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Title: Show us your METAL
Post by: White Rhino on August 28, 2010, 07:18:06 am
Show off your conversions. Some WDs have more mods on their bodies than their bikes!

Pins, Plates, Add-ons, Add-ins, Replacements, Extensions, Reductions

Keep it tidy - no enlargements!

Here's mine....

Broken left arm (Complicated fracture of the greater tuberositas of the left humerus). Rotator cuff muscle detached from the arm on a bone fragment.

The ugly part was that I still had to ride another 70kms across some rough terrain with one functional arm. Thank God for Myprodol!


Repair: Titanium plate and three screws. Doctor used some gut to anchor down the floating fragment to the screws.


Took about 6 weeks for the bone to heal but around 6 months for the muscles to funciton properly.