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I sourced a few sets of these....in the one pic I compare them to the BMW LED's on my GSA..... near as dammit...far more cost effective!

Do you still have any left?

Possibly - let me just check - all in storage ...will send you a pm by the weekend
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General Bike Related Banter / Re: ALPS BY BIKE?
« on: November 28, 2017, 03:50:19 pm »
Has anybody done it? We plan to start in Nice and end there again. Any tips perhaps? Time to go- August, Sept?

Listen this has been on my bucket list!!

When in the UK we looked at a specific tour that a group did on Suzuki VanVan's (125's) through the Alps. Most of the chaps had bigger bikes - even GS's - but for the fun factor - this is what they did........  do yourself a favour - go read this story and Ride Report....truly inspirational...


............... and if there's a chance of doing this........ I'll definitly consider going  :thumleft:
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Ride Reports / Re: NATIONAL BASH
« on: September 28, 2017, 01:59:27 pm »
So it was with great expectation and excitement that we started our preparation for an early morning departure from Montagu.
I'd arrived from Napier the previous evening and stayed over to cut my distance by about 130km............. bikes were packed and loaded.............. "padkos" was carved and we set off at just after 8am the Thursday morning ..
(or so we thought.... when Tian's GSA decided that it did not want to start....  :patch: pull & push everywhere until I thought to check the starter motor wire... pushed it and voila! - bad connection cost us about 30mins)

Distance for first day - 554km
First stop was going to be Barrydale - but we ended up pushing to Calizdorp for brekkie.
The weather was absolutely perfect and we could not have wished for better riding weather.
Oudshoorn was next to try and get some Ostrich biltong...expensive and really not the quality we expected.....so we pushed on to De Rust for fuel. Willowmore was next stop for lunch (salads...very healthy as we really pigged out on meat the previous night)
Destination for 1st night's stopover - Graaff Reinet..........road surface, weather all good and we could twist the throttle without any issues....

Distance for second day - 534km estimated
We hit the road fairly early and tried in vain to find a place to have breakfast.......even the Wimpy with it's "All day brekkie" was closed until after 8am..........so off we wet,... again the road conditions were really good and we made good time. Found munchies in Middelberg and aimed for Bethulie - where we ran into Heimer & Martina  8) ....nice to see friendly faces and we rode together until Smithfield - where we needed a refuel and food. VERY nice meal - then his the 83km dirt section towards Wepener.
Arrived in Graaff Reinet just after 3pm....... really nice .......apart from the bit of wind we encountered after we met Heimer......after all he told us they had some wind...and only after we met him...did the wind come up...  :peepwall:

Tent's pitched and met up with old friends..... lekker first two days!!

Hopefully some of the pics will tell the story  :thumleft:

.....more to follow...

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