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General Bike Related Banter / Mixing brands. Do you?
« on: October 14, 2018, 06:40:51 am »
Absolutely why not. Honda pants on KTM and in summer Harley mesh jacket over body armor. Itís protection, what fits you and works is whatís best imo.

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Nou vertaan ek n vorige comment, bly jy is okay en nie ernstig seer gekry nie.
Necessity is the mother of all invention, of so sÍ hulle en as mens initiatief en bos mechanics meng het jy altyd n uitweg en n wen plan. Wel gedaan Ri en ek bid jou spoedige herstel toe.

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General Bike Related Banter / Re: relocating to George
« on: June 28, 2018, 06:45:29 am »
Come live in "the bay", short hop to George.  :biggrin:
Agree with rent before you buy, we rent for almost a year before we found our house and even though not cheap to rent anywhere in the southern Cape, imo it is the wise route to go, give you time to scout the areas and make an informed decission.
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Ride Reports / Re: New routes, the AT & flat tyres
« on: June 23, 2018, 01:09:43 pm »
This is where the story split into two tales, @ktmkobus will need to fill his part later. Mine continue as follows:

We decided that I will ride to Herbertsdale and contact his cousin who will come and assist. Now, it's already past 4 in the afternoon, my wife arranged a braai with friends and family as we're leaving the country again in two days time, the get together starts at 17:00. I am short of fuel, I'm certain of this, oddo shows 245km, no idea how much in the tank and roughly 50km to Herbertsdale. Sun is setting over the mountain ridge and temp is comming down, the thought of Kobus by himself horrifies me. I gradually, even subconsciously start pushing the pace untill I have a second scare and I thought to myself: "good going poepol, bliksem nou hier neer en sien wie kort rescue" and so I continued at a steady pace. I got to Herbertsdale at 17:10, luckily I knew where the coorporation was where the fuel pumps are. Noooooo, they closed at 5!!! The attendent was still there by grace and he unlocked the pump and I could get fuel, oddo reading 293, incredible. Crisis #1 averted.

Only having an international phone with me and relying on South African networks to roam, bad, bad, bad idea. My host carrier is Cell C, try making a call on MTN while roaming on Cell C and see how that works out for you, added you are in a small country town somewhere in Africa in-between mountains. The attendent assured me there is no-one I can go and knock up that can help us to take tools or fetch Kobus in the pass. Crisis #2 alive and well. I desided to ride as hard as I dare home and call from there. Having spend most of my years riding on the black stuff helped and I made the trip from Herbertsdale to Danabay in less than 30 min, not advised. I immediatly shrug off all the guests and wife, who off course greated me with a snotty comment, hahaha, and called Kobus's cousin who was already enroute to his stricken kin.
(To my wive's defence, she did appologise when I explained the day's events to her and my haste to make the call.)

Save the last two hours of the trip that got to be a rush, the day was an absolute fabulous day riding in prestine country with a super companion. As Kobus mentioned we kept good company and for the love of bikes, riding, nature and adventure we got along really well and that only add to a super day's riding. I'm already looking forward to my next visit home (most likely a year from now) and doing another brilliant ride, may even be a longer one with some sleep-overs.

@ktmkobus thanks again for the ride and sorry I could not get to you before we left, will meet up when I'm back next. 
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Ride Reports / Re: New routes, the AT & flat tyres
« on: June 23, 2018, 12:37:20 pm »
Continueing on the R327, Cloetes Pass, Kobus stopped at a cattle grid crossing. Thought it was time for a quick smoke break but alas, it wasn't to be the main reason, he suffered another flat!!!! This time it wasn't the rear but the front. From here on things started to get a little pear shaped. So we don the gear and prepare to fix the tyre............ so we thought. Remember the valuable lessons mentioned earlier in the report, about lessons learned for things to add to kit, here follow version 1.1, correct size spanners! With all the gear in all the world you are stuffed if you don't have the nessessry tools. A size 12 spanner is suddenly the most priced possession in all the world. We are $%*&.
I have some tyre fix gel something in my bag and we pump it into the tyre. and low and behold it seems to work, for a short, very short time at least. Kobus inflate the tyre but there is an ominous hiss comming from it like an angry Pofadder, but it does inflate some. He deside that he will chance the ride up the pass with a semi inflated front. We set off, me trailing but only managed to get to a spot where there is absolutely no mobile reception, in the middle of nowhere.
Pondering our options a pick-up nears us and we flag it down. I almost burst out with laughter for the look on the poor girl in the passenger seat's face, utter and complete fear. I still wonder what she thought when these two 6 foot dirt bikers jumped out in the middle of the road. The guy didn't seem too happy about it either, but checked the Isuzu's tool kit and no #12 spanner (note to all new Isuzu bakkie owners).

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Ride Reports / Re: New routes, the AT & flat tyres
« on: June 23, 2018, 11:53:43 am »
Great was my relieve when I found Kobus next to the road, wheel off and doing what he seems to be good at.

Cause of the wide flat open road it was again a mistery what caused the flat. Seems he picked up something very sharp with enough evidence to discard any speculation. The object that caused the puncture was gone but the hole tells you it was nothing small. Puncture #2 fixed and we set of again.
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Ride Reports / Re: New routes, the AT & flat tyres
« on: June 23, 2018, 11:46:07 am »
The road to Van Wyksdorp was uneventfull and we both needed to get some other substance than the water in our camel backs to refresh us, and a bite to eat. It's early afternoon and we've been riding non-stop.
In Van Wyksdorp we stopped at the Spekboom restaurant. A pleasant little oasis with really cold beer and decent food. When you stop there, plan a couple of extra minutes, they enjoy new company there and the chatter goes on, fabulous hosts. We all know it's dry in the Cape at present, but petrol pumps looking like old windblown waterpumps, that is evidence of just how dry, lol.

Now as we all know, the African "nog 'n enetjie" tokkolos is ever lurking for the weary traveler, but we managed to beat him this time round, willpower and the lust for more road overcame him. We had a good break and recapped the day's riding, Kobus made a call and then sat on the porch wall having that far away look like someone missing people he havn't even met before. I knew it was time to get him up and riding, guess Nam memories came flooding back.
I was starting to look for fuel as well, we're clocking up the miles and I've never rode the 950 beyond 230 odd km without fuel and didn't know what to expect. According to our calculations we still had 70km before Herbertsdale and there is no fuel in Van Wyksdorp par the generous offer from the Spekboom owner (can't remember her name anymore) to contact one of the other farmers who always keeps petrol. We kindly declined and I thought I'll push my luck on this one.

We rode out of town heading towards Herbertsdale on an open dirt highway. I was in the lead again and got distracted by the scenery, when I checked my mirrors for Kobus as we neared a fork in the road he was nowhere to be seen. First thought as I turned around was, "never we only had two".......
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Ride Reports / Re: New routes, the AT & flat tyres
« on: June 23, 2018, 10:25:21 am »
Value of a proper sump guard.
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Ride Reports / Re: New routes, the AT & flat tyres
« on: June 23, 2018, 10:23:17 am »
Panoramic view over the valley towards Carlitzdorp
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Ride Reports / Re: New routes, the AT & flat tyres
« on: June 23, 2018, 10:19:52 am »
From here Kobus gave me the lead, reasons unknown, and in no time I managed to get us into a dead end hahaha. Now, when you ride with Open Street Maps and T4A combined and the road doesn't show on any, it is reasonable to believe it's not a proper road or route worth while noting, and so it was. Came to a fork and started on the right track, but then stopped as I questioned myself and the GPS. Concured with my partner and we decided to take on the unknown, we have the time and urge to explore, why not. Luckily this road took us only a couple of km untill we hit a dead end, private property. So we made a u-turn, back to the split and follow the GPS route again.
Not long and we hit another gate, first of a few to be honest, and the further we went, the norrower and less threaded the road became, but it is a marked route on my GPS so I will follow it religiously as someone have used it before. Mission was still to reach Carlitzdorp or even Carlitzdorp Spa.
The route started winding a little and turned into a two track at times, and a nothing flat track at others, but it was such fun. I started getting a nice rythm going and got back into the stride of things and enjoyed myself so much. Eventually we saw signs of life, at the final gate close to a sheep kraal, or at least the idea of another living organism other than ourselves. Poor sheep herder must have thought this was his worst day comming, as we stopped next to his bicycle and got of the bikes, a distant figure came running towards us waving his arms. Must have realised we're not going to steal his bike and slowed his pace. Tapping into local knowladge we established that we are somewhere between Van Wyksdorp and Carlitzdorp at the near side of the former, thus missing Rooiberg pass. But we didn't care, this track we we on was amizing.
Eventually we came to a T-junction ending this winding road and the world opened up into a dirt highway again. Just before the stop we crossed over sections of slate, and at one point a piece of slate got picked up by my front wheel and hit the sump guard so hard it sounded like a gunshot, never knew slate was that hard. I am surely glad the Dog who owned the bike initially fitted a decent guard to it.
As if we didn't know what direction to take to Van Wyksdorp, the road sign gave you and idea, in my mind Tour de Braai could translate into Tour de Beer.......
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Ride Reports / Re: New routes, the AT & flat tyres
« on: June 23, 2018, 09:23:36 am »
We continued to follow the road and exit onto the R328 where we took a left turn and followed the tar for a short distance and turned off again on the R62 towards Carlitzdorp / Volmoed. Short stint on the black top and we turned onto an undisclosed road. The first few kilometers lead towards some quary works and one of the trucks past us from the front, now riding in the At's dust all day was one thing, this was ridiculous! Couldn't see my hand in front of my face. Fortunate for me I applied some wisdome learned from Tony on a previous ride and fitted a "dust guard / box" in my helmet, so I didn't choke up on the dust. The road was nice and at one time Kobus attacked me, unprovoked, and threw a stone at me hahahah, joking. The AT picked up a stone and although I was at his one o'clock and not directly behind him, it came right at me and luckily hit the windshield of my bike. You can imagine the scare I got as I was standing up at the time and from the impact mark on the windshield you can only guess where it might have hit wasn't it for the shield.
We made another stop and the Karoo showed us how mercyless it can be, a stark reminder. Saying that, it did turn out to be quite warm, not what you'd expect in June.
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Ride Reports / Re: New routes, the AT & flat tyres
« on: June 23, 2018, 08:57:59 am »
As we left the old school I thought to myself, ja look at the winty gooi'ng tale on the At to tease me, but I was sadly mistaken, he didn't do it by choice, he got a flat on the rear. For some reason we couldn't explain where it happened. The marks on the old tube indicated a nasty pinch but we never hit any rutts or yumps, it is still unexplained. Let me tell you, it surely seems The Quest taught a lot of valueble skills and Kobus is a man you want close by when you fall victim to the airless demon. I was still trying to don all my gear when the rear wheel was off and the repair process started. I was taught a few valuable lessons and introduced to some clever innovations during this repair time, like disposable hand towels that has a soapy substance and is biodegradable rolled up into a little tiny thing no bigger than a 5c piece. And to all the greenies, we didn't thow it away in the veld even though it's claimed harmless, we both share our values of leaving nothing than can cause harm.
Notes to self to add to bike / tyre kit - lighter (non smoker so it's not readilly available); small bottle of soapy water; more than one type of replacement tube, and a nifty little device that threads the tube valve through the hole in the rim. Small neglegent things that makes life so much easier.

And so the old Katoom showed its vaule when it was time to inflate the tyre lol. Having a 12v socket fitted whereas the AT didn't was priceless. Well honestly the initial intent was to use the AT's battery but we found that it would mean stripping away half the bike to get to the battery (lesson to all AT riders, get an external socket fitted). Proud moment for me, rendering assistance to such a magnificent machine such as the AT.

PS, pictures taken and posted with concent  ::)
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Ride Reports / Re: New routes, the AT & flat tyres
« on: June 23, 2018, 08:15:20 am »
How well does the natural color of the aloe compliment an old 950 hahahaha
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Ride Reports / Re: New routes, the AT & flat tyres
« on: June 23, 2018, 08:12:44 am »
As we reached the end of the pass we did a quick right left onto the Paardepoort road, a nice flat piece of road and that is where the 100 km/h theory got busted for the first time lol. The road follows the Doring river but don't put high expectations on the river, it's dry and you cannot drink from it. Couple of km on and we turned left on the Heimersrivier road, a connect between where we were towards the roads leading to Carlitzdorp. The road ends in the R62 / N12 and we did another quick right left onto the gravel leading towards Zebra.
Not to far from turning onto this road I came to a screaming halt. Nothing wrong with the bike but an awesome sight of two of our national birds in a ploughed land. I love the blue crane and to be honest I can't remember when last I saw them in nature. They are truely beautiful. If we can talk of majestic they sure fit the bill (pitty phone camera couldn't capture them propper).
Onwards again and it was clear we're entering ostrich country, became a regular sight along the way. Some way along the road we stopped at what seemed to be an abandoned school, but it looks like it got converted into a local church, at least it's not going to waste, but as with so many of these lovely structures it is in dire need of some attention and maintenance.
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Ride Reports / Re: New routes, the AT & flat tyres
« on: June 23, 2018, 06:50:08 am »
First stop for the morning was at the old post, and needless to say that you couldn't get the smile off my face even if you tried and that was after only a few km in the saddle. Man it is hard to ignore that overall feeling of absolute joy riding. Through the introductions Kobus made me know that he's no Manny Roma and I don't need to be concerned riding at 100km\h on gravel is not on, well right yeah, that will also be tested later in the day. But for now it was all nice easy riding. Next stop the old train bridge, I didn't mind the frequent stops as I was still getting back into the feeling, however the 950 did seem to be a bit loose on the road, Kobus however advised not let the tire down as the road is known to be loose and the next leg will be fine, a true statement. I rode shotgun and very early in the day already became jealous of the ease of riding I had to look at in front of me. I'm working the gears and Kobus is riding effortless on the AT, showoff hahahaha.

Beautyfull landscapes in abundance all day long.
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Ride Reports / New routes, the AT & flat tyres
« on: June 23, 2018, 06:38:47 am »
After my request for a few fellow Dogs to ride during my brief visist home, KTMKobus suggested a mid-week ride which was a good call in the end. The planning was to ride George - Oudtshorn - Carlitzdorp - Mosselbay via Rooiberg, But as said, that was the planning.
Was an early start for me on Wednesday morning, 13 June from Mosselbay to meet with Kobus in George. Being early I took the N2 and to check that the old faithful 950 still ran as it should as it stood for 3 months while I was out of country. As expected and as we all know by now, the KTM didn't miss a beat, as it would be for the entire day as well. Trusty things those KTM's.
Got to our rendezvous point just befor 07:00 and we sat down with a nice cup of coffee, sharing introductions and general chit-chat about the route we're planning to ride. Not knowingthe area well Kobus outlined a general plan but we both agreed that it's not set in stone and we will see what the day brings. And so we set off just before 08:00, starting with the Montague pass from George towards Oudtshorn.

The old and the new meeting and the outlook for the day's route.
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Ride Reports / Re: Northern Cape quick Nam South Trip
« on: April 22, 2018, 01:26:52 pm »
Ek wil ook nou 50 word, ek soek so trip! hahah jokes aside, nice trip bud it looks awesome, I believe I'll get to do at least one long trip before I pack it in.
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Only now read your thread and it's real good info and insight to your part of the world.
Had a bit of nostalgia early on with the your tour on the Street Glide, makes me miss mine, trade for a newer model Fatboy. But it got me kind of wondering why trade the Glide on the KTM, I convinced my wife that I need both the HD and the KTM, different applications and if I have both, I won't be winding and crying about not haveing the one or the other. Mike sence to me at least.
Planning on touring the lower states within the next two years, or ride down from north to south, still ned to deside. Keep your posts coming.
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Wild Dog Pictures / sunrise/sunset photos
« on: January 10, 2018, 03:55:44 pm »
Doha hawe vroeg more oppad offshore

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His boet seems bit ticked off. Happy for the little guy, he's screwed for life, what a joy!
Things like this make the shi... tolerable cause we are not a screwed as we always think we are. Buff to you and all the dogs who contributed, my respect and honor.

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