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General Technical / Re: KTM 950 ADV brake disc rotors
« on: July 23, 2018, 09:51:22 am »
My trusty steed has racked up quite a few miles and its time to replace the front and rear discs. Non ABS.

Apart from KTM discontinuing the OEM left front disc  :o the stuff available through the agents are eye wateringly expensive.

What other options do I have?
Andries-Met-Vis, hulle het my R3800 per disc ge-quote by KTM en soos jy die naweek gehoor het is myne moertoe.

Goeie Fok!! Die hele stel van 3 is omtrent R3.5k van die Baktseen af
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General Technical / Re: KTM 950 ADV brake disc rotors
« on: July 20, 2018, 04:55:59 pm »
940 for the rear about 1250 per front depending on landing cost
About half the price of oem from RAD
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General Technical / Re: KTM 950 ADV brake disc rotors
« on: July 20, 2018, 12:38:02 pm »
Cool I spoke to Jan thanks!!
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Racing Section / Re: Dakar 2018
« on: February 01, 2018, 03:36:57 pm »
Interesting discussion.
I am not sure I agree about Lyndon having an issue with Pain choosing to swop his entire engine. Pain had a spare engine, and nobody other than fellow Mal-fockers helped him, so I donít think that is breaking the spirit of Malle Moto.
I do agree that Malle Moto should restrict the spares that you can carry, or have carried for you. Your tromel, spare engne, one set of rims, tyres and mice, nothing else. And I think Adrian should be roped in as Malle Moto marshal for the next Dakar. Nobody will dare stretch any rule.

I do think that the coverage Lyndon created was the best ever, and I wish ASO would learn from it. The front runners are interesting, but the real story is at the back. Who would you prefer to have a beer with, some Austrian dude who guessed right at a turn in the roadbook, and is fooken fast, or Gerry, who has like three days longer worth of stories to tell? That short clip of Gerry interviewing himself before setting out on the last stage was pure gold.

Kinda in two minds about the engine replacement.
On the one hand it is just a part and like anyone else that can buy a part then why can't you just buy an engine. As long as you install it yourself.
The on the other hand what is a bike? Engine casing and frame are the parts with the numbers and if you change them you normally have to re-register a bike.

So what stops the next guy in Malle Moto from just replacing his whole bike and transferring the plastics and nav tower.
What stop sponsors from entering a team of riders into Malle Moto and they all concentrate on helping the fastest one or two guys.

I do not think that engine replacements should be allowed in this or any class of the Dakar. The guy who takes extra care and time to service his bike and is careful about not overheating the engine etc. does not reap the rewards as he should. This is an endurance race after-all.

I think that in this Class an engine rebuild should be allowed, provided it is done by the rider himself without help or assistance from anyone, which estimates the water carrying bike mechanic scenario.

In this Dakar Olivier Pain would not have completed the race after overheating his engine if he was not allowed a new engine, that is not fair to LP or the others who were more careful not to damage their engines. He also would not have completed the race if he did not have his mechanic buddy helping him. LP on the other hand is probably capable of an engine rebuild himself without assistance and should be allowed to benefit from this capability in this class.

But LP isn't French
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General Bike Related Banter / Re: Q20 vs Silicone spray
« on: September 14, 2017, 12:40:20 pm »
What do you use silicone spray for?
I have read that some guys use it on their bike plastics to make it easier to clean?

Can you also use it like Q20? Lubricant/penetrating oil?

Silicone spray is n "dry lubricant" Q20 is obviously dun penetrating olie. Altwee trek stof aan Q20 meer so.

Elkeen reageer met sekere polymers, Q20 sal bv. nitrile seals vreet of hard maak of so iets.

Silicone spray gee jou plastics n bietjie shine en kan sonskade beter laat lyk, IE vat die "fade" so bietjie weg, maar dis net tydelik

Q10 is n beter produk as penetrating oil maar ek sal nie plastiek daarmee skoon maak nie.

Raak jy nou luigat om jou bike skoon te maak  :biggrin:
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Racing Section / Re: MotoGP 2017
« on: September 01, 2017, 02:28:10 pm »
Aag fokkof man jy weet wt ek bedoel :)
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