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Our all new initiative, The Enduro World Barkly Team Adventure!
This adventure is aimed at fit and proficient rock/technical riders, ready and willing to take on a challenge in the rugged, remote, grueling and awesomely beautiful mountains of the Southern Drakensberg.

 :toothy10: 3 Rugged, capable and fit riders with a good sense of humor on good reliable off-road bikes, properly set up for the Southern Drakensberg’s technical terrain.
 1 Driver in a capable vehicle, preferably a 4x4 although a good ground-clearance 2x4 would also suffice, to serve as a back-up /support vehicle for his team. Two teams may share a back-up vehicle if necessary.
 The driver and at least one of the riders should have and be able to use a GPS competently.
THE PLAN  :toothy10:

This is a joint venture between Enduro World Magazine and two Agricultural Associations who gave us permission to travel over their land. We will make use of a set route and this will be downloaded on every team’s GPS’s at the start of the challenge.
The Challenge will begin at the Agri\Sports Club just outside the town of Barkly East on Thursday 4 February 2010 at 12h00. Every team will supply its own fuel, spares, tents, sleeping bags etc. Breakfast and supper will be provided by the local farmers wives and the Saturday night dinner and Sunday morning breakfast which will be supplied by the Agri/Sports Club. Teams should bring their own snacks in bumbags for lunch on the trail.
THURSDAY 4 FEBRUARY 2010  :toothy10:

Registration - 12h00 Briefing - 13h00 Start - 14h00
The teams will make their way up Lionesses-pass which is a nasty switchback pass that climbs almost 300 meters in only the first 4 km with most of the climb the last 1 km. This will get most of the riders in a good mood for the next two days!! From here it is over and down the mountain with the old wagon trail at Avillion. Then we will follow some gravel roads and 4x4 tracks for a while down to the Kraairiver, Tierkrans and Loch Bridge (a National Heritage Site). This will be the first refuel point (25km). From here we will follow the old railway line up the famous reverses and over to Lushof with an old “trek path” where most of us will have the opportunity to push our bikes downhill!!, ………
…………… and ultimately to our overnight destination at the Waterfall at Lushof. Distance for the day +- 40km. This overnight spot is absolutely awesome and you will sleep in the “Holkrans/Cave” next to the waterfall. A generator will be supplied by the organizers and each team can tap into the electricity supply to charge 2 way radios (will be supplied), cell phones etc. Bring own leads, lights etc. There are no ablution facilities at this point. You will wash in the stream or shower in the waterfall. Please bring a shovel for toilet duties.
FRIDAY 5 FEBRUARY 2010  :toothy10:

Every team starts at whatever time they like. We recommend you start at between 05h00 and 06h00. The day starts with a leisurely 18km of dirt and gravel road down to the Kraairiver at Saversnake. Depending on the water level of the river we will either: ride through, load our bikes on rubber ducks or go by cable way. Once through the river it is up the Stydpoort trek path and to the Fly-over on the tar road where the first refuel and recommended breakfast stop will be. Now 15km of gravel road and sometimes not so good 4x4 roads follow before the next refuel/backup stop at Roodepoort. Another 15km on bad 4x4 trails will bring you to Heuningneskloof and Honeyvale where the next refuel/backup stop will be. What follows next will surely test your sense of humour as you travel up the very rocky trek path to Tytherley 15km away, just to drop down another kloof and up the other side to the main gravel road 8km away that will lead you to the next refuel/backup stop at Hartebeesfontein. From here a very challenging 4x4 trek follows for 20km over the mountain into the next valley with a refuel/backup stop at Waaikraal. (The route is very scenic). Then the final 15km over and down the mountain to the overnight stop on the banks of the Saalboomriver at Goedehoop. No ablution is available. Distance for the day 120km. A tough day of riding is ahead for tomorrow. An early nights rest is recommended.
SATURDAY 6 FEBRUARY 2010  :toothy10:

Once again an early start is recommended. We start off with the trek path up through Naauwpoort through the Witvlei, Groenland and down the Bamboesfontein cattle path into Bonthoek. Then over the Geut down the Blikhuis on the edge of the escarpment to Klipplaat and a late breakfast after 50km at the refuel/backup stop. From here the road takes us up Skilderkrantz and over the escarpment with the near vertical footpath down the Lyste. This is followed by Spitskop Cattle path up the escarpment with “Who’s your Daddy” pass and “Die Muurtjies”. From here it is plain sailing to the next Refuel/Backup stop at Twee Susters 50km after your first stop. From here “Heartbreak Hill” over Koppievale and Grootvlei to the Barkly East Agri/Sports Club. Distance for this leg 40km. The day total stands on 140km with a total of 300km for the challenge.
We will then put on a short “Endurocross” event at the club, mainly to provide the locals with some entertainment.
Hot showers, prize giving and a steak evening will follow. Everybody will camp and sleep over at the Club on Saturday night. (Optional B+B in town is available at own expense).
SUNDAY 07 FEBRUARY 2010  :toothy10:

After a leisurely breakfast teams will depart and head for home.
Special Note:
The whole event runs over private land. Please respect the privilege we have to ride in this awesome area. Don’t litter! While passing through or past livestock, please drive slowly. Public roads are not closed for this event. Obey traffic laws and don’t speed while travelling on public roads. Keep left!! As far as possible all gates will be opened or at least manned. If for some reason or other you get to a gate that is closed, please close it again after you’ve passed through. The golden rule is “Close what is found closed and leave open what is found open”. Each team will receive 2x2 way radios and chargers, one for the backup vehicle and one for the biker’s team. This is expensive equipment, please look after it. Each team must charge the radio’s at the overnight stops. Any radio’s lost or damaged must be replaced by the respective teams. Most parts of the route have cell phone coverage. Carry your cell phone with you.
Strict cut-off times will be enforced along the route. If for any reason you are time-barred, you are allowed to shortcut on the back-up vehicle route and rejoin the route again later.
Terrain/condition warning

This challenge is not being offered to every rider. We are aiming it at selected groups who have experience in mountain riding and who are proficient rock riders. For those who have not ridden in the Mountains of the Southern Drakensberg, it can be very inhospitable and it is common to experience all 4 seasons in one day. The terrain is very rugged and riders must be prepared to make running repairs on bikes, make plans to cross rivers, sleep in the mountains without shelter and perhaps even evacuate an injured rider. Of course we hope and pray for favorable weather and incredible riding with loads of fun experiences and no unfortunate incidents! Each team must have a camera with them and submit at least 10 photo’s per team per day!

Cost is R1700 per rider, R900 per backup driver. This fee includes meals as specified, a T-shirt, tub of Endure Hydrate energy drink, Finishers badge and pics of the ride on disc. Prizes will also be awarded for certain “feats of brilliance”.
Due to their being limited places on this adventure, a non-refundable deposit of R700 per person is required to secure your place.
To book your place on this unforgettable challenge/adventure, complete the booking form attached and fax or email back to us with proof of deposit.

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Sounds interesting  :mwink: Will have to go take a look !