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Post by: JustBendIt on July 28, 2017, 05:02:42 am
MACE Service and Performance Centre (14 Evelyn Road Tokai Cape Town Tel: 021 701 4816) has a diagnostics and dyno tuning department that is run by co-owner Hermann Mahnke (long time BMW car racer and tuning specialist - he tuned my old 3 litre diesel Mazda BT50 bakkie to 155 kW and 550 Nm)

They have all BMW diagnostics - including the systems for BMW bikes.

Hermann is not only able to diagnose faults and clear fault codes BUT can also tune your bike to make it the most efficient it can be.

Tuning on fuel injected bikes has traditionally only been via the fitment and programming of a Power Commander - this device can only adjust the fuelling - it cannot adjust ignition timing. Tuners either richen or lean out the fuel / air mixture to get very small gains.

MACE's new system is able to adjust fuelling AND ignition timing and can realease lots of hidden horsepower - they do not use a Power Commander.

Their system is able to cure the dreaded pinging on air / oil cooled 1200 BMWs and unlock more performance on both this older air / oil cooled engine and the newer liquid cooled engines.

Their diagnostic system work on all fuel injected BMW bikes with an OBD port including 650s, 700s, and 800s.

Please not that MACE is not a bike workshop - they are a car workshop - they will not do mechanical repairs on your BMW bike - for that I recommend KINGTEK (021 801 4323 )in the very next road  (owned and operated by Andrew King - ex Auto Atlantic qualified BMW mechanic)

For more info and prices on what MACE can do for your bike please call Hermann Mahnke (yes he's German) on 021 701 4816 or e-mail him on hermann@macegroup.co.za