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General Bike Related Banter / Re: Glasses vs contact lenses
« on: March 12, 2018, 08:02:57 pm »
Disposable is for a single day's use. The other are monthly lenses. One lense for the whole month. Unless those are also called 'disposable' then I'm talking through my ass.

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Thanks mate, I will  go see my ophthalmologist once back and discuss and see. In the end cost may make up my mind since I have heard it is more expensive than specs which is already not cheap these days. Maybe I can do a short trial run and see how it goes.
Might be more expensive, but they are much better when you busy with active sports. I wear glasses as I see slightly better with them and have a bit less strain on the eyes. When running and cycling (hence my forum name  :biggrin:) or even bike trips I use the contacts. It makes a huge difference i.t.o. hassles with the helmet, wind, sweat and danger in ball/contact sports. Depending on your life style the cost can be justified easily.

That trial run idea of yours is a good option. Apart from the consulting/eye test fee they give you samples which cost nothing.
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