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Title: 01 March 2009 "Between history and nature in the Nebrodi Park" Sicily - Italy
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PICShttp://www.francescoinviaggio.it/SICILIA%20ON%20THE%20ROAD%202009/05)%2001%20Marzo%202009%20-%20Tra%20storia%20e%20natura%20nel%20Parco%20dei%20Bebrodi%20(ME)/index.html (http://www.francescoinviaggio.it/SICILIA%20ON%20THE%20ROAD%202009/05)%2001%20Marzo%202009%20-%20Tra%20storia%20e%20natura%20nel%20Parco%20dei%20Bebrodi%20(ME)/index.html)
Motorcycles used: 2 BMW GS 1200R-2 BMW 1200 GS Adventure - Honda CBR 600 - Yamaha Fazer 1000 - Honda Varadero 1000
Milestones: Palermo and Santo Stefano di Camastra-Mistretta-Cerami-Capizzi-Caronia-Palermo
Regions visited: Sicily
Km covered: 325
Duration: 1 day
Today our destination is the wonderful Park Nebrodi and particularly some municipalities of the province of Messina. The sky is partially covered but the weather providing a clear improvement. Today will be a special day, because there will be riders of the province of Agrigento, Catania and Palermo. Unless I find the appointment of S. Giovanni Gemini (AG). We do not know but as always happens between motorcyclists after a few minutes it is as if it were a long time. It starts in the direction of Messina by highway and after a brief stop in Caracol arrive in Santo Stefano di Camastra to take the SP117 to Mistretta. With just a few kilometers to immediately transform the landscape. On one side the blue sea with the background of the other Aeolian Islands Nebrodi with the first traces of snow fell abundantly in the weeks past. After a few photos to start Mistretta which is only 16 km. We reach the square just below the church whose origins date back to the twelfth century. For Anthony and Agatha expect from Catania. After a short presentation you will enter immediately in tune and the group is ready for a tour of the city. Unfortunate that the church is closed for restoration. Its stone portal of the 600 between the two towers is really impressive. A short distance to the church of San Sebastiano, the only one to be opened. Rebuilt after the earthquake at the entrance to a vara dell'800 valuable manufacturing with beautiful wood inlay. We are approaching the ancient streets of the town along the road that leads under the church of the Purgatory. Here we meet the head of the pro-local site which is disappointed not to be contacted would otherwise have been organized with a free driving tour of the city. Too late now and invites us to return gift of useful guides on Nebrodi Park. Along the narrow path and climb the mountain to the rock that overlooks the city and where are the ruins of the Arab-Norman castle with large walls and defensive towers. Arrived at the top of the landscape is made even more extraordinary by the beautiful snow scattered among the surrounding mountains (info www.comune.mistretta.me.it/) falling back to the bikes to go in the direction of Cerami (EN) is about 40 km in the province Enna. Turning into Central Sicula SS117 until you reach the Saddle contrast of 1.120 meters above sea level. All around the snow and fantastic scenery. Unfortunate that the road is not the best. Before arriving in two of our Cerami leave us to return to Palermo at the fork to Capizzi. Greeted the children start to Cerami where we come in on short belvedere of the Mother Church. Here we take advantage for a chat and a po 'di relax in the sun. From the terrace a magnificent view of the Church of San Sebastiano. The town of Cerami is also famous for the Madonna of Lavinia which is dedicated to a shrine that is located just below the country and which tells of an ancient legend about the discovery of the painting. More info (http://www.comune.cerami.en.it/). It 'time to eat something so we decide to have lunch at the town of Capizzi. Return in the Messina province and shortly after we arrive in the country. The three restaurants that show us the premises are closed and so after passing a word between them we can trace Mr. Nicola that is at our disposal at the Trattoria Pizzeria Sapori Nebrodi "via Aldo Moro, 11 Tel. 0935933713-0935933930 cell. 3382217641st We could not be more fortunate than that? To welcome us with Nicola Mrs. Mary. In short can prepare a lunch to go to envy anyone. And genuine local products, such as various types of cheese, including ricotta salata and cry from the famous black pig Nebrodi, oil products strictly home-made pasta and to finish with bacon and mushrooms and pasta alla carbonara, all watered high local wine. Could not miss the sweet, beautiful home made cake while warm! After dinner left their helmets in a restaurant we do around the country. After a coffee in front of the church and a tour around the ancient streets of the country return to the inn where Nicholas and Mary after giving us coffee and digestive system are not praying twice to my request to give us some 'of that "sublime ricotta salata "! That immediately made ready for the girls in the group a nice piece of cheese. More info on the town (http://www.comunedicapizzi.it/). We are preparing to return home. Here salute the friends of Catania intends to organize a trip together again. Caronia to start on the SP 168 that passes through the forest, right in the middle of the park Nebrodi. After a few kilometers surprise. The whole landscape is a blank white. The snow is almost a meter high and the road is perfectly viable. The landscape is wonderful. The thermometer marks +6 and we Portella dell'Obolo of 1.503 meters above sea level. We enjoy peace with the 40 km that separate us from the motorway. We stop for some photos. Can not miss a brief battle with snow balls! Descending gradually one begins to glimpse the sea. The temperature rises rapidly to reach +16. Caronia At the meeting with a nice gentleman riding his mule. We reach the sea at sunset is already just in time for a greeting and then the path towards home. To the next.
For those wishing to participate in our excursions fracharly2001@yahoo.it or call 3286183426. We do not accept "Hacker"
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