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Title: Looking for a KTM LC4 crankshaft
Post by: 2x1 on November 15, 2011, 12:46:20 pm
Anyone out there with a crankshaft for a KTM LC4 motor.
I am looking for any option to enable me to fix my bike at a reasonable cost, so even a scrapped motor is an option.
Purchasing a new crank at KTM prices is just not feasible.
I apparently achieved to be the first person in the history of KTM to end up with a broken crankshaft as per attached picture.
I have had so much bad luck with this bike, that if it was not for the bad luck, I would have had no luck at all.
Any assistance, advice or sympathy will be appreciated.
Title: Re: Looking for a KTM LC4 crankshaft
Post by: reset1 on March 15, 2012, 03:34:30 pm
good day, saw your post only now.. i am busy rebuilding my motor, ktm quote was R22 000, i went online and came across ktmtalk.com, saw buy online, ans so i did, all my parts inc gaskets and shipping was R9200.. the owner of the company Mr. Chip Munn gave me good advice, i.e. not wasting money on OEM pars, some aftermarket parts are better, like the OEM piston was R3800, and the aftermarket piston was R1900 (wossner piston kit)..

if ya have any questions i am more than willing to try and help..