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New Member Introductions / Re: Super Noob
« on: July 12, 2018, 04:21:57 pm »
Pfffft, I wouldnt trust that Andrew guy.

The lines he takes are usually never the right ones and I heard guys saying that they like to avoid puddles and he shoots straight through them splashing everyone.

Agree with Crossed-up, All The Gear, All The Time

Its saved my ass

New Member Introductions / Re: Super Noob
« on: July 12, 2018, 10:40:20 am »
Welcome to the Forum!

Question though, with young twins, how DO you get any time to ride? Your wife must be a saint  :eek:

As to Squirrêl, he is crazy for sure. If  he's giving you guidance, things might end up a bit wonky for you  :o

Enjoy the forum and the riding, see you on the road some time  :ricky:

Yes, his wife is amazing to put up with him.

And a pic of you, Mondre...

New Member Introductions / Re: Super Noob
« on: July 12, 2018, 10:11:04 am »
Welcome Mondre

I dont know this guy, I think he is super dodgy.

Glad you have finally joined. Will send you a link to the Quarriors offline.

Always remember, dress for the slide, not the ride!

Super jealous, wish I could have joined you. Looks like I am out for this weekend due to stupid shocks but hopefully by next weekend, we will be back on track, or even better, off the track!

Stunning ride and thanks for leading us CrossedUp

Hi Guys, not going to make the barrel ride this weekend. We are heading off to Atlantis again. Going to spend the day there with and Friends. Anyone is welcome to join. Going to take gazebo's and snacks.

I will be elsewhere on Sunday, so enjoy the ride.

I didnt agree to this... See you Sunday

Sunday morning, 08h00 at the Barrel, I guess.

Unless people are getting too fussed about this thing happening on Monday.

See you there !

Ouch indeed!  :(

I'm really sorry you got all that "houding" yesterday. Only Herman's KTM was supposed to get that treatment. Next Sunday we take a tar-only ride?

What is this crazy talk you speak of? Tar only...

I never thought those words would come out of your mouth.

But a great ride and super keen for the next one. Zanie, you did it with grace, now you have a week to recover and we hit it again. I will try follow you more next time so we can get those epic moments on film.

Perfect, see you there. I will bring my management skills and ensure the work is done right.

Any plans for Sunday? Its going to be 26 deg, maybe an early mission though I will fall inline with the rest. As long as we ride.

Not that close, but Squirrel got a bit of a shock to see me there as he crested!  :laughing4:

I was well surprised to see Crossed-Up trying to play chicken with me. Of cause I lost...

Didnt know mugging was an option, I do need a 690 and we saw two out there.

Sneaky like a ninja, Crossed-Up appears out of nowhere.

Great ride yesterday and even better seeing those two sexi 690-ies.

Seriously enjoyed all the technical stuff and the Kidney track, though we attacked it from the other side this time.

So SquirrelBotherer, Fuzzy, MarkB and I did a recce for tomorrow's ride in memory of Alexander Nel, "Camelman". First we did 23km from the barrel and a similar distance back, but by an altered route. In the middle somewhere we became separated and I did at least another 15km before I could find them. Probably the longest quarry ride I've ever done.

Squirrel what... hahaha

Had an awesome ride on Saturday and Sunday. It was amazing to see the 1000 af-twin and 950 eating up those tracks. As well as the 2 up on the 750 af-twin. @Biker Baz You can do it as well.

Hope we riding Sunday again.

ps: Will try upload pics this week.

And the tracks name is actually Kidney Track

Thanks Crossed-Up, great to see you there as well. Did the Toy Run on the plastic for shits and giggles. Been a few years since I last did one. Sadly, the event is not that well organised these days.

Some intersections were not closed off and lots of cars getting in between the bikes. Made it difficult to wheelie through everyone. Hahaha, if only I was that good.

After the event, went around Kilarny, Parklands and to the barrel and missed the debriefing. Clearly Dogmatix's second lap at Swartbergvlie wanst enough to brake him.

New Member Introductions / Re: Test Post, Please Ignore
« on: November 24, 2017, 04:45:29 pm »
Thanks NoRush

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