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Title: DIY windscreen for DRZ
Post by: mtbbiker on May 13, 2009, 08:59:17 pm
I currently own a DRZ 400 that I use for everyday commuting and the occasional off-road trip.

Well the first thing that you realize when traveling on the open roads is that the wind noise makes a "Naked" bike very, very uncomfortable. I for this reason decided that I had to get a windscreen. I searched the internet and found a few after market screens. I also found that the Dakar windscreen is quite popular as an aftermarket modification on bikes like the DRZ.

Well I decided that looks cool and I want one. I couldn't find one or the ones that I found were way too much for my budget  :-\

I decided I will make it myself  ::).

I bought Perspex sheet from Maizey's (www.maizey.co.za - You can find all the documentation regarding the various product's mechanical and thermal properties). I chose perspex because when you heat the sheet at 150°C for 3-5 min it becomes "plastic" and you can shape it into almost any form (Its like playing with clay  :D). The only disadvantage with perspex is that it can crack and break easily, but its very in-expensive so you can always make a new one.

I did the following:
1. Borrowed a screen from a mate, traced the outline (See picture), Modified a bit to get rid of the "lip" just above the head light.(http://i638.photobucket.com/albums/uu104/bergfiets/DSC02348_S.jpg)
2. Cut the shape out of the sheet.
3. Heated the sheet in a kitchen oven till it became plastic, took it out and shaped it in the Dakar screen (my mold)
4. Bought some aluminum bar a Builders Warehouse that I then shaped to form the brackets of the screen.(picture)
5. Mounted the top bracket on the Handle bar and the bottom one on the hand guards. (See picture)
6. I also created a little dashboard, where I mounted the 12V socket to the upper bar. I also use this dashboard for my GPS's suction mount (Add a bit of Duck tape to make sure it stays there)

I am currently experimenting with polycarbonate sheet because of its mechanical properties, you can hit it with a hammer and it wont break. The only problem is that it cost twice as much as perspex and it is also not so easy to form it thermally.

PS: I also built a a carrier rack for my luggage (see picture)
Title: Re: DIY windscreen for DRZ
Post by: GSBoland on May 13, 2009, 10:27:52 pm
daai skreen lyk of dit van n R1100Gs afkom  :deal:
Title: Re: DIY windscreen for DRZ
Post by: Herms on May 14, 2009, 07:40:11 am
Cool, dit was my plan ook. Ek het gedink om polycarb te gebruik, maar perspex is goedkoper en
ideaal vir my eerste probeer slag.

Thanks, I use the info  :thumleft:
Title: Re: DIY windscreen for DRZ
Post by: edgy on May 14, 2009, 07:52:17 am
Post a close up of both screen and rack,please!
Title: Re: DIY windscreen for DRZ
Post by: mtbbiker on May 14, 2009, 07:05:37 pm
Jammer ek het die links na die images bietjie gebreek, dis nou weer reg  :lamer:
Title: Re: DIY windscreen for DRZ
Post by: Bernard Draadkar on May 14, 2009, 10:46:26 pm
Hier is my Dakar se screen vervaardig deur MTBIKER. Kon met die verlengde, tuis vervaardigde tot op 80km sonder Arai TX visor ry. Saam met die 'aerotrim', kan ek nou >120km gaan. Geen wind 'buffeting' met Arai nie!! Wat 'n plesier!