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Title: 17-18 January 2009 - history and legend around Sicily - Italy
Post by: charlyno on February 14, 2009, 06:19:26 pm

http://www.francescoinviaggio.it/SICILIA%20ON%20THE%20ROAD%202009/03)%2017-18%20Gennaio%202009%20-%20Tra%20storia%20e%20leggende%20-%20Provincie%20di%20Messina%20e%20Catania/index.html (http://www.francescoinviaggio.it/SICILIA%20ON%20THE%20ROAD%202009/03)%2017-18%20Gennaio%202009%20-%20Tra%20storia%20e%20leggende%20-%20Provincie%20di%20Messina%20e%20Catania/index.html)

Motorcycles used: BMW GS 1200R

Milestones: Palermo-Montalbano-Braida-Elicona Castiglione di Sicilia-Roccella-Valdemone Francavilla di Sicilia-Castelmola-Isola Bella (Taormina)-Messina-Capo-Ganzirri Peloro-Acquarone-Rodia-Cefalý-Palermo

Nations visited: Italy

Regions visited: Sicily

Km covered: 620


Duration: 2 days


17/01/2009 Km 245. 08:00 a clear sky and a wonderful sun premetto a great weekend! After a hearty breakfast at 09.00 are already on the motorway towards Messina. The first goal will be the beautiful village of Montalbano Elicona which is on the list of the most beautiful in Italy. The fast flowing 190 km along the highway and after a short coffee break in June Patti for embarking on the SP 119. We start to climb and the landscape changes dramatically. I leave the sea to give space to the mountains, fields in bloom, the green grass. The idyllic landscape is made even more beautiful by the sun that has raised the temperature at +14. Several times along the route are forced to stop to admire the scenery in a calm and enjoy peace in the silence of the place. That brings in a tiny village Braid nestled in the mountains. From above it seems a little crib. Shortly after arrival at destination, just at the entrance to the Castello Svevo Aragonese. To my great surprise, the castle is closed. A sign says: "The castle is open on Sundays and for visits from Monday to Saturday must be booked by calling a phone number"! Sorry call the following number and the phone responds Dr. Liliana Pantano, head of the tourism town of Elicona. After having done that is not how we are pursuing tourism in Sicily, I explained that it is time that brings out a project and is fighting so we can enjoy the sights of the country without any restrictions. Kindly invites me to visit the country and informs me that I will call soon about the possibility of visiting the castle. The village is beautiful, to walk among its old ways seem to make a leap into the Middle Ages. Alleys, beams, stone houses, carved facades create a special atmosphere. The splendid Church of S. Nicola, built during the Middle and revised in 1654. In many works including a sculpture attributed to Gagini dated 1587. A short walk to the Church of St. Catherine with a beautiful portal style romantic not to mention the splendid baroque portals of the House and Casa Messina Ballarino Mastropaolo. After about 20 minutes with great pleasure are informed by Dr. Pantano that the caretaker is waiting for me to visit the castle. In this regard I would like to warmly thank Dr. for the kindness and willingness and commitment in advancing the project. To expect in the nice castle Ms Rosalba. Paid for the ticket, I love this magic moment, visit a castle, all for me! The castle was built on pre-existing Arab and Byzantine structures are composed of a large courtyard, with its Swabian aragonese and a small fortress on the Norman-Swabian structure. Interesting museum of weapons and musical instruments. Ended the visit is lunchtime and I just want to make myself a nice meal. Just 100 mt. from the Castle in front of the Duomo, the old Tavern "To Sakala" by Tower 11 - tel. 3385257768-3287451102. Welcome to the nice Mr. Pino says that I like in its establishment, instead of the classic chef, have a lady who cooks for them with the genuine cuisine, classical and traditional. And in fact I could not choose better! Delicious appetizers, sublime the first and second! After coffee made strictly with the moka el'immancabile Dolcini, greeting Mr. Pine and to visit the allotment contrada Argimusco, near the forest Malabotta, famous for its megalithic site. Huge granite rocks, which still represent an unsolved mystery. The large skull, large acquila there are witnesses to distant past, where history is mixed with legend. On the road the Tholos, the tombs of stone, very similar to the Nuraghe of Sardinia. The landscape is idyllic and at the same time full of mystery (more info http://www.montalbano.info/). Allotment towards http://www.comune.castiglionedisicilia.ct.it/home.php Castiglione di Sicilia, province of Catania through SP 110. The road passes through part of the forest Malabotta. After a few kilometers in front of me eccolo His Majesty the Etna. The show is phenomenal. The sky stands out even more its snowy peak. SP 2, the entrance through small villages such as Roccella and Valdemone Moio Alcantara, where he started to see the river itself. The conditions dell'asfalto, after the recent rains are bad and must be very careful especially in the mud along the edges of the road. I come to the doors of Castiglione di Sicilia. To dominate the country Lauria Castle dates back to the Norman-Swabian period. Unfortunately, the castle is closed and I have not had the same luck in Montalbano, so I have to settle for a visit under the walls, the fortress where you can enjoy an extraordinary view. The beautiful Basilica of Our Lady Chain and the Church of San Antonio. On a wall overlooking one of the symbols of Castiglione, "U Cannizzu" an ancient sighting tower. At about 3 km from the village in the middle of the campaign, after a short cobbled road before you reach the Church of St. Sunday, Cuba known as Byzantine, an extraordinary century. VII D.C. After visiting, allotment towards Francavilla di Sicilia where I find accommodation at the Farm Ghiritina http://www.agriturismoghiritina.it/ just 3 km from the Alcantara Gorges. The place is really comfortable with the possibility to park the bike right in front of the room and with a good pizzeria-restaurant prices. After a nice hot shower and a pennichella, I go into a pizzeria where conclude my evening.


18/01/2009 km.375 Ore 07.00 go out on the terrace. Still a beautiful day. Sky and sun that illuminates the top of Etna. I can not wait to get in motion. I will stop in town for breakfast and coffee after the inevitable direction of childbirth dell'Ancantara Gorge. Unfortunately, with the violent rains of recent days, the park was closed for safety until the full returns, so I satisfied to have a look from above. That will be reason for return. I have just the 08.30 when I receive the call of his rosary from Catania, who motorcyclist. Although he has just finished work, however, wants to reach me to make a short trip together. So we decide to meet in the village of Castelmola, just above Taormina. We crossed with the bikes on the road and after a warm greeting we go in the belvedere of the Church of Our Lady of the Rock, right at the foot of the Castle of Taormina. The landscape is breathtaking as those that leave you speechless. Try to visit the castle, but even this is closed! Let us go to the square in Castelmola, where just before the parked motorcycle. We head to the famous Bar Turrisi for a coffee and a Dolcino. The bar is famous not only for their culinary delights, but especially for the furniture! We say that the common denominator of the bar that is spread over four floors is the penis! Statues, sculptures, chairs, tables, quotations, even the menu is a form of punishment. Really strange and very special and to be in a location for the splendid views that can be admired from the terraces. Do not miss it if you pass here. A delicious slice of chocolate cake and pistachio make particularly pleasant and sweet though our short stay. We go on the lookout of the Cathedral and then climb to the ruins of the castle, where you can enjoy an extraordinary view on the Etna, on the coast of Calabria and the surrounding mountains (info http://www.castelmolese.it/index.asp). Before you leave us we decide to make a puntatina on Isola Bella in Taormina, to enjoy the spectacle of water and crystal blue sea. After greeting his friend Rosario, confinement in the direction of Messina across the highway to arrive in time for lunch before the bell tower of the Cathedral of Messina, which is a major attraction of the city with its unique clock mechanism, in which one Motorcycle gears and mechanical statues that recall episodes astronomical, and religious citizens. A truly unique show. June Just ten minutes before the performance. First the Dome, the extraordinary fountain of Orion, an opera of 1553. Rest mouth open in admiration at the perfection of the sculptures. At noon on the dot, the show begins! The lion roars, the dove that flies and numerous pictures in a slide mechanism magical. After visiting the interior of the cathedral to me then the 300 steps of the tower and reach the top to admire from all over the city. Stands the Fort St. Savior whose end was the Madonna of Porto. After a good pasta dish in the oven, and a brief stop at the Fountain of Neptune, I head toward Peloro, the northeast tip of Sicily. On the way to the Tower Ganzirri beacon tower of the English or a defensive bastion of the sixteenth century. I go down on the beach where the sea is crystal clear. Opposite Charybdis on the coast and immediately Calabra me back to mind the legend of Scylla and Charybdis "http://www.sullacrestadellonda.it/mitologia/scilla.htm. Immersed in the fantasy allotment to the old SS 113dir. The thermometer marked 18 +! Through small villages like Acquarone, Rodia and along the way, I enjoy peace in every curve, every landscape, get carried away with my thoughts best. I take the highway in Villafranca Tirrena and after a long pull of about 150 km I decide to relax my back on the beach of Cefalý. There is still sunny and with great satisfaction I relaxes on the beach for a morning. Expect the sunset, giving the last magical moment of this wonderful and exciting weekend on the road. To the next.
Title: Re: 17-18 January 2009 - history and legend around Sicily - Italy
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Nice report! Its good to see places we would not otherwise see, thx, appreciate it! :thumleft:
Title: Re: 17-18 January 2009 - history and legend around Sicily - Italy
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Thanks for interesting ride report Charlyno!  Beautiful indeed.  the colourful use of english gave a real sense of place!  ;)
Title: Re: 17-18 January 2009 - history and legend around Sicily - Italy
Post by: charlyno on February 19, 2009, 07:32:48 pm
..thank's guys :)

i would like to come in Africa with my motobike..but i need so much money and time ! I think it will rest a dream :P

Hello from Palermo my city

P.S. if you want to know my city clicc down..a virtual tour around place and monument

http://www.francescoinviaggio.it/LA%20CITTA'%20DI%20PALERMO.htm (http://www.francescoinviaggio.it/LA%20CITTA'%20DI%20PALERMO.htm)