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Title: Flying Brick special on ICO
Post by: tour on June 02, 2016, 08:10:04 am
Good morning all Rallye riders

Went into Flying Brick yesterday for some Amageza goodies and Chris gave me a really good price on ICO GMAX. They still have between 4 to 6 available at this price. This topic i posted with his permission.
Please go and see Flying Brick for a really good deal.
Title: Re: Flying Brick special on ICO
Post by: zebra - Flying Brick on June 07, 2016, 08:47:48 am
thanks, Tour  :thumleft:

yes, we over-stocked on ICO Rallye Max 'G' (trip with built-in CAP) for the BAJA, but many, many people went Rally Light for BAJA, so we have some that we are selling AT COST, to put the proceeds into a new product that we were just awarded (not specifically Rally related).

We have 3 ICO Rallye Max 'G'  left, at R6200, as opposed to the usual R7999. These were imported in February 2106, so are the latest models, the ones with the 15% bigger display, and a few other improvements, and were bought in BEFORE some of the currency devaluation that has happened since...

Chris & Team