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Ok - 2 steps back - when Danie did my carburetor a few months back he did warn me there are issues with the carb and he found a second one if this one is not working... I phoned him on Friday and he could not find the second one so I sort of made a call to buy a second one from RO Spares in Phillipi - As Leon said - if the second one does not work we could build a proper one out of the 2.

So this morning I ripped out the old and semi cleaned the second "bargain" carburetor. As the pictures shows not totally as clean as what Danie did... After cleaning the base plate and wiped here and there I installed the new with some gasket sealer on both sides and .......

The Yellow Hyena is now EVEN faster... I'm getting 120km/h down the road from my  house... HELL YES!!!

I did not set anything, I did not fiddle anywhere. I bolted on a carburetor and wallah - It purrs like a Tiger and runs like a Cheetah!!

What a relieve - Killarney hier kom ek!!!!! Maybe I should dino he? I would like to know what the 40kw has changed to after all this....
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Racing Section / Re: RIP Alexander Nel aka Camelman
« on: November 25, 2017, 01:38:41 pm »
Ride Together for Alexander Nel

We have planned a Ride - Fly- Drive Together for Alexander for Sunday 3rd December 2017 to celebrate his Life.
Meeting at KTM Paarden Eiland 10:00 to depart 11:00 - Ashley has offered to open shop for coffee for those who comes early.

Vehicles and road bikes will Drive down R27 to Melkbos and back down the N7 past the Morning star airfield and end at Mountain View Farm, The Barrel Pub.

Bikes  (those who want to) will Ride down R27 and John Lanham will take you on a small offroad detour behind Tableview ending up at Mountain View Farm, The Barrel Pub.

From Morning star Airfield some Gyro-copters will join us at 11:00 at KTM and  Fly in formation above following a route they have planned out for us to see. This is weather permitting.

Please if anyone wants to add something chat to me so we can include.

I want to get this all documented so we can put something together for his Legacy.

Any photographers, reporters that can write something or someone want to contribute to this idea please contact me.


Sean Kriel

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Racing Section / Re: Badlands Rally
« on: September 11, 2017, 06:49:10 am »
I will update some stuff as the day goes... but limited....

we have a whatsapp group that will be more updated... send me a pm to add to the group if want...
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When you take it for balancing , ask them to knife edge the crank. Take the conrods and pistons with when they do the balancing let them balance the whole lot .

Dom vraag maar ek leer... When they balance the crank, do they balance it in the block or out? Is the crank spinning like "wheel balancing" or I don't understand this topic....

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