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Title: Suggestions - 3 Day ride to Bloem
Post by: PeterHSA on May 03, 2015, 07:23:23 am
Greetings from a countryman now living in Aus. 

My brother (also living here) & I are planning to attend a school reunion in Bloem at the end of September.  After arriving in SA we will be spending 4 days in Kruger and then sending the wives to spend time with my wife's family in Cape Town, while my brother & I spend a bit of time together hiring two ADV bikes and finding our way to Bloem (Note: Plan is to do so on back roads over 3 days).  He rides a KTM 1150 Adventure, me an F800GS, and we are both more than capable offroad.

So, would appreciate some thoughts on:

1. Recommendations for bike hire (problem might be the end in Bloem bit & getting the bike back, I suspect). We'll probably have to pick bikes up in Jhb based on what I have seen on the web (or is there anything near Kruger/Tzaneen that will allow us to skip having to get bikes in Jhb that someone can recommend).
2. Any thoughts on routes?  We definitely plan to include the Easter Free State and may even wander into Lesotho if that is an option.  Need to catch up with family in Verkeerdervlei of all places, so have to include that on the approach to Bloem.

Thanks, love the forum and looking forward to showing the brother's Aussie wife the sights & sounds of Africa.