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Title: Ceres-Eselfontein- Enduro training with KTM cpt and Graham Hedgecock
Post by: tau on May 16, 2011, 11:37:34 am
Those of you wanting to get some good training in here is a great event on this weekend in Ceres.

I helped sorting the route on the weekend and can say it is hard, but not impossible and good fun. Go out and improve your rock riding skills and improve confidence and abillity.

Here is a short word from Graham.

Hello Guys.

Ok so Cape Town has started to wake up with only one week to go. Everything points towards this event being a bigger and better adventure than the last one. Some of the guys have asked if they would be able to complete the course. :help: As you know it is a team event and working together you will finish this event without too much issue at all. The track is easier than last year which will enable some riders to complete the course twice. :hail: The track as it stands is app. 30kms in length and with lunch, smoke and photo breaks the average rider should complete it in 4-5 hours max.

Deon from Eselfontein has said he will be supplying all the riders that make it back before dark with the best steak starters this side of the Karoo. There will also be some luck draw prizes such as a Quick Filler, Tires and some other goodies up for grabs. This is for all the riders that are present on Saturday night. :cheers:

Sunday's enduro rider training will take place in Deon's dry dam and will be a great place for the newbie riders to learn and up their technical skills. Please remember this rider training is free for all family members that have a Dad or Husband participating in the Extreme Event on Saturday and Sunday.

Call for further information. 083 631 9117
Title: Re: Ceres-Eselfontein- Enduro training with KTM cpt and Graham Hedgecock
Post by: Dusty Rusty on May 16, 2011, 02:07:39 pm
Dammit dammit dammit!

My XR le in bokse!   :'(

Dit sou nou lekker gewees het!