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Title: Not quite the DS trip - lets call it QS
Post by: Plothond on April 09, 2007, 07:57:08 am
Due to all the public holidays over March and April we decided to work in them all and make a week of it over Easter and the following week.

Two main trips were on the agenda.
The first was geeting the whole family down to the Swazi border over the Easter weekend and join Family Adventures (  www.familyadventures.co.za  ) for their annual Easter Swazi Border Quad adventure.

The second is our trip down to Sani and Lesotho on the DS bikes the following week.

Our weekend was based in the Kromdraai camp - lekker log cabins - in the Songimvelo Nature Reserve (actually - just outside it)
We all brought along a few soccer balls and donated them to the local community

The Family Adventures crowd had marked out a few routes that took us along the swazi border and a few other interesting places.

The specific reason why I'm posting this in this forum is that there are some absolutely fantabulous DS routes in this area. Now some of the forum members have already posted pics and reports of the area, but I'm sure that you would like to see some more

Our base camp and the Kromdraai camp - nice bushveld setting


The first morning started with some necessary maintenance and repairs


After the first loop in the morning - about 60 to 70 km's we came back to camp for lunch.
My ride was not charging the battery and after stripping most of the plastics off we found the fault and made some temporary repairs


Even Wyfie managed to practice her favourite pastime


The afternoon loop was supposed to be a short 30km trip - but that was not to be - and IT TURNED INTO AN EPIC TRIP !!! - WATCH THIS SPACE

More later - going for brekkie (and the signal is not to good here - so this post up to here first)
Title: Not quite the DS trip - lets call it QS
Post by: Plothond on April 09, 2007, 09:17:47 am
Right, brekkie is finished

After lunch we then decided to do another short loop. We took a road, which looked like the right way and wound our way right up the mountain

Some beautiful views.
This is absolutely great DS country. The roads are really great, generally in good condition and have some really interesting twisty's and turns and switchbacks
Definately coming back on the bikes !! :)




A pic of Dophond


and Plathond


Once we got to the top of the hill - after about 30km - we came to a T junction and turned left onto the R40 towards Barberton (Still dirt). Had we turned right, the road would have taken us to the Piggs Peak border post

Some views along this road



There were some great turns and the riding is really great



This road took us to another T junction (going straight would have meant about 17km to Barberton)

Once again a beautiful windy twisty road and absolutely Quad (and DS) heaven
We ended up at the Shiyalongubo Dam. The whole afternoon was spent in overcast weather with the mist and rain chasing us.
Our fuel situation was getting dire (we had now done 80km) and our fuel tanks only gave us about 100 to 110km

Some people at the dam pointed us in the direction of Louws creek about 20km away where we could get fuel. This was down a great pass with switchbacks and downhill sections
We just made the fuel station and filled up.
An instant downpour wet the whole earth around us. it was now 16:30 and I was a little concerned as the lateness of the hour and the overcast weather caused darkness to approach a little earlier

About 20km into our return trip it came down in buckets and we were soaked through.
Visibility was down to about 40 metres and when the quad in front was kicking up water and mud, it became almost zero and we had to stop every few kms and clean our goggles.

Back at the 2nd T junction (the first on the way back) and with about 60kms to go, it was not fun anymore


With darkness decending, we eventually arrived back at camp at about 18:30

A 200km round trip afternoon ride. We were glad to be back and into a hot shower

We'll be back - this time on the bikes
Title: Not quite the DS trip - lets call it QS
Post by: Adventure MX on April 09, 2007, 01:56:07 pm
Great Ride Report, Plottie.

Wished I was there!  Was thinking of you guys all weekend.  Maybe next time.

As usual - great photo's.
Title: Not quite the DS trip - lets call it QS
Post by: Lito on April 10, 2007, 06:13:01 pm
lekker stuff.

nice camera there for the wifey.