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General Bike Related Banter / Re: Wife of ex-biker (deceased) in need
« on: October 15, 2018, 02:46:25 pm »
Ask the mods if you can post banking details of his widow.

Some dogs may find it easier to donate like that.
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Photography / Re: Learning photography
« on: October 14, 2018, 11:13:50 am »
I know there is elsewhere a panoramic thread but thought to post it here since this thread is a tad more popular in photo board.

Looked at this view and it was just dull in a way with dirty pea soup green coloured warer and no clouds. I done a 7 frames stitch and made the colour of the water blue by means of a gradiated filter and toned down only on temp.

I also waited for the yacht to come closer to give it some dimention of sort

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Ride Reports / Re: TVB op vakansie na Gough Eiland
« on: October 06, 2018, 10:26:48 pm »
Hehe, seems Gough cannot get enough of you! :imaposer:
Good on you for the weight loss and general health, physical and mental!
I was worried about your head at one stage there in the beginning with the first team, but you came through like the strong guy that you are.
May your sea legs keep your tummy at bay. :pot:

Yes Oubones it seems like a real love affair - now the Island is calling us back once more but I will not get off the ship.

The helicopter hours were all used (15 hours in total) and that leaves us now with only the zodiacs and crane. At least the crane is fixed and serviced so that would not be a challenge this time around!
The old compressors will be 're-installed and then the pump down should take around 12 hours. I am only interested in one thing currently and that is to take a panoramic of Gough while the sun is behind us in the morning.

I am a tad embarrassed at times when I look back (think back) on some of my posts in this thread over a few expeditions. It maybe gives a good reflection of how the remote site and living in isolation away from family and friends affects someone right? Someone once said that to write an autobiography is like standing naked in public - and this is how I feel about this thread and I am (for real) a shy personality although I can perform and come to my right as leader in ideal circumstances. I did a good job of being the team leader in both G54 and G60 but my experiences wrt 'modern day South African politics' in the team (G60 experience) made me to refuse any more leadership positions in the project. Some remarked (with respect to Charley - G62 leader and Santjie G63) that they thought I was the leader because all the questions and advice was channeled through me. Well; that is the way I prefered and wanted to help and learn other people to do this in a proper way for years to come. Proper with the emphasis on discipline.
There were times when I felt like giving up on my hope for this project to continue, but I always manage to turn it around and start over in a positive way. Make due with what we got. One thing is certain and that is change - the new generation do not want (I am talking straight facts here albeit my distaste in politics ) old white men in this projects anymore.
Despite the fact that Catherine my replacement loved me and kept on thanking me for my kindness and extra mile I did to make her life better she also one night told me over a cup of coffee that the old generation (50's club) had their time and that we must make space for the youth of SA.
So who am I to argue?
Even the chaplain last year told us that you will not be remembered in the team for the discipline and hard work but rather for the kind person you were in a team meaning that the social skills was even more important.
Well yes; there I had a problem because I do not see a point in having loud music in the entertainment area where I cannot hear what someone is trying to say and where I have to shout to make me heard.
I do not play card games or board games, but I do hike and fish for example and have invited people to join in on that. My treat for the team was to bake them nice rolls, vetkoek, cake and whatever else.

What make an adventurer? My version is that an adventurer is someone with a hunger to function effectively in special circumstances, a hunger to explore knowing that there will be risk (calculated) and always compromise and be flexible as the initial plan may frequently be altered. It is a person that can function under pressure and work hard when required to achieve the goal.

So my bad after a total of 4 year expeditions on Gough island, and 1 x on Marion island is this: Why the pok must there always be a colour issue? In my nature as person I never thought of myself as 'white'....pok in good times I got nicknamed 'african child' in the team! When I look in the mirror I don't see a white afrikaner, I see a man that loves other more than himself especially when there is need - pain, suffering and death. I have dealt with pain for the best part of me life, and as result I wrecked my own personal relationships and walk alone for a long time but I do not see colour - I see people, patients and colleagues.
Why do I need to hear that someone had a problem with me from someone else when we could have manage to sort it easy?
Lastly the poor department; when people fail to perform the will point fingers at the Hq and Public works.
Sort the shit out first, and then if you still with the department take it up with them.
Sorry this one is last: Because you know I am always keen and willing to work and solve issues don't take advantage, be fair right?

So yes this thread over a couple of expeditions on Gough with posts ranging from super excited to sad might have raised concerns and eyebrows at times but it was a very honest reflection of my life.

How is it possible to grow so attached to a place on earth, where you feel emotionally attached to a place....a mountain in the sea? Well I have no answer to that, but I am going to see her once more (love moji)

Thanks to all of you that became regular readers. It made a huge difference and especially all the things I got sent, from camera gear to hard drives and e-reader...magazines, wine and beer, you name it. It made a huge difference in my life.

Now for that 2 beers!  :thumleft:

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If it will fit the inside of my SW Motech on my NC 750X i will buy one sure thing. I will have to do longer trips (like between Brits and CT when I'm back so this will help a lot)

Was ook oppad om te vra vir die NC 700 maar met Givi paniers?

Tom het jy nie die NC700 nie?

PS: julle panier racks, kan julle dit maak dat Givi paniers daar op pas? Het klaar julle crashbars en wil graag by julle produkte bly.
Nee mater ek het die 750 (maar dieselfde ding dink ek behalwe paar cc)

Thanks Mike once back home I will measure and get in touch. We must find a way to make this work on the SWM frames even if I have to cut the frame and postion it 10mm or sou out. I am also a steel worker (not allu though) so modifying my racks wount be an issue. I do not know how it work though, because my NC tank is under the seat so how will the petrol decan from your tank to my bike?

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Sailing Board / Re: Flamenca 25
« on: September 09, 2018, 11:43:49 pm »
Mooi, ek sien uit na n nuwe hoofstuk wat jy met ons deel  :thumleft:
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Kawasaki KLR 600/650 / Re: Show us your KLR
« on: August 30, 2018, 10:08:17 pm »
Lekker legend bike daai!  :laughing4: :thumleft:
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Ride Reports / Re: TVB op vakansie na Gough Eiland
« on: August 27, 2018, 11:14:42 pm »
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Ride Reports / Re: TVB op vakansie na Gough Eiland
« on: August 27, 2018, 11:07:56 pm »
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Ride Reports / Re: TVB op vakansie na Gough Eiland
« on: August 27, 2018, 10:57:25 pm »
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Ride Reports / Re: TVB op vakansie na Gough Eiland
« on: August 27, 2018, 10:52:15 pm »
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Ride Reports / Re: TVB op vakansie na Gough Eiland
« on: August 27, 2018, 10:48:45 pm »
A couple of days bak I saw the first small group of Northern Rockhopper penguins while running on the treadmill.
Then the team started hiking to Seal beach and reported first that they saw ony 1 penguin.
Yesterday I saw some Atlantic yellownosed Albatross and Sooty's (Also Albatross) and heard the penguin call.
Today I was sad, it was my uncle Hannes Mc Sherry's funeral.
Late afternoon (maybe not late, around 14h00 I decided to do the short hike to seal beach which I am allowed to do, and on the way back I also quickly went into Prion cave (prions are also seabirds) and then on the way back got a Molly (Nickname for Yellownosed) on a nest near the base.
I will just post the pictures now, and glad I have something to share:
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Ek sou die 950 hou of kry n 990. Soos gese altwee meer “hardcore” as die GS of XC Maar tussen die Triumph en die BMW is die BMW beter op grond en beter balanseer en ook heelwat ligter veral die voor 2012. Meer torquey engine ook. Betroubaar, parte is volop en Diens by BMW (in die Kaap in elk geval) is uitstekend.
Triumph het meer topend  baie smooth engine en klink fantasties. Drink baie petrol ook.
As ek meer pad gery het soun ek die Triumph vat maar vir dirt highways etc 800GS.

Ek het die Triumph besit maar ken ook die GS800 en wou vir jou so te se presies dieselfde opinie gee as in the post deur Omninorm.
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Ride Reports / Re: Only ridden to church on Sundays
« on: July 30, 2018, 12:15:23 am »
Lekker RR and good history lesson. It reads just as nice as one of ol Trailriders RR's!  :thumleft:

Love the look of your Honda Rally!  :thumleft:
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Ride Reports / Re: Just the two of us, Kaokoland Edition
« on: July 24, 2018, 10:47:00 pm »
Mira Adventure jacket looks stunning!!  :thumleft:
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General Bike Related Banter / Re: Versys X300
« on: July 22, 2018, 11:13:32 pm »
I see there is now a Ninja 400 that replaced the 300 selling at 76k which is a great price. Wonder if the 400 motor will make it into the Versys ?


I share your thought, and hope it does. I am not sure how well the Versys 300 is doing saleswise currently, and I think a lot will depend on that as well.
What I do know is that since the Ninja 250 was introduced it sold very well in the States. It got a very good following over there and then came the 300 and now 400 which is essentially the same engine albeit more refined. One thing that keeps being repeated is reliability - there are baby Ninjas with very big mileage.
The 300 Versys in my opinion do not get enough recognition for what it is, as is the case with some other models in the lineup. The marketing of motorcycles is South Africa is bad (except with BMW and Honda) compared to some other countries. I think Honda is moving in the right direction especially since the Quest - that was a big win and like said step in the right direction. I am not sure how Kawa and Suz survive in SA.
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Ride Reports / Re: TVB op vakansie na Gough Eiland
« on: July 18, 2018, 10:51:35 pm »
Good evening friends

I feel humbled by the response and e-mail, messages on FB and pm's that came through on the e-mail notification which I was obviously able to read.

It has also made me feel guilty for taking a step and making a decision to walk away from the forum. Like I did tell Ri though, I walked away from the forum and not my friends.

I got used to not spending time here anymore; something I thought I could never do without because I loved this forum to bits. Never will I forget what the friends I made on the forum meant to me, especially a while back when I faced tough times and was still recovering from being without work. Please know that I will always remember that and appreciate it. However; I also don't want to feel like I 'owe' Wild dogs.

Now to what pissed me off so badly that I have decided to log out: The religion and politics section is one I really try to avoid, and someone posted something classic on fb which reads that you can't go to the circus not expecting to see a clown...... I suppose that makes me guilty as well. I just felt, and still feel to some extent that the forum is represented by all the different sections/headings if that makes sense? Yes I can choose to ignore some sections but still, some of these offensive threads are posted in the Wild dog forum right? I know we are all grownups and nobody needs me to 'stand up' for them or stand up for a course for that matter, but I do regard myself as a loyal friend and Johan (Dorsland) is a friend of me as many other. Not because of his personal views weather that be political or religious, but because I have met him on a Wild dog bash in Groot Marico and because I liked him as a person - he became a friend like many other here which I did not even met in person but regard as great friends. I don't know if I make any sense here, sorry if I don't but know that once you became my friend you are a friend for life.

The last pm I have received tonight was moving, and the person has asked me to at least continue and complete this story/thread. To opt out so close to the end (nearly 2 years) would be bad style on my behalf I suppose, and my appologies.

I will soon update the thread, although I must admit that nothing much has changed in the meantime. It is winter, and most birds are gone - the island is rather cold and lonely with the occasional near galeforce winds and high seas. The generator is still working (back up generator) and the team still in good spirit.

The mouse eradication is definitely on for next year, and most of the new team (Gough 64) is appointed. We got 84 days left before we will arrive in Capetown.

Regards to all
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Looking good there Mrs Zog!  My wife lost most of her hair late last year after being very, very sick. In rebellion against combing clumps of hair out every morning, she took the clippers we use for the dogs, and shaved her head with a no. 4 setting. Her hair has grown back since, but she likes the short look so much, she's keeping it at a no. 6 cut. It actually suits her very well. And I think the short cut suits you very well too!  :thumleft:

Probably helps to some extent with the heat/humid Florida!
Glad junior Zog is sorted with an airticket.

Strongs once again during this painful time
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I am happy for you that the carb happened to work100%. After all the challanges you have faced you need some good luck budd  :thumleft:
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Africa Info & other International Travels / Re: My African Dream
« on: June 19, 2018, 10:25:54 pm »
That looks lekker! Thanks for the update and the pictures!  :thumleft:
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The Comedy Club / Re: Photos that make you think WTF
« on: June 19, 2018, 08:44:18 pm »
Images like this brings back way to many memories for any emergency worker....
Sometimes I am relieved that we did not have digital cameras when I was still a fireman/EMS worker. Cellphones would have helped to get to calls much faster though....but these days I often get very disturbing images from motor vehicle accidents (and other) sent by old coleuges that used to work with me. Strangely every time I get one of these I wish I can erase it from memory....Maybe I have gone soft  :lol8: but shit I hate to see people in pain. Love to help them though.
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