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Jy vorder baie goed.... :thumleft:

 Jou gat brand seker al om hom aan die brand te skop  :pot:

Jis ek se jou, nie net bietjie nie.

Hy moes lankal al grondpad gesien het... :ricky:

So made a little progress over the weekend...

After seeing the latest builds and restorations on this forum, I feel pretty shit posting on here....not nearly as crafted and gifted as some of the guys here. So I won't mind any negative comments.... :imaposer:

While still looking for someone that can help me with a exhaust I did manage to fit the throttle cables, front brake cable, clutch cable speedo cable and carb.

Had a brand new speedo cable made for fairly cheap, looking bakgat.

Genade, daardie swingarm bushes is gaar Kobus...
Neem aan jy gaan van daardie Visconite bushes maak?

Definitely next level stuff.

Subscribe... :thumleft:

Net toe ek dink ons het jou vir ewig afgestaan aan daai mooi verloofde van jou is jy terug met ‘n ‘bang’!  :lol8:

Dit lyk baie goed Werner.  :thumleft:  Doen tog jouself ‘n guns en bederf jouself met ‘n nuwe voor sprocket.  Daai een se tande lê al bietjie oor en jy belê reeds in ‘n nuwe ketting en agter sprocket.  STARTLINE het ons voor sprockets en selfs die retainer plate vir min geld.

@zetman , my header sal dalk ook moet veranderinge ondergaan om die shock reservoir te akkommodeer.  :patch:

Werner praat met Runner.  Om die draai van hom is ouens wat exhausts bou wat hoogs aanbeveel word.  Hulle sou my rally pyp bou maar ek het nooit sover gekom nie.  Sal bietjie kop krap oor wat hulle naam is.

Ag hoor nou, dankie Kobus, waardeer.

Ek kry mar skaam om fotos te post as ek kyk hoe netjies jy werk....jou skoonmaak van parte proses is heelwat van 'n beter standaard as myne. Daardie bead blast kabinet doen wonders teenoor my ou wire brush op die bench grinder... :imaposer:

Jy sal my nie glo nie mar ek het 'n voor sprocket by Startline gekoop, die 14T want hulle stock nie meer die standaard 13T nie en ooknie die retainer plate nie. Toe ek dai 14T wil fit to allign sy gaaitjies nie op met die van die retainer plate wat ek het nie. So nou weet ek nie wat om te doen nie... :-[
Ek wil ook eintlik 'n nuwe sprocket voor opsit mar dis asof ek net nie die regte een kry nie. Ek sal dan maar nog so bietjie soek. Attie van EMD het gese hy lyk nog vir hom oraait mar ek wil tog maar 'n nuwe een opsit.

Ek sal bietjie vir Runner 'n lui gee as ek nie regkom nie dankie.

Ek dink voor ons nou te ver gan om daardie pype van jou hier te kry laat ek net kyk of ek nie eers regkom hier nie, maar baie dankie vir die offer.

Ek hou jou op hoogte Kobus

Netjies. Baie netjies.  :thumleft: :thumleft:

Dankie Heinrich, waardeer.
Dit het sover mooi uitgekom al moet ek dit nou self se...

Jy vorder mooi Werner.

Die bike begin nou baie netjies like... amper daar en well done  :thumleft:

Dankie Carel.
Amper daar ja.
Jyt baie opvang werk....

And that is where things are standing at the moment.

I think most of the major work is done.
Still some work and challenges left, but hey, that's what bike building is about.

Next on my to do list, with some challenges:

Install Carburetor
Install Air box
Install all cables
Install Chain
Install all plastics and covers

This biggest concern is that the old header pipes and exhaust is rusted and dusted...
There is a guy in Heidelberg that makes these pipes, all stock standard sizes. But due to the new shocks that has canisters i'm pretty sure that this will clash with the pipe. So might need to do a small modification, which i'm not keen on doing as I don't want to cut and weld the new pipes. 

Maybe someone knows someone that can make me a new exhaust???

Some new parts as well,

Air fillter
Kick starter...

New rear sprocket installed,

Going with the 45T as to the standard 55T.

This bike is meant for the open farm roads so looking to get some extra top end.

How on earth did I miss this thread.

Great job so far @WNaude - keen to follow the progress.

Thanks Mr D,

Leke fred this. Learning every day. almost there

Then onto the electrics, which is definitely not my strong point.

Thank goodness any 4 year old could connect and re-install the wiring harness as there wasn't much to install.... :imaposer:

Did manage to route them much better this time and gave them much better insulation....

Exhaust gaskets...out with the old and in with the new...

Then....what I would say reaching a milestone, installing the engine to the frame.

Things are really starting to take shape now.

Thought I would give the front cover a go at cleaning and reviving the color.

Took Kobus advice at the sand paper and Silicone spray.....man did it come out nice.

Then onto the shocks, exciting times as I had no idea how this would look. Very impressed with the result...

Also managed to fit the swingarm, at first I had some difficulty but manage to get it right.

As you can see some hands was in here before and totally messed up this nut.

The pitch was so fine not even Screwman or Silverton Nut & Bolt had them.

Luckily for me Honda could help me.....the same for the timing inspection cap. I think this is made from pewter which isn't that strong.

Nothing wrong with the front sprocket and retainer plate apart from some proper cleaning...

Came out quite nice...

Jislaaik, been a while since I last posted on this thread.

Got engaged in the meantime so not so much time in the garage like I would have wanted to.

Kobus has been dominating on all his projects.

A lot has been going on but I did manage to find some time to spend on this old girl...

Have been waiting for about 3 weeks for some parts from Honda, new tappet adjusting nut and timing inspection cap.
So in the meantime I've just been cleaning some parts and fixing where I can...

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