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Title: The Ox wagon ?N1? ? Part 2
Post by: Trailrider on December 19, 2006, 06:32:42 pm
Like I said in Part 1, just over the Cloetes Pass there is a turnoff into the Attakwas Kloof (over private land).

For those using Google Earth the approximate co-ordinates for the Attakwas Kloof turnoff is 33?º54?21.73? S   21?º42?40.69? E

Have a look at your Google layers. Enable Tracks 4 Africa under featured content. These roads / trails have all been mapped by them.

Be sure to speak to Nico Hesterman of Bonniedale Adventure Farm or Gert Stander of 22?º South tours to arrange for the route, as you?ll be traveling over farm land.


Bonniedale has the campsite you?ll be camping at in the Attakwas Kloof.

After the turnoff you travel through the kloof with ever changing scenery.



Past the ghost town Woeska




And on to the Bonniedale Adventure Farm camping site. The facilities here are excellent. The sites have grass, hammocks, braai facilities, tables & chairs and clean ablutions. Wood is supplied and extra wood can be bought. There?s also lapa?s, a chalet and a swimming pool (see website - http://www.bonniedale.com/)





According to the SAARN Scale http://www.wilddogtours.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1719
I would rate Cloetes pass turnoff to the Camping site mostly 3 (avg 30-40km/h) with shorts bits of 4 (low traveling speeds).

From here the fun starts. Trail riding on to the historical Attakwas Pass (Nature Conservation Area). Keys for the gates can be obtained from Nico (prior arrangement would be best).

Right outside the campsite you have the first water crossing and climb.






From there you follow the trail


Past the Attakwas Kloof Hut - See Google Earth 33?º52?33.12? S   21?º54?23.53? E


Over the pass and past the Old English Fort



After some gates etc. you connect into the Robertson pass and then on to Louvain and Burchells (in part 3).

Notes on suitable bikes:

Like you can see on the photos we did the route with light trail bikes and we had no problems. According to Nico quite a few GS?s had done the route and not all of them fell over. I can also note that the roads are better now than when we were there right after the heavy rains. You can do the route yourself or on a guided tour with 22?º South and even hire their bikes. http://www.22south.com/info/Eco_Trails_Tour_Packages_2007.pdf
This is not an advertisement and I have no connection with 22?º South or Bonniedale apart from having met and befriended the owners. Good guys both and it?s well worth supporting them.

More details about the passes:


PS. For those of you who read the WEG magazine, the Ox wagon trail was featured in WEG #9, June 2005 pg 52-62

Other sites of interest:


Title: The Ox wagon ?N1? ? Part 2
Post by: Stephan on December 20, 2006, 08:21:09 am
Thanks for the report.  Stunning pics!  I have added this one to the must do list, now to figure out when.  :thumbright: :thumbleft:
Title: The Ox wagon ?N1? ? Part 2
Post by: KiLRoy on December 20, 2006, 09:38:12 am
Thanx for the info.  Feel free to advertise if you guys can help with a trip.  If you go through this PT to post and market the area, please tell us the options to see this stunning area - ie either by yourself or with you guys on a guided tour - no problem.  

I wish more members will go through this trouble to market rides in their areas.  A rider will always have the option to do-it-himself or go with the local guys on a paid tour - sometimes worthwhile if you don't know the area or want to gain a deeper understanding - no problem TR - tell us where you can add value.

Cheers and thanx for sharing - awesome part of the country