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General Bike Related Banter / Re: universal rack
« on: October 12, 2018, 08:21:44 am »
.still no proper link...?!  ;)
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This shit never happens to me, even considering that I've done thousands of km travel in heavy traffic, always lane splitting.

Sure I've accidentally made contact with cagers mirrors, probably around 10 times, but each time I have dropped back and checked with the driver, so far, always to be shown a thumbs-up or just a wave and a smile.

Taxi's have also mostly been very considerate with me, often making space for me pass.
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Where would I locate an engine number/vin number? Had a quick eyeball yesterday and couldn't find one.

Engine no. probably around the base of the cylinder somewhere or back end of the engine casings by the swingarm pivot.  VIN no. on the steering head.

If you run into parts issues, let me know Iím sure I can help!

This is a good cause  :thumleft:
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Yamaha TW/DT and all others / Re: The WR Dual Sport Thread.
« on: April 01, 2018, 06:28:10 pm »
Hmm interesting thread that I missed. Thanks Breekbeen. :thumleft:

You should ping White Rhino - he may still have my bike and might want to let it go?  Could be a cheaper option than doing up the 07 yourself. Or perhaps the rear tank could fit your bike? If you look at my original Rally Prep thread (2010) you will see detailed pictures of the build.

I am pretty sure JVO don't make these tanks anymore, and they have limited demand even on the new Yamaha's. They were always difficult to speak to but if you pm me some updated contact details I would be happy to ring them or email them in Spanish for you and ask?
Ja Niel that kit will be great, but out of my budget.
Maybe you can send me White Rhino's details.
Will be great if I can have 2 of them.

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nice find!

35k is nothing - if you think about it if you were to part it out in pieces you will make all your money back and then some.

keep us posted with the progress - keen to see  :thumleft:
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