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Aviation Board / Re: Went shopping for a Tucano
« on: June 17, 2018, 10:59:19 pm »
What engine do they run there?

Nice  :thumleft:

Tom, they use the Rotax 912 engine. The factory standard engine produces 100hp but they equipt it with an aftermarket turbobooster kit. It pushes the power up to about 150hp.. It makes the aircraft cruise at about 140knots, about 260kmh...

Thanks Frans, that should add to the fun of flying this kit! Maybe a better climbing rate and even more stability when power makes a difference. I have decided after my last skydive in 2003 to avoid aviation as much or far as I can and lost touch completely. It was hard but I even stopped buying the SA Flyer magazine at the time  :patch: :imaposer: Still I have it in the blood, always gets excited when I hear a roar in the sky and parked many a time next to a runway (like Wonderboom Pretoria) just to see the aircraft taxi out and taking off or landing. When I worked for Mechem demining we had to clear minefields around 2 x airports in the Congo (DRC) and that was rather entertaining especially @ Bukavu.
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