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Title: 1st National Offroad - Diamond 400 Wolmaranstad
Post by: Plothond on February 06, 2011, 01:35:07 pm
The 1st National Offroad - Diamond 400 took place yesterday

Now, for those that have been following our champs - some interesting developments are afoot

Jade took a beating and Lourens has something to prove .... and ....
.... WATCH OUT !!! ..... there's a not so young gent who kicked some ass yesterday

Title: Re: 1st National Offroad - Diamond 400 Wolmaranstad
Post by: Plothond on February 06, 2011, 01:39:35 pm

The starting grid


Our man - Wayne Farmer getting ready for his race
Wayne (#22)  races in the Seniors section and was second off the grid in his class , First off for the seniors was # 21 Errol Dalton
Title: Re: 1st National Offroad - Diamond 400 Wolmaranstad
Post by: Plothond on February 06, 2011, 01:49:42 pm
Second off the grid overall was Lourens
This boy has something to prove - and he accomplished EXACTLY that
He WAS FLYING !!! This year he is on a 250 2-stroke


Jade (IMO) did not have a good race - he was lying 3rd most of the way, and at one time even 4th
He managed a 3rd place overall

Now here's the man to watch
He spent most of the race in 2nd place and could just not catch Lourens
Gray Dick on a KTM  - It was absolutely poetry in motion


Bollie van Rooyen - also had a good chase and was even ahead of Jade at one stage

Title: Re: 1st National Offroad - Diamond 400 Wolmaranstad
Post by: Plothond on February 06, 2011, 01:54:17 pm
Some more random pics








Title: Re: 1st National Offroad - Diamond 400 Wolmaranstad
Post by: Plothond on February 06, 2011, 01:59:35 pm
Back to Wayne Farmer

Well, push as hard as he could, Wayne could not catch Errol
Hot on his heels (about 4 minutes behind) was Guy Henley
The race was into it's last lap (2nd loop) and Wayne says all he can remember he saw a bike lying, propped up against a fence.
It took a second or two to register - #21 !!!!

It was Errol Daltons bike !!

That's when it all went wrong for Wayne as well
He says the next thing he remembers is waking up in the grass, in incredible pain and with a head that feels as if it would burst.....

Well, whatever threw Errol, probably threw Wayne as well

We were waiting at the last DSP for Wayne, expecting to see Errol first. Imagine our surprise when we saw Wayne cruise in slowly.
The news was that Errol was badly hurt and Wayne thought his foot was broken

With 50km's to go and with a leaking radiator - it took some convincing to get Wayne to continue. Being in the lead now - it was worth a shot and we sent him on his way

Guy, in third place came in 9 minutes after Wayne. We hoped Wayne's lead was enough.
Well... the lead was sufficient and Wayne WON the seniors.

The organisers and ambulance personel helped him off his bike at the finish line and onto a stretcher

Some pics of Wayne and his race:



Even the pit girls are well trained  :biggrin:




Title: Re: 1st National Offroad - Diamond 400 Wolmaranstad
Post by: shark_za on February 07, 2011, 08:55:06 am
Well done Wayne!

Tryon Miller was a surprise.
Creevy could have done well if he didnt crash.

I hear it was a VERY dangerous race.
Title: Re: 1st National Offroad - Diamond 400 Wolmaranstad
Post by: Mikedabike on February 08, 2011, 08:27:44 am
Thanks for keeping us updated on the races Plottie.
Nice to see the 'old' faces reappearing...Wayne, Erroll and Guy...go boys!
Title: Re: 1st National Offroad - Diamond 400 Wolmaranstad
Post by: Splash on February 08, 2011, 09:54:49 am
Offroads are fast and flat. Did not want to do any of these races this year. Well, I change my mind - was a new track and my curiosity got the better of me. No change to the sprockets on my bike which limited my top speed to a bit safer 100 km/h - more time for sightseeing.

Entered the Silver class which does not require a time trial on Friday, better that I spend that time at work. Ended up arriving late with not much more to do except go to bed. The party at the race was still in full swing even with a live band and the locals making the best of it. I stayed at the high school’s hostel, felt like an institution. Was clean and I did have a good nights sleep.

Up early as I had lots to do. Registration sorted easily, fuel dropped off, something eaten and pit found. A spot next to KTM and Offroad Racing Concepts (thanks for helping with my refuels) looked good to me. Within no time was standing on the start line. Felt like it was just a moment ago I was rushing from work - tremendous relief to be eventually on my bike.

Was told it was wet, which I guessed, as the sand road was barely dusty. How was I going to cope, considering that I had drowned my bike at the previous race. Was determined not to do that again. Large ponds had formed in depressions of land or in ditches. I did manage to keep my bike going despite the occasional slip, stopping the engine immediately and not mess around in water, rather pushing to dry land and then restart the bike.

The track was loamy soil, almost like a prepared motocross track which provided almost perfect traction. So easy to get a little faster than one should, so nice to ride - soft yet controllable. Unfortunately, all the fun was spoilt by the occasional outcrop of rocks. These provided much drama with some dramatic crashes. Was told about a rider who managed to be launched right over a fence and another who had to fetch his bike 30m away in a mielie field. One competitor had to be airlifted – wishing him a speedy recovery. I had a few near misses myself, was lucky enough to be able to hold on. Also managed to hit a small anthill. Difficult to see in the grass if one ventures off a single track slightly.

The race was divided into two loops, Macle and Emerald, 95km and 92km each respectively. I had to do two loops of Macle, followed by one of Emerald with a 15 minute decontrol (rest) between them. The quads started on the Emerald loop.

Macle was slightly more technical with some large water ponds which proved to be easier to ride than I thought. Lots of single track trails with turns by the million. Ruts formed easily in the soft soil and one had to be aware of their depth - not difficult to ride out of though. Some of the farm roads must rank as the twistiest in the country. Was nice to ride the corners as great banks were made. The second lap of the loop always easier and I tried to make up some time.

The Emerald loop was much faster with some really long and straight sections including a runway. My bike sounded like a very angry beehive as I raced flat out down these sections.

The best feature of the race was the absolute beauty and abundance of wildlife - everything bright green and alive with life. This is going to be a good year for farmers. Just amazing to be out, and in a way, part of nature. The terrain was flat yet the variety of vegetation made for many contrasts.

Took me ‘a while’ to complete my 300km. Did not feel devastated by the end and rather satisfied with my efforts for the day and relieved I was still in one piece.

Louwrens Mahoney, being a speed machine, made it to the finish in first place. Grey Dick and Jade Gutzeit also made it onto the podium. Well done.

Thanks for a great event. Happy I decided to be part of it.