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Title: 7 bridges 29/10/16 ADDED link to ride report
Post by: IanTheTooth on September 27, 2016, 08:01:53 am
Heard from Ian McDonald this morning that he is running this event again this year. If you are serious about your enduro riding this is the place for you and even if you are not so serious I see he has included riding for all interested plastic and adventure riders who would like to have a look into Lesotho within the safety of an organized event. See:

http://www.rockrabbits.co.za/index.php (http://www.rockrabbits.co.za/index.php)

ride report here


Title: Re: 7 bridges Rock Rabbits Matatiele Tsoelike valley
Post by: Pom17 on September 27, 2016, 08:25:49 am
Looks awesome  :thumleft:
Title: Re: 7 bridges Rock Rabbits Matatiele Tsoelike valley 29/10Oct
Post by: IanTheTooth on September 27, 2016, 01:13:14 pm
I've had a further chat with Ian and he tells me that adventure bikes are going to be quite a main theme of this years event and he has worked out a route that crosses the Tsoelike suspension bridge and continues North of the river which is spectacular and to give riders a chance to look at the main competitors toiling on the bronze, silver and gold route (his words.)

There will be a GPS track to download. I will have it ready as a direct Garmin download or a .GPX file for those using OsmAnd or similar on their phones but if you have something odd that wants it compiled as route you better tell me what it is. I know Clive's Zumo 390 will accept a track that's been turned into a route on basecamp. Ian
Title: Re: 7 bridges Rock Rabbits Matatiele Tsoelike valley 29th Oct
Post by: IanTheTooth on October 13, 2016, 09:52:12 pm
 7 Bridges  guide
Saturday 29th Oct.2016


7 bridges is the name of a ride along the Tsoelike River from the suspension bridge outside Quacha’s Nek to Shlebethebe. This year there will be an adventure ride North of the river to watch the event and the main event being  an enduro challenge comprising 3 loops, bronze, silver and gold.
Cost: First thing I get asked. There is no entry fee. Iain just wants you to come up and see the riding available and blow your mind!


Leaves from Matatiele BP gas station through Quacha’s Nek, over the Tsoelike Suspension Bridge to the main viewing area. 108km approx 3.15hr. Adventure ride A light grey on map. The first enduro riders should be approaching the main viewing area around 10.30am so aim to leave Matatiele at around 7-7.30am. Best plan is probably to drive up Friday evening, stay over at Resthaven and ask Philip to make you a packed breakfast.  Quite a big pile of food. It is Saturday at the end of the month so Quacha’s Nek border post (6am to 10pm) can be quite busy. Last year I got there at 5.45am and there was already a few folk waiting.
 The return loop of the Adventure ride B dark grey on map comes back through Ramatseliso’s Gate Border Post(8am-6pm, may be 7pm) 92km 2.20hr back to the R56 at Matatiele so leave the viewing area by 4pm at the latest. GPS file 201610137bridgescompositeREV2filtered contains all tracks and the two adventure tracks compiled as routes for Zumo users.
RESTHAVEN: http://www.resthaven.co.za/wmenu.php (http://www.resthaven.co.za/wmenu.php)


Iain wants to be started and riding by 10am. The Start is on the A4 approx. 3km or so East of the Ramatseliso’s Gate border Post. The pass has been graded recently and you can also come in earlier at Quacha’s Nek and drive up the A4. At the START riders will set off on the Bronze (blue) loop until they reach the MASTERCHECKpoint. They will then do the Silver (red) loop, return to the MASTERCHECKpoint and set off on the Gold loop (yellow) to the finish. The gold loop has an impressive land bridge that the riders will go through.  There is a GPS file attached with just the enduro loops. You can hike a couple of km on the ridge and see all the action.

Bronze (blue) loop 26.6km allow time 3.45hr
Silver (red) loop 6.1km allow time 1.50hr
Gold (yellow) loop 6.9km allow time 2.15hr  

Title: Re: 7 bridges 29/10/16 NOW WITH DETAILS
Post by: brains on October 16, 2016, 08:49:18 pm
Looks amazing
Title: Re: 7 bridges 29/10/16 FUN ENDURO GROUP ADDED
Post by: IanTheTooth on October 19, 2016, 09:52:23 pm
Stuart Joyner is going to take any enduro riders that would like to ride but not for such an extreme ride as Iain has in mind for the main event for a 45km loop around the riding area including the land bridge. It will leave as the main event gets going. Worth noting that Ramatseliso's Gate is 52km about 55min in a bakkie from the R56 at Matatiele on a good road. I prefer to come through from the Swartberg side but it is easy to get lost.


Stuart Joyners enduro joy ride
Map/track from Matatiele to Ramatseliso's gate
file of whole event