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Title: 690 R Electrical problems !
Post by: PEET WEET on October 01, 2011, 06:34:34 pm
Just watch out for the electrical problems a few guys sed on the forum...???
What you talking about I sed !

Well the shit starterd with my 690 today.One moment all was working fine,the next
horn gone,turn signals wont work and brake light dead.

Thecked fuses !! A ha ! 4th one from the right blown ! Lekker I thougt to myself
Changed it,when I switch on the bike it makes a ticking sound as I press the horn.
Change it again...now it makes the tick sound again but already as I switch on the ignition !
It keeps blowing the farking fuse !  

Just keep in mind because of my big off on my plastic bike.This 690 only has 700kms on
the clock for I could not ride it for 6 months! I have been on it 5 times for a ride and 5 times it
had to go back to dealer for 8 to 10 differant problems,of witch almost al was electrical of sum
sort.Wats ganna happen when the bike gets to 5000km's.Will have te move closer to dealer or maybe
burn it and get a good 950 SE..Talking of that...PLEASE TEL ME WHY KTM STOPED MAKEING THE

Why al these problems with these ktm's. Al of them with sum kind of farking problem.
Always sum bloody issue ! Not 1 I had didn't give me shit...not 1 ! :dousing:

Anyway would rather stil push my Ktm than ride a Bmw !
Anyone have an idea what can be wrong with the F?%!G  B?@%H ???
Title: Re: 690 R Electrical problems !
Post by: PEET WEET on October 03, 2011, 06:40:16 pm
 ;D Well sys weer reg ! Drade en connecsies coil toe is baie kak gedoen,dit reg gemaak want dit was
oppad om kak te gee.Fout gekry van hooter,flikkers en brieklig !

Die drade wat van die connector plugs onder die seat loop na die agterste fiikkers het begin
deurskuur tussen tank en agterste fender/modderskerm a.g.v die grabhandles wat hul vasgeknyp
het. :P Ag seke nie die bike se skuld nie,grabhandles agterna opgesit so dit moes toe gebeur het. ;)

So tot Treurige KTM WEE N 950 SE UITBRING GAN EK MAAR BLY OPI 690 ! ;D
Title: Re: 690 R Electrical problems !
Post by: Bill the Bong on October 04, 2011, 10:42:25 am
Ek blameer ook altyd eers die vervaardiger...
Title: Re: 690 R Electrical problems !
Post by: Rough Rider on October 04, 2011, 10:50:19 am
That's the exact reason why i sold my 690 and bought a 610.