horizonte (MG)
Initial Liaison: 54.38 km
Special Test: 125.88 Km
Final Liaison: 151.96 KM
TOTAL: 336.96 KM

After seven thrilling days through astonishing landscapes and crossing the states of Goiás and Minas Gerais, in a dispute that was longer than 2.6 thousand Km, the 22nd edition of Rally dos Sertões come to an and this Saturday, 30th, in Belo Horizonte. The party happened at the beautiful Pampulha Lagoon, and received a good amount of spectators, and happened in the same date of the Virada Cultural, seeing the winners of Sertões 2014.

On bikes Portuguese Paulo Goncalves (Honda HRC Team) won the last special, raced between Diamantina and Belo Horizonte, with 125.88 km timed and different floor types (gravel, fine gravel with bumps and cattle grids), with trial trial sections, up and down hills. The champion of the Sertões in 2013 won four of the seven stages, but could not overcome the Spaniard Marc Coma (KTM Red Bull Factory Team) is the new champion of the Rally. Coma won one less special than his rival, and won his second title in the biggest off-road race in Brazil (the first was in 2010).

World leader of the FIM Cross Country Rally, Coma came waging a private battle with the Portuguese and won with the advantage of 3min23s (total 18h21min51s).

Outside the international fight, the Brazilian Jean Azevedo (Honda Rally Mobil) was a highlight, and finished third, 14min05s behind Coma. Portuguese Helder Rodrigues (Team HRC Honda) was fourth, followed by Spanish Jordi Viladoms (Red Bull KTM Factory Team).

"Winning here in Brazil is very difficult, especially when you have such strong riders in the race, as Paul and Jean. It was a hard route, and I’m very happy. The pace was very strong, and I had to do my best to win this year. In all my career I could only win Sertões once. If it is ten days or seven days, for me it has the same value. It was as hard this year as it was in 2010", he said.

From 37 bikes that left Goiania (GO), 32 raced the last special.

(I wonder what the green tripmeter in the third and fourth photo is?)
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: BlueBull2007 on September 01, 2014, 02:24:49 am
Awesome race, awesome performance by the top guys, and all involved.

I found it interesting that Marc Coma said it was as hard as the 2010 race; 32/38 finishers tells me it was hard but not that bad. In 2010, we had 38/73 finished, with 3 more stages and twice the length. I guess he was being gracious. It was a good battle by the Gonk though, he is very consistent in everything but the Dakar.
Title: Re: 2014 Dos Sertoes
Post by: BlueBull2007 on September 01, 2014, 02:25:29 am
Sam Sunderland finished but not well, must have been super frustrating for him.