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Title: "It's Time" event accomodation Lesotho
Post by: TinusBez on April 09, 2017, 02:19:50 pm
Rather far you'd say and I'd agree but we're going to the "It's Time" event with accommodation booked Friday and Saturday evening in Ficksburg at a place we frequent regularly. 

Since we're so close to the border to Lesotho I'd like to take my family there and spend one night because coming back to GP is just too much for my 4 and 6 year old...or should I rather say for the parents.

I was thinking of going to Semonkong falls on Sunday but the prices at the logde are pricey at circa R 2500 for a family of 4 imo compared to what I'm paying for 2 nights at Ficksburg.

We won't be camping, I have 3 women in my family 1 of which takes after dad and happy to sleep wherever she can lay her head down, the other 2 well...enjoy the finer things so accommodation has to be a proper bed like or similar to the one at home. The plan is to spend the Sunday night there and drive back Monday. Regrettably all in a car, no bike adventures unless I can secure a kiddies helmet for my 6 year old on an "I owe you" basis.

Cheers Tinus