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Title: Help Needed: View a Bike for me in Benoni?
Post by: eames8 on January 13, 2016, 05:13:52 pm

Don't know if I am posting this in the right section.

This one is for the Wild Dogs living in Benoni, Gauteng - I guess anyone in Johannesburg, but really don't want to inconvenience anyone.
To view a bike (F800) for me? The area is Goedeburg.

Unfortunately I don't know any Wild Dogs in Johannesburg, I have friends there who can help - the only thing is they just don't know enough about bikes.

Looking for someone to meet the seller (who I think I have vetted pretty well - I don't think it will be an elaborate trap or one of those sex things) and;
- take a kak load of pictures;
- test ride (if you are feeling up to it);
- tell me the condition of the bike (sprocket, chain, bearings, dings, scratches, type of usage);
- ask the reason for selling (wanna check if its the same as he told me);
- anything else you would usually do if the bike was for you I guess.

I think it would be best to send the pictures and then a voicenote on Whatsapp to me (then you don't need to type - and you can just talk about the bike).

To keep it simple view the bike in exchange for a R200 Takealot Voucher (or any Vendor you prefer) - that way don't need to deal with bank accounts and different banks and so on. And I will happily return the favour should you ever need someone to view a bike in Cape Town in the future.

I think there could be a section just for this on this forum - I know lots of you do it for each other for mahala - but I would rather incentivize it - because you don't know me :)

Also everybody loves Takealot :)

You are welcome to reply here or PM me if you can help. I will update the topic if someone helps me with the request.

Title: Re: Help Needed: View a Bike for me in Benoni? Sorted!
Post by: eames8 on January 13, 2016, 11:10:17 pm
Looks like I have come right with this one. Thanks!
Title: Re: Help Needed: View a Bike for me in Benoni?
Post by: Titanic on January 14, 2016, 07:33:20 am
The owner of the F800 does not perhaps commute with the bike during the week?
Might be easier for someone to view the bike in other areas.
I wish I could help you, but I doubt I'll be in Benoni area anytime soon.