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Title: 690R - 650 vs 690 engine
Post by: matrixadventure on August 15, 2016, 10:33:15 am
I am looking a very good looking 2010 690 Enduro R "Rally" with +/- 5000km. The bike has more extras than I will use and it is well above my skill grade, but what the hell, it looks great.

Should I be worried about the 2010 650cc motor? Is this a slight upgrade from the "troublesome" 640 (or even the same), or is it a completely different motor.
Title: Re: 690R - 650 vs 690 engine
Post by: Xpat on August 15, 2016, 12:08:19 pm
It's completely different motor from 640. It is the same as the 690 motor, just with different stroke/bore. I would though prefer (and I bought) the bigger motor. Also, in typical KTM fashion the initial 690 models had a lot of issues. Those got ironed out (and the engines refined) in the later models (while suspension was dumbed down at the same time) - so I would rather look at 2014 and later.

That said, before you buy second hand 690, do your research properly. Their airbox doesn't seal properly (which KTM still denies) and if the owners didn't seal the airbox lip with grease or silicon from the beginning, there is very high chance the bike ingested dust and may be using oil.

See this discussion (but also do your own research on known 690 issues - there are tons of threads on web):
http://www.wilddog.za.net/forum/index.php?topic=197412.0 (http://www.wilddog.za.net/forum/index.php?topic=197412.0)
Title: Re: 690R - 650 vs 690 engine
Post by: matrixadventure on August 15, 2016, 12:49:30 pm
Thanks Xpat.

The extras include;

Omega tanks and bash plate
Full Nav stack
Airbox mod / battery swop (big single filter under the seat)
Steering damper
Seat replacement
The owner said something about a race cam or cam replacement...
I am sure the miner mods like tank bolts etc were done
Suspension upgrade (not sure to what)

I understand the reasoning of getting a 2013+ model, but would you look at a newer bike because of the 650/690 alone? There seems to be quite a premium in buying a post 2014 model. (often with much higher mileage).
Title: Re: 690R - 650 vs 690 engine
Post by: Xpat on August 15, 2016, 01:21:11 pm
Look, I'm sure that when the bike works it is great - which ever year (and will have most probably better suspension than later models, which were dumbed down).

The issue with 690 (probably all road going KTMs) is reliability. KTM takes quite  a few years to sort their bikes out and I think 690 was one of their worst efforts in this regard - it took them stupidly long to get the bike sorted. And after all these years it still has outrageous shortcoming in leaking airbox, that can be fixed by yourself, but it is still disgrace that they wouldn't even admit it.

And this is made even worse by buying second hand when you don't know how the bike was treated and whether the known issues like airbox were resolved. The bling is secondary in this as if the bike breaks down it is useless. And I personally would be a bit worried about the racing cams - to me it indicated that this bike may have been ridden hard if the owner felt a need to increase already big power of 690.

So when I was buying one, I deliberately went for as new model as possible (I have 2014) to get most issues sorted (and the guys who work on this bikes and bitched about early models, seemed pretty confident in new ones - once known nigglies like airbox are sorted).

If you know and trust the owner and you feel he is honest with you regarding bikes issues and riding history, you may go for it (bear in mind that low mileage may be indication of the bike sitting with mechanics - I would ask that question specifically, as well as the one about whether the airbox has been sealed throughout bikes life/ or alternatively if it is using any oil). Otherwise I personally would look at much younger model, or ideally - new.
Title: Re: 690R - 650 vs 690 engine
Post by: Bill the Bong on August 15, 2016, 02:15:42 pm
It seems that it has the Evo 1 induction kit installed.  Cam, intake, battery relocation.  There was also one with a funny slotted airbox cover without the battery relocation.  That pod type intake doesn't have sealing problems, but it is a K&N, so must be oiled correctly.