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Title: First blood - Sand in Botswana
Post by: XT Girl on June 22, 2009, 03:18:57 pm
"After the rediculously easy riding on the gravel, John and I started feeling smug: we can do this - what's to worry!"

We swaggered into Maun, well before the trucks, high on life on the long road and ready for some more action.

Once the group caught up - we set off to find a place to overnight. A gorgeous lodge a few kilometers out of town, presents itself: the prospect of a hot shower almost dizzying!

We pulled up, outside a six foot high wooden gate - and when it swings open to welcome us, I feel my heart sink: where the 'driveway' is supposed to be, is just a... OCEAN of thick, slippery sand.

Our first sand in Africa. In a bloody driveway, about a mile long!

Shit. Fancy coming all the way to Africa, and then coming unstuck in someone's driveway, forgodsake!

(... read rest here... sorry didn't want to repeat work already done on my website...) (http://www.xtgirls.co.uk/blood.html)
Title: Re: First blood - Sand in Botswana
Post by: blazes on June 22, 2009, 04:55:35 pm
Nice one  ;)

We have someone on the Forum who has the Party Trick perfected by now---Falls in his own and every driveway he parks at.

Not mentioning names here. But you will soon find out who he is---Clue Ride a Orange Bike. :peepwall: