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Title: Monday , "Quick" ride , no destination ,Stonehenge !
Post by: Andy660 on May 02, 2017, 12:32:09 pm
Needed a ride out somewhere after working most of the long weekend/
Whatsapped and had a look on WD , Nope , no takers !

Jumped on the bike , did some dirt, then I was in Wellington , Ag might as well go up Baineskloof.
Enjoyed that , so just pushed on to Ceres, and much against everyone’s advice, headed for Padstal.
All and sundry were on their way back from Africa Burns.

But it wasnt too bad , Bike was moving very well with newly Ported cylinder head and new  one into two Powerflow pipe /  thanks to  ( Dick Bates Salt River Powerflow,)

Got to Padstal safely , and it was under the cars and 4x4s.

So nice to see that they have become so popular with the public in the last few years.

From a once Burnt to the Ground by a Right winger, little shop to a Thriving , Shop, / Take away or sit / pub.

Had a quick Curry& Rice , and a beer or two.

Back on the bike,  North for 2 km RH down Rondawelpad into the mountains en route The Rear entrace to Stonehenge , passing AfrikaBurns on the way.