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Clothing and Equipment / Re: ATG Stretcher - Who's got one ?
« on: August 20, 2018, 01:51:26 pm »
the newer model is a lot easier to put together than the (trusty, older) system, and is higher off the ground, longer AND wider....

I too feel it is too large for comfortable backpacking, yet perfect for a motorbike, etc.

As most say, it keeps you off the cold ground, but then MANY feel an insulating sheet - even a space blanket - provides extra comfort in cold/very cold conditions...

Of interest, in HOT conditions, this stretcher REALLY comes into it's own, it allows air to CIRCULATE around, rather than have your body sleeping in direct contact with the ground, etc.

Disclaimer - we SELL these for a living.

The new design is a LITTLE larger than the older one - I have a comparative picture somewhere - will try and dig it out.


What Chris said...

I slept on a new one (gave my old one to my son to sleep on on a recent Nam trip

- Possible to assemble when intoxicated
- Very sturdy
- Slightly bigger than the previous version - but that is no issue, as these things are usualy stapped on the outside of the bike's luggage.
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General Technical / Re: Tyre storage - How, whats best ?
« on: July 30, 2018, 02:03:58 pm »
Why do you store tyres.

Ride them or get rid of them.

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Planning a Ride / Re: NW Spring Spitt Braai Bash 1 Sept 2018
« on: July 11, 2018, 10:16:33 am »
Okl I created an event on our Facebook page

COOL - didn't know we had one  :lamer:



4200 personally screened members

Wait. You actually looked at my profile, and STILL let me join?

We need to discuss your screening process...    :peepwall:

DS riding misfits are welcome by default  8)
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I am posting on behalf of a mate

They are urgently looking for  a wheel chair in the PE area for a person that became ill and is presently weakened (cannot walk)

Donate or borrow or sell at much reduced price please.

Please contact Fanie Geyer (yes, the guy from WildTrack sidecars)

083 654 2948

or reply here and I will relay the info.

Thanks for being kind hearted

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Die Mond, Tankwa 
Dankie hje. Ek het wyd en suid gesoek maar kry nerens n email adres vir hulle. As iemand dit dalk het laat weet dan kontak ek hulle

I wish  to un-recommend them as biker friendly

We were there last wekeend (by bakkie). 7 people - 4 vehicles

On arrival were were not welcomed, but greeted with ' Ja, Kan ek julle help'. Honde en bikes work nie toegelaat nie.!. We had no bike. we did have a dog. We were never told that dogs are not welcome.

The farm has 5 dogs that roam the place and their kaka can be seen all over.

The woman is apparently married into the family and throws her weight around. She has a bit of that. People outside comment a lot about her rudeness.

So if anyone plans on visiting them on bikes - call first
They have no website
They have no email
They have no Facebook page where they can (for free) publish their contact info and rules.
They do not provide you with a list of the campsite rules when making a booking

That being said, the place is special and a lot of fun, albeit very rustic and the chalets are overpriced comapared to what you can get elsewhere
Camping was cheap. R70 per person
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New bike camp - Nama Bike Camp, up the West Coast. Keen to go check it out some time, sounds lekker: namabikecamp.co.za

I spoke with them. Nice crowd. I believe they are forum vendors. The man is called Wayne Viljoen
Here is the feedback
10 tente slaap 20 mens op die stadium.
 Kan meer hanteer vir dag kuiers en etes.
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None of the above.

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General Bike Related Banter / Re: Brutal bike crash :(
« on: February 05, 2018, 04:30:01 pm »
I am one that have ridden like that, taken chances like that and gotten away with it.

I stopped with that style of riding. Saw the difference between blind luck and really having big balls.

I feel very sorry for Jaco's people and friends.

This thread has been reported.

The clip came off the camera of the very guy that is so upset after the accident - seeing his friend that died..
I can only think he shared it intentionally to help warn others about the terrible lack of judgement they made and to show what the outcome can be.

For that reason, as mod - I believe we should not remove this clip. It is already widely shared. Let's hope it saves some lives.

Ride safely everyone

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Cederberg Oasis - Existing WD vendor. Gerrit Karsten  PM sent
Orange Elephant backpackers, Addo. Casting from Turd PM sent
Koedoeskloof, Ladismith. Veldbrand & Veldblom  on the map
Stonehenge, Tankwa Karoo. Dik Geluk PM sent

Pielas edits in red
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Fantastic initiative.

May we suggest places here?

Cederberg Oasis
Orange Elephant backpackers, Addo
Koedoeskloof, Ladismith
Stonehenge, Tankwa Karoo
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For me there is really no alternative to a TKC80 in front.

All conditions it remains predictable and reliable

I have 6500 on my present one and I amsure it will do another 2-3k

Nowaday I ride with it inflated hard. 2.5 on tar and gravel.
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General Bike Related Banter / Re: Alexander Nel (Camelman) ........
« on: December 01, 2017, 03:43:42 pm »
I still have a pain in my chest and an out of breath feeling as I try to write something about my Friend Alexander Nel aka Camelman

I met Alexander & his wife Marie - Louise 10 yrs ago
I organized a ride to the Toy Run,
We all met at Doodles for breakfast and then rode together to Ottery Pick n Pay.
Alexander and I started chatting, about my weekend riding./

Then after that he joined me on many of my recce rides, discovering all the old roads in and around the Cape.

Crossed up was going up to Bakkrans cave in the Richtersveld with some Canadians and asked if I would like to come along, i asked if Alex could come along too.



Crossed up also brought his colleague Dave with
Myself and John on 660Rs and Dave on a Dakar 650 and Alexander on his New XT660z Tenere.

Its where the 3 of us went to try and find the old road over the mountains and down to the small town Kuboes.
After following many a track where I think no bike had ridden before, we ended up as far North as we could ,up the side of this mountain,
The GPS showing Kuboes just on the other side of the range

Alex stood there looking over this vast almost untouched landscape and said he would like to organize a rally for bikes  in a place like this..
Long after a few Amagezas , the first Baja was borne , and with johns determination and good mapping they added that very pass to Kuboes into the Baja.

Ask the Baja riders how hecktic it was to race  out there .'

I did alot of ridding with Alex before the Amageza was borne,
After which I hardly say him . as John and Alexander spent hours , days and weeks looking at maps, talking to farmers and riding the baddest roads they could find to make up the Amageza

Anyway to set the record straight , Alexander was not crop spraying when he crashed the Trojan Gyrocopter,
He was doing a second and last Test flight for the day .
Further than that, the how , why and what happed , no body knows yet.

A farmer saw the veld burning on his farm , went out to investigate and found the smoldering Gyrocoper that had burnt out and Alexander dead nearby

I cant find the right words to sum Alexander up here ,probably because he was only 43 and he wasnt ready to be sumed up/
I will have to finish this another day,its too sad to.....

Fantastic tribute Andy and thanks for the links to the old ride reports..

I know you and John (crossed up) were very close to the man.

His place will not be filled. It is a big loss.
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BMW 1200 LC / Re: The mythical Electrical socket
« on: November 21, 2017, 12:32:42 pm »
Thanks to all of you.
Yes, I know about the Hella plug and have a double adapter for USB for it. Thing is, though, I have a pump with a cigarette lighter plug and want to install a lighter socket for it. I read that there is a BMW installed socket or lead or perhaps only a cable which is on the left hand side of the bike. Perhaps that was me misunderstanding things and it's the Hella socket after all.
Thanks again to all.

Katana, which boating shop did you use?


You might find that the Canbus on the BMW cuts the pump out. Happened on mine. First scheck that out before you invest in lot of fancy plugs & shit

I connected a socket for the pump directly off the battery using a flat 2 cable curt connector that is cabe tied to hang just from under the saddle on the left
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BMW 1200 LC / Re: The mythical Electrical socket
« on: November 21, 2017, 09:05:20 am »
Hella plug

I bought a twin lighter socket thingy from outdoor warehouse and keep it loose in my tank bag to charge phones etx. Just plug it into the hella when needed
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Ride Reports / Re: Pa en seuns gaan ry bietjie
« on: November 08, 2017, 04:13:36 pm »
Nie worry oor die foto's nie - ek wag al lank om daai uiltjie iewers te sit.  :biggrin:
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Ride Reports / Re: Pa en sens gaan ry bietjie
« on: November 08, 2017, 11:57:32 am »

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Ride Reports / Re: Honda demo weekend
« on: November 07, 2017, 09:06:28 pm »
To what binnekring does a person have to belong to also share in this happiness...
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Like. Mooie deel van ons land
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Ride Reports / Re: NATIONAL BASH
« on: September 26, 2017, 11:12:54 am »
:sip: any drama?

They only opened the kitchen at 0800 on Saturday morning, only for use to be served with Riccoffee sachets. That was painfull :lol8:

And Cremora...  8)
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Guys support this or stay away. There are enough other places for negative rethoric

2strokedan and xrxx has been issued with warnings for corrupting the nature of this thread



Ps. I am definitely entering this competition
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