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I guess the concept is okay, except I really donít like the way they assume this is what everyone wants. I mean the whole idea of a bike is to add a bit of excitement and risk to our lives right? Why else is it so liberating to ride.

Now we have som bright spark taking that away from us to protect us from ourselves... no I donít like this one little bit

Frikkin laser beams. On their heads... touchť ;D

ABS, Traction Control, Cornering ABS, Active Suspension...Radar. The technological march continues whether we like it or not. Personally I'm happy with it; just the other day we had a video of a biker being taken out from behind by a taxi in his blind spot. If he was riding a Ducati with this system then he arguably wouldn't have had the accident. How many videos do we see of bikes sailing straight into the back of a stationary car? This system would help avoid that.

The same arguments have gone back & forth in the car world with technology taking the driving experience away, and I agree with those saying that it ultimately creates worse drivers. The operator of a vehicle should wake the fck up and be in active control at all times, check his blind spots and learn how to brake properly. Many fail at all three of these though.

I can only hope that, as it is in the car world, those that are awake are left with a few "unsafe" options on the market  ;D

Problem is if this decides to kick when i am swerving it might even cause an accident vs saving one...

Not so sure on this....
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