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Title: Greatdane Trip-to-see-what-I-can-see 2010
Post by: greatdane on June 06, 2010, 08:31:08 pm
So I am now in Swaziland. No pics available as of now since my camera decided that it will not work and I am using my digital video camera and will have to pull snap shots from short videos.

Went PE - Graaff Reinert - Burgersdorp - Tiffendell - Rhodes, Naude's Nek - Lundean Nek - Steikspruit - Tell Bridge Borderpost Lesotho - Malealea Lodge - Roma - Semonkong - Quasha's Nek - Underberg - Vryheid - Manzini

The main lesson learned by now:

1. The back road from Malealea Lodge says offroad and difficult in Tracks4Africa. They are not joking! I went through on a Yamaha XT660 and it took some work

2. The southern route from Semonkong to the tar road between Padlong and Mount Morosi is open. There are bridges across both the Sequin and Sequinyane.  Again bloody steep. Took 2.5 hours on the motorcycle for 50 km and 4 hours for the guys in 4x4. Once you get to the bridge its clear sailing