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Seen around town...

On Friday afternoon I spotted this dude. He was driving his black Ford F150 Raptor, the big one with the 6.2L motor.

Behind it he was pulling a trailer with three quad bikes and a generator on it.

So what does this mean? Well, a LOT of the local guys & girls enjoy getting away over weekends into the bush. Except here it's not so much bush as it is swamp...

Guys will purchase a small plot of land out in the swamp, and they'll put up a small cabin, or just pull an old RV or caravan or mobile home. The richer guys will build a full-on house. They will use this as their weekend-getaway spot. Out in the swamp they can hunt and fish and ride their "four-wheeler's" to their hearts content. Standard equipment for a four-wheeler is a BIG cooler box with ice and beers.

So I guess this dude was preparing for his weekend in the swamp... the generator to power lights and the AC I guess...

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Africa Info & other International Travels / Re: My African Dream
« on: August 04, 2018, 12:53:26 am »
Fantastic news on becoming Captain  :thumleft:
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Ride Reports / Re: TVB op vakansie na Gough Eiland
« on: July 19, 2018, 03:19:04 am »
Welcome back my friend.

We all missed you.  :thumleft:
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a Couple of questions following on from Welsh - What do you need to do to get qualified? Does the work you are doing now count towards a qualification? Can you go to some form of night school to get qualified?

Zog, if you get your licence in Florida, is it valid in other States, or just in Florida?  :sip:

Yes, the time I am putting in now is recognised as time towards my qualification as a plumber.

I'm not sure about night school, I do still want to explore that avenue. If it does exist, I can pretty much be guaranteed that it won't be cheap.
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I have been on call all weekend.

But Saturday my van went to get it's sign writing stickers stuck on. So I had a coupla hours off. I popped in to see an Ex-SA mate who works in a pharmacy, the pharmacy is being sold and he will be out of a job. But he is trying to see if he can buy the pharmacy... I hope he comes right.

Popped in to see Pieter also. He had had some issues with his well pump, but did get sorted. Kinda. I helped him get it the best it's gonna be with that well and that pump.

The van looks good, now I have to drive really nicely or some asshole will call the boss and tell him I'm driving like a d000s...  :imaposer:

Today I cleaned up the garage a bit. I had also scored a really nice Everlast punching bag from the side of the street. Two of the four straps that hold it up had broken off. I bought a reel of strong dental floss for $1.99 at Walgreens (like Clicks) and sewed the straps back on. Now the bag is good as new, a $200 punching bag for $2.  :biggrin:  I hung it from the garage roof, a 5 minute workout with a punching bag fucks you up, and helps get rid of a whole lot of stress too...

I went out on a job this afternoon, it was fuckoff hot, I got home and was completely drenched in sweat. Had to have a shower. Called junior Zog for the usual Sunday afternoon chat. Also spoke to my mum back in SA too.

I spoke to my sister yesterday. She had cleaned out my Dad's place and has kept all his fishing stuff for me.

Then she made me cry.  :'(

She said that she wanted me to bring my Dad's ashes back to the US with me when I visit SA in September. Then I was to take him fishing with me, one last time. Then I'd scatter his ashes in the water.

I think it's a lovely idea. It will be very sad. But Dad will get to visit the US, and go fishing with me just one more time.

I thought I was over the tears...  :'(
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Sorry to hear about the taxes boet!

Nice looking van, how do you keep the bin's and crates from slipping out/off the shelves, or does it have a "lip" to keep them in?

Yes, I added a piece of quarter-round to the edge of each shelf to keep the bins from sliding out  :thumleft:

They are the white strips on each shelf.  :ricky:
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Thanks for the brilliant RR Noneking, and all the others that contributed too.

I once again visited Namibia, through your stories and pictures.  :thumleft:
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I have written a few words on my Dad. The wound is still very fresh, so they were not easy. But writing them does help.

John van Vuuren     27 August 1940 – 23 June 2018

John had many faults. He was a raging alcoholic for many years. He was in and out of treatment facilities many times, always falling back to the bottle. And the alcoholic John wasn’t always a nice guy. He was married 5 times, twice to the same woman. He was divorced 4 times, mainly because of the booze.

But despite his faults he had several passions. He loved sports, all sports, but especially athletics, rugby and motor racing. He had Springbok colours as an athletics coach in the 70’s. I remember visiting him many times and going along to athletics meetings where my step-brother and I would get the autographs of the top SA athletes.

He supported the Blue Bulls and the Springboks, and wasn’t shy about it. And he never missed a F1 Grand Prix on TV if he could help it. Michael Schumacher was one of his hero’s.

But the one passion of his that always brought us back together was fishing. When I was a little baby my dad, who worked underground as an electrician on the mines, would get home in the afternoon and push me around the Florida Lake in my pram, catching perch which he would cook for supper. He would tell me the story about the time when I was a toddler and he took me fishing. I saw a little bird walking across the lily-pads, and tried to follow it. He had to jump into the water to retrieve me.

Later years we would go fishing at Harties and we would catch carp and kurper. We would take them home and he would make fish cakes that he would deep fry. They were delicious. Years later we were in Margate together and we went deep sea fishing on a charter boat. We both caught tuna, but mine was taken by the “taxman”. Right up until before I came to the USA we would go fishing for Bass at every opportunity we could. With the advent of smart phones we would trade pics of our catches when we weren’t fishing together.

It was in about 1989 that John had a terrible car crash in Pretoria. He was taken to 1 Military Hospital because HF Verwoerd was too far away and he was critically injured. He arrested and was revived before arriving at 1 Mil, and again when he arrived. He spent 2 weeks in ICU in 1 Mil before he was stable enough to be transferred to HF where he spent another 2 weeks in the ICU there.

When he was finally discharged from hospital he went to stay with his brother in Krugersdorp, and at church he met Cheryl. They were married in about ’91, and she was the best thing for him. He was sober since that car crash. I was so proud of him for staying off the booze finally.

But all the years of working underground, and the booze, had taken its toll. Dad had  2 or 3 heart attacks in the last 10 years, and he got stents and balloon angioplasty’s. After my step sister Lindel died 2 years ago, and my step mom Cheryl died just over a year ago his health deteriorated. It was as if he had lost a lot of his will to live. Early this year I asked him to get his US visa so that he could be my son’s chaperone this December. He was very excited about getting to come over, but on his first visa application they refused him because his health was so bad. He was terribly disappointed, but he worked at getting his health better, and he finally got his US visa approved last week.

I was so looking forward to seeing my dad again. The three generations fishing together again. But on Friday night he had another heart attack. My sister called me at work at around 4pm local time in an absolute state. She told me that he was having the heart attack, and that the paramedics were on their way. She was leaving Pretoria for Krugersdorp when she called. I packed away my stuff, got in my truck, and went home.

On the way home I just had that feeling, I just somehow knew that this time it would be the big one. The whole way home I talked to my Dad, and told him that it was ok. That he could let go, that he could go be with Cheryl. That I would understand and be ok. Around 5:30 my sister let me know that she was at Leratong Hospital, and that they were again resuscitating my Dad. Eventually at about 6:45 I asked my sister if she was ok with asking the doctor to terminate the resus. She agreed, because as a paramedic with over 20 years of experience, and having been in that same situation many many times, I knew that there was no prognosis. The doctor agreed, and they stopped.

John was declared dead just after 7pm US time, around 1am SA time on 23 June.

You lived a long life Dad, and you were loved by so many. Enjoy your rest, you have earned it.

Tight lines Dad.
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I was moerofa busy at work today.

Completely forgot to get some pics of the new van's interior.

I'll try remember tomorrow  :peepwall:

But I did remember to call junior Zog around noon. 6pm SA time. Wished him for his birthday, and he was very happy that he will be coming again this Christmas.

Fuck I miss my boy  :'(
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So how did the van turn out or are you still busy with setting it up to your licking?

Today I finally used the new van for the first time.  :biggrin:

HOLY CRAP! The AC actually works really well... I almost got cold during a 40 mile drive from one job to the other. Only to get out the van again and immediately get soaked in sweat again...

Still no stickers / branding on the van yet, but that may happen this weekend. I'm still busy getting the last things transferred over, but right now it's workable. I'll try remember to take some pics tomorrow to show you'all.

What is really nice is the speed-control. Get up to the speed limit, hit the button, and relax. No chance of speeding. And the radio is also awesome, great sound! And it has one of those little ports where I can plug in a MP3 player too... sweet!  :biggrin:
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Africa Info & other International Travels / Re: My African Dream
« on: June 20, 2018, 02:46:08 am »
YUMMY  :drif: :drif: :drif:

Please don't send Mrs Zog the recipe, my waistline will not survive it  :pot:  :imaposer:
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150 feet  :sip:

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Ja strongs Boet, luckily the fishies will wait for you  :thumleft:

So why did you have to go and redo the installation?

I didn't have to redo the installation, I just had to go and refit it at the dentist's office. I did the refurb at work.  :thumleft:
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Lovely beach...  :drif: :peepwall:
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I love those old stone buildings  :thumleft:
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Unfortunately it is obvious to me that, like Trump,  you think that by throwing out BS as fact you actually prove a point, you don't, all it proves is that , like many supporters of those time, you actually have no first hand experience of the Army in the 1980's.

And that is where you fall flat buddy.

WTFAW was there. He has the pictures to prove it.

Unlike you, who hasn't produced a thread of evidence.

Give matt your force number. And let him check it out. Then we can either bow to your superior knowledge, or you can bow out of this thread.

In fact, after the statements you have made, if you don't produce proof of your military service I suggest you desist from participation in this section altogether. Some guys feel very strongly about it, and your comments, in their opinion, mine included, are disrespectful and dishonour the memories of those who paid the ultimate price.

Put up, or fuck off.
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Fishing Board / Re: Show your catch ! Fishing only !!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: May 13, 2018, 05:25:19 am »
Couple of small fishes...

1. Mangrove Snapper

2. Redfish
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Ja hel very effecient and lekker to deal with professionals like that. Not like dealing with our cops or Metro Spietcops, ne Mnr Zog?  >:D

So I see you blanked out your work number, what afraid you will get some call outs to SA??  :3some:  :imaposer:

I blanked out the number because with that number the company name can be traced.

And just maybe, some twatwaffle decides to email the boss and link him to this thread.

I'd like to keep this thread away from the folks this side of the pond. I pour my heart out sometimes, and I just feel that it has nothing to do with my work people.  :thumleft:

Totally understand, was just pulling your leg, feel it?

 :thumleft: ;)
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Some days just get better...

So I was installing a new UV light in a water filter today. This was out "beachside" along the A1A.

Just as I had done the job and had received payment and was getting back in my van I saw this poppie walking down the road from the beach. She was, I reckon, very early 20's.

And that's when I realised that I just had to get a pic for all my mates back in SA and on the WD's. So I took a skelm pic on my phone.

I even did you'all the honor of enlarging the relevant portion.

Just for you guys.

Now I'll wait for Mrs Zog to bliksem me  :peepwall:

The things I do for you ou's  :sip:  :thumleft:  :imaposer:
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