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Title: Ktm Freeride 250 vs Beta Xtrainer 300 ?
Post by: sparro on April 17, 2017, 06:37:47 pm
I'm in the market for a new 2t Enduro type bike that I can put on the road and ride to the playing spots around town.

These 2 bikes are very similar in price now. I'm in Klerksdorp and we have a decent Ktm dealer here for servicing.  The Beta will have to go back to Cayenne once in while for tlc.  The Beta has an oil injection function though which negates the hassle of premixing the fuel.  Both have happy buttons too.  I think the suspension package on the orange may be a bit better than the Sachs stuff on the Italian.

Interested to hear some opinions, especially from owners of these. I ride a CRF 250x for comparison and will probably sell it or keep it for the lighty.
Title: Re: Ktm Freeride 250 vs Beta Xtrainer 300 ?
Post by: CliveG on April 17, 2017, 10:06:16 pm
KTM freeride is a hybrid, mix between a trials bike and euduro. The X trainer is a smaller detuned enduro bike.
I got a X trainer and very happy with it. Have done loads of  small changes to it, first removed the oil injection.
Oil is cheap, spares are expensive.  They both don`t have the best suspension, the Freeride has the KTM 85
Front end on, I would think it better than the Beta forks. I am changing to CRF250X forks right now, so swop
your CRF forks if you get one. Also have detuned mine, a bit, making it even more smoother, as I ride a lot of very rocky hills.
 Even so it still out runs my friends new XC-W 250.

Best is go to advrider, thumpertalk or youtube.