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Title: Jasons hill 2009 fun enduro
Post by: bradleys on June 29, 2009, 08:52:50 am
Jasons Hill wine farm in Rawsonville will be holding a funduro on the 10 oct .BMW will be hosting this event and Gary Smith [socks as he is known] is putting the ride together,he ran 2 events with KTM WC in 2006 and 2007,both were great events.This year all adv bikes would be welcome as a special course will be laid out to test your skills . This is a great event and you will be able to test some of BMW s bikes. It is a great family outing as they have entertanment on the whole weekend as it is the whole Rawsonvilles wine festival, all the wine farms in the area have some thing on thje go ,so please diarise the date and I will put up more info closer to the time, and put a ride together for the wc dogs to do a lekker route up ,Hopeflly Andy660 will give me a hand as Iwill be up there with my 525.