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Title: WC -TANKWA Stonehenge Flowers this Saturday 8th Aug
Post by: Andy660 on August 09, 2015, 09:18:26 am
Shaheed 1200
2 Yams and a BMW1200

Amazing how many bikes were at the One Stop for Breakfast , all going on different rides, and weekends away.
Adventure riding isnt just us Wilddogs anymore.

We had an awesome ride,from Ceres we did the dirt road just out of Ceres to the right , past the squaters,

The Squaters ! Well has we road past, some kids picked up stones an looied us , bugger that , u turn back up the road , they bailed all directions
But kaked out a couple.
If we ignor it , they will hust keep doing it,

The R355 isnt in too bad a condition .
There were a heck of alot of Fortuners,and Landrovers with trailers heading North, well after overtaking them in the dust , they caught up to us at The Padstal

It looked like The Pick'nPay on a Saturday morning , Very Very busy.

We took the Rondawelpad , 2km North of Padstal.
All the purple flowers are out and as you near the gates , its yellow.
Amazing how the veld transforms itsself once a year to this


As I went through one of the dried riverbeds and past some bushes , I see the new picnic venues are up in the river beds, two 4x4 s, braai going and deck chairs , in no fewer tant 3 differnt places along the road,
Comming out of the mountains , away from the purples and on to the yellows.


Title: Re: WC -TANKWA Stonehenge Flowers this Saturday 8th Aug
Post by: Carnivore on August 09, 2015, 09:43:35 am
Nice to know, Andy. We will be in Namaqualand in 3 weeks time!