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Title: Sidecar for Sale - Car only
Post by: bmad on January 09, 2017, 09:34:25 am
Hi folks,

I am selling my sidecar.
It is a Velorex 652 side car that i modified to make it look a bit better than the original.

It was attached to my 1936 Panther which i have sold and the idea wad to attach to my R60, but i have changed my mind as i think it will spoil my particular bike.
I have done many regularity rallies with the car and it is great fun.

Currently has 4 connectors that can be adjusted to fit bike.
Back wheel can be adapted to have brakes.
No lights currently on the car.

I am looking for R10 000, but happy to negotiate!
Call me: Brandon 083 400 49 fiftyfive


PS - i have posted in sell section as well