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Title: Which road Carnival City to Standerton for Dads Charity Cycle to Dbn?
Post by: Alsdad on October 01, 2014, 08:53:02 pm
Alloah all.

I'm the general Dogsbody, chief Marshall, route planner, fines master.......you get the drift, for an initiative
we started 10 years ago where a bunch of mates decided to do something to improve our health and give a little bit back!

We rode our bicycles from Jhb to Durban to raise money for underprivileged children! We are about to start our 10th annual Dads Charity Cycle Challenge on Wednesday 8th Oct. So far, we've made a good few Bar and are on track this year to raise another 500k for the kids!

30 or so of us will be cycling by day, and swigging beer and Tequila by night over 670km's to Durban.
Ok, I lie! I'll be cruising in style holding the whole thing together hopefully, on an 1190 kindly provided by Dave and his magnificent team at RAD Moto! :headbang:

We start at Carnival City and ride to Standerton on Day 1, and used to go along the N17 to the T-Junction, hook a right and continue to Standerton, but then they started to rebuild the road ('Twas in desperate need of it). For the last 3 years we have gone via Heidelburg to Standerton, but I hear there is a lot of construction on that road now, and a few stop/goes?

Am planning to go and recce the two routes this weekend, but thought I'd ask here in the meantime.

This is about the only time on 2 wheels that I'm actually looking for smooth tar!  ;)

What say you guys?

If you want to check out the story.........www.dadscharity.co.za (http://www.dadscharity.co.za)
P.S. Website hasn't been updated in a few months, but you'll get the drift! :thumleft:
Title: Re: Which road Carnival City to Standerton for Dads Charity Cycle to Dbn?
Post by: Manic on October 02, 2014, 12:35:03 am
Heavy roadworks between Heidelberg and Standerton yes. Avoid it.

Where the T junction was on teh N17, if you now turn right to Standerton, half of that road is new, other half is non excistend. The farmers dont even use it with their Cruisers.

Carry on the N17, onto the new piece of road. Go through new Tollgate, about 10km after that, turn right at the Standerton offramp. There is a nice big Sasol Garage also there.

Then you will go past Evander, through Charl Cilliers into Standerton. Road is good. Only downside is, after you passed  Evander you get township left and right next to the road for about 10km. But they wont gie you guys hassles.

The road between Standerton and Volksrust is also moeg hoor, flenters. Also roadworks there.

Between Volksrust and Newcastle also roadworks there.

The road between Newcastle and Ladismith is also under construction, almost the full 100km of it.
Its now a VERY narrow two lane road with huge speedbumps every 400m. Traffic on that road only do about 60kph.

Title: Re: Which road Carnival City to Standerton for Dads Charity Cycle to Dbn?
Post by: Alsdad on October 02, 2014, 01:03:19 pm

Sounds like I am in for some fun. Going to spend tonight looking at potential routes. ???

Manic, thanks Boss, you have enlightened me greatly. Last thing you want is a group of cyclists on an impassable road in the middle of nowhere. Trick is not to make it too far either, they are pedalling!  ;)

That first day will add an extra 20 or so Km's I'd imagine, but will check later. Shouldn't be a problem. It's the next few days I'll have to investigate.