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When a child is kidnapped.

The authorities get the word out. Big time.

Today a 8 year old girl was taken, and cops suspect she is in the company of a man and a woman.


I was driving back to the shop from Titusville today when I saw one of the overhead info boards telling about the abduction, and a lookout for the car the suspects are believed to be in. Every single info board thereafter had the same message.

About 10 minutes later my phone went off. A loud alarm-like sound. And a message on the screen about the abduction, and the lookout details. And the number to call if they are spotted. An easy number, *347, or *FHP (Florida Highway Patrol).

So not only was this message displayed on ALL info boards throughout the State, it was also send to ALL cellphones in the state. You cannot unsubscribe from these type of messages. It is also on every single news channel in the State, with pics of the child, and the two suspects. Basically every single citizen in the State, about 20 Million of us, are on the lookout for this kid.

Unless they are already holed up somewhere tight, I don't think they will be able to get very far.

Stuff like this makes me realise just how efficient the cops are over here. The lookouts were put out within minutes of the info on the suspects and the kidnapping / abduction being obtained.

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Ride Reports / Re: The Dinosaur,The Quarry, The Newbies and Mud Mud Mud
« on: February 10, 2018, 04:35:21 am »
Lekker man Allen!

Cold ones and mud... always a good combination.

Give my regards to Albert and Zanie  :thumleft:
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As an aside.

While I am writing this it is raining hard. We really need the rain, the garden is very dry, and the lawn has almost died. Been very dry for Florida apparently. And the TV is on, showing the "Superbowl"  ::)

So a comment on American Football. Just my observations, as I don't know anything about the rules etc...   What a load of KAK. These guys are hailed as the best athletes around. They earn sickening amounts of money. Yet they don't do much at all. Form up ion the field. Two rows of overweight fuckers. Yip. Fat as fuck fuckers. With big biceps. Then the whistle blows. They charge at each other, a rough melee ensues, another fucker throws the ball, and the dude who must catch it usually misses it. Then the whistle blows and they all stop playing. Action lasts about 5-10 seconds, then stops. Then they start all over again.

BORING  >:D  :pot:  :peepwall:

Rugby is so much more exciting, requires much more skill, and more than anything, rugby requires FITNESS. These fat fuckers wouldn't survive 30 seconds in a real sport like rugby.  :deal:  :imaposer:
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Africa Info & other International Travels / Re: Brussels Move
« on: January 28, 2018, 01:51:11 am »
Beautiful architecture.

And that MacDonalds must be the prettiest one ever  8)  :thumleft:
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I had a feeling that this new job was a step in the right direction.  :sip:

Well tomorrow I am not going to work. I am driving down to West Palm Beach, about 100 miles South of here. I will be attending a training course in water purification and pumps presented by one of the major producers in the country. The company I work for has paid for my class-fees, they are paying me for the day, and they will cover my petrol-costs to get there.

So I will learn a whole lot about the job I do. I will get a couple of freebies (shirts, caps etc) and I'll get lunch too.

It will be really nice to get away for a change. Meet new people, and see a new place. Looking forward to it. But have to get up extra early... will have an extra coffee for the trip down  :biggrin:
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Hey BO, once you are back online from your involuntary WD winter break ... I have a question about Rules of the US Roads.

When can one “filter” through traffic and when can you not? I know each state has its own rules about this but earlier you mention waiting in line in traffic ... can you not just slowly make your way to the front of the line or does this create drama?

Thanks. Ian

Hey Ian,

Quite simple really. Some States allow it, others don't. In the states that don't allow it, it is illegal and will get you pulled over. Trying to filter in the States that don't allow it also causes issues. Motorists block bikes, even to the point of aiming at them if they try to filter. I have personally seen this. The mindset of "don't even THINK about breaking the law" ...while he texts on his phone while driving...   :pot:
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So maybe too much heat, and not enough wind...

Ok, I'll start off with just one light bulb burning, and I can also swap the 60W bulb for a 40W one...

If I find that the airflow isn't enough I'll just add another fan or two. Easy to install some more.

Now I just gotta find the time to get some meat.  :sip:
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Can someone explain to me .......why is it necessary to put a car in space ?

It's not necessary.  :sip:

But the rocket does need a certain amount of ballast weight. And what better ballast than the Tesla?

Elon gets millions worth of free advertising on all the TV stations for Tesla.

And millions of geeks like me see the romanticism of the entire venture...  :peepwall:  :imaposer:

BTW, tomorrow evening is another launch. This time from the United Launch Alliance, sending up a satellite or something. I'll hopefully be there to watch it.  :biggrin: 
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Please note that beef jerky is not biltong.

Not by the wildest stretch of the imagination....  :deal:

I am standing by waiting to read the next instalment  :thumleft:
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Awesome food!  :drif: :drif: :drif: :drif: :drif:

And speaking of food, Happy Thanksgiving buddy. Enjoy the holidays.  :thumleft:
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Just saw this RR.

I'm along for the ride...  and maybe give one of those cuties a squeeze  :peepwall:  :imaposer:
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Turns out that this "project" is a 17 foot ski boat, with a trailer, WITH a 70HP Mariner engine....   :eek7:

Congrats the boot looks great, especially for that price!

See your buddy had it so long he forgot what the motor was  ;D Looking at the pic see it is a 88hp (65kw) motor, what is it, Evenrude? Going to have nice performance.

Ja, I think I just got so excited when Pieter told me about the boat on the phone that I misheard some of the facts or got confuckulated in my mind...  :imaposer:

It's an Evinrude 88HP 2-smoke... apparently moreofa reliable, but sucks the gas down.  :thumleft:  :ricky:
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Human Nature?

What is it with the human race? Some days I just don't get it.

Point in question: Today I did a job at a big house. Dude living there was chatting to me as I was doing my thing, telling me how he has made a fortune with "smoke shops". Shops where you can buy your blend of tobacco, whatever flavours you want. Then you put it in a machine and the machine rolls the smokes for you, a whole carton-full. Works out about half the cost of normal smokes in the shop.

Anyways, I finally finish the job, work out the dude's invoice, he doesn't even look at the bill (almost $600!) just passes me his credit card, I swipe it in the i-Pad, and that's it. We shake hands, and I leave.

My next job is at a guy who doesn't have much at all. He and his wife share their small house with another married couple. Dude works in a nursery with plants. We chat while I am doing the job, I finish off, and while I am working out his invoice he brings me a plant. Not just any plant, a Pitcher Plant, one of those that catches the bugs in a hollow thing that hangs down, and then decomposes the bugs for it's nutrients. Awesome plant that Mrs Zog loves. I go through the bill with him, I swipe his debit card in the i-Pad, and done.

Dude then passes me a $20 note to thanks me for doing the job for him on such short notice etc.


This guy has so little. He probably earns about the same as I earn. Just a shade above minimum wage. But he wants to give me a bloody nice tip.

Mr "rich guy" could have handed over $1000 without even a second thought. But not a cent. Dude with nothing gives me a home-grown pitcher plant for my wife, and $20.

Go figure....

I refused the $20, very nicely so as not to cause him to feel bad about it. I explained that the plant would make Mrs Zog extremely happy, and that make me happy. I told him to get his wife something special, and make her happy. That way everybody wins. Everybody is happy.

Human nature.  :sip:
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Happy Halloween!  ;D

It is a happy day for me. I made my first sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    :ricky:

Not a big one, but my commission will be around $200  :eek7:

I'm really chuffed, it's like the ice has been broken, and now I must just keep it up. I have a few more leads to follow up on, hopefully they will pan out as well.

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Ride Reports / Re: TVB op vakansie na Gough Eiland
« on: October 28, 2017, 03:19:56 am »
Hey Tom.

I have discussed this with Mrs Zog, and she is in full agreement with me. Here is our proposal;

You write your book, the way you want it. Then when it is done, you forward the manuscript to Mrs Zog, who is a professional copyeditor. She will edit the text of your book free, gratis, mahala. Then she will return it to you, ready for publishing.

You see Tom, you were one of the people that so selflessly contributed to the GoFundMe account that Mrs Zog set up to get my son to come visit me for Christmas. ( https://www.gofundme.com/christmas-at-disney-with-dad ). There is no way that we could ever even dream of being able to pay back the money donated by so many extremely generous people, but this would be a way to at least give back not only to you, but also to all the WD's that purchase your book. By doing the editing free, your costs will be greatly reduced, which in turn will make the book all the more affordable for more WD's (and others), which will lead to more sales.

Just a small way that we can show our gratitude to all those, you included, that have made the dream for me to see my son, come true.

Offer is open.  :deal:  :thumleft:
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Thia evening after work I hooked up the trailer again and went off to collect the second and final load of succulents. Also loaded about a dozen large cinder blocks. The entire floor of the trailer was covered with pots of succulents. Mrs Zog was in heaven...  :biggrin:

When we had finished off loading the trailer it was already dark, so no pics yet.

Mrs Zog says she will take some tomorrow and post them for us.  :thumleft:

I'll hopefully get a chance to start assembling the framework for the "boathouse" this weekend. I will be on call again, but lets wait and see...  :sip:
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Hoping to read that Zog reeled in something like this 21 pound Largemouth Bass this morning!!

Well...  21 lbs isn't a fish. It's a whale!  :eek7: :imaposer:

But I did get a really nice Bass today. It was 21 INCHES! About 8 - 9 lbs. I think.  :biggrin:

And the fishing was really good, I got between 20 and 30 fish for the day. All were safely released back into the water. Just the big one that got it's picture taken.

And I can report that the little outboard runs just beautifully! Gets me up to a top speed of 9,4 km/h on the GPS  :ricky:

I just need to move the trolling motor battery to the front to help get the balance right. But that will be easy, and I am really chuffed that it all works so well.  :thumleft:
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I had a good laugh...

I was reading through the freebies on Craigslist, when I came across this ad. I have copied and pasted it because it will be taken down just as soon as the freebie has been collected... but too good not to share.  :imaposer:

Yeah, you read that correctly. Not sure if a freebie of this kind is in violation of one or numerous CL bylaws, but I guess I'm going to find out.
In 23 years of drinking beer of varying degrees of quality, I can say with absolute certainty that THIS is the worst beer I've ever had. Until now I have never met a beer that
I didn't get along with in SOME capacity. USUALLY even if a beer and I don't necessarily agree on the way it should taste, we are able to work through our differences and together arrive upon a conclusion which states happily that "this beer is alright." Sadly, that is not the case today.

The bad: the flavor of this colossal misstep in modern brewing is the musical equivalent of your neighbor's kid learning to play the clarinet; aggravating and flat, but the finish is what really stands out. If one were to gargle a confluence of organic mushroom oil and sweat from the crotchular region of a yak, one would experience an aftertaste similar to this embarrassing excuse for an IPA. It's that bad. I can almost hear the brewmaster saying "yeah, but it's ORGANIC" to which I would reply "So is vulture shit my good man." The smug organic stamp of authenticity only makes me hate this beer even more.
So I tried two of these beers. The first I poured out immediately assuming that improper storage or capping had rendered it into the stagnant dung-inspired pond water it so closely resembled. The second was to give this beer a fair shake, but to my supreme disappointment the second was equally detestable. I was going to pour the rest out but I didn't want to contaminate the city sewer system or create some potentially caustic and deadly amalgamation of of human waste and wasted effort. Which brings me to the good: I will offer these bottles of failure to any soul brave enough to take them on free of charge. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Must be 21 years old to accept.

 :imaposer: :imaposer: :imaposer: :imaposer: :imaposer: :imaposer:
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Ok Gabriel... now you gotta read and comprehend what I have to say.

You are experiencing what is known as "Critical Incident Stress". Believe me when I say I KNOW what you are going through, I was a paramedic in SA for around 20 years, and I experienced it many times.

You need to get help. Professional help. NOW.

Please trust me. Just because you are experiencing the CIS you stand a very high chance of developing PTSD. You do not want to get PTSD. Just fukken trust me on that one, ok.  :thumleft:

Get an appointment with a shrink, Psychiatrist. Today. Phone TODAY and make the appointment. See the shrink this week. Please.

You will get a toolbox of tools from the shrink to help you deal with this, and to hopefully prevent it developing into PTSD. Take those tools and use them.

Go google PTSD and see how it fucks up lives.

Now the lecture is over.

From a paramedic that has seen it all, most things several times, I thank you for stopping and actually helping the biker. From the description of the injuries it is quite apparent that he could very well have died at the scene before the paramedics could have arrived. I'll wager that you helped to stop the blood-loss from that amputated leg, and that messed-up arm. Stopping that blood loss not only saved his life, LITERALLY, but has also assisted in helping him to have a much better prognosis. Well done boet. Fukken well done. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You deserve a medal. And I'm not being sarcastic. You changed a man's life for the better, and also that of all his family. Not many people can say they have done that.

Now go make that phone call.  :deal:  :thumleft:
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Nucking Ferd  :pot:  :peepwall: :peepwall: :peepwall:  :imaposer:

Everyone knows that rust is caused by a bug that attacks the metal. The bug prefers living close to the sea, thats why stuff rusts better at the coast. But it also lives in other places. The bug needs lots of water to live, so it tends to stay away from deserts.

The bug is very hard to kill, but liberal doses of oil does help. You can try to prevent the bug from getting to the metal, but it is a very persistent little fucker, and will find its way into the metal through the smallest hole.

When the bug eats the metal it poo's the metal out, and this is the red stuff we see on iron, the white stuff on aluminium, and the green stuff on copper. The bug can't eat gold because it's too rich and the bug gets a runny tummy.

So rather use plastic. :deal: :thumleft:  It's inedible to the bugs.  :sip:
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