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A pic of our bear proof trash bins we use.

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Chapel Rock

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Quite some great pictures you've put up there. Thanks.

Thank you, Sir eberhard, nice to know somebody is enjoying my report!  :thumleft:
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Heres a little teaser for the harrowing experience I faced with the Dual Sport Ducati the next day!

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And another pic of the lovely sand beach.

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Downtown pic of the old part of Calument, Michigan.

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Photography / Re: Learning photography
« on: May 23, 2018, 02:07:15 am »
Another drone shot from Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay looks like a fabulous place.  Another amazing aerial, Captain :thumleft:

Very nice Big Oil. What point and shoot do you have?

Im not exactly sure.  I asked the camera salesman for the smallest highest quality point n shoot and he handed me a Sony.

Ill find out which model Sony.
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General Bike Related Banter / Re: Wake up call for us young 'uns.
« on: May 21, 2018, 04:43:15 pm »
 :laughing4:  Great story  :lol8:
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I descended the mountain concerned whether Id have a helmet, a tank bag, or a motorcycle for that matter since the ignition key was not on my person. 

I was relieved when I found everything intact.  Key in ignition  ::), tank bag unzipped, though nothing taken, even the stash of cash Id left in there, the pannier door on the chain side was open with my Rukka Argosaurus gloves still sitting there, and as you can see, my Arai still on the mirror.  Shewwwwww, what a relief.

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Happy birthday, Mrs. Zog.

Hope Zog and the Zog doggies serve you cake and ice cream  :occasion15: :occasion15: :occasion15:
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Photography / Re: Learning photography
« on: May 20, 2018, 06:46:55 pm »
I modified my drone for extra range. The results are quite impressive.

This photo is compressed. The original is much sharper.

Awesome pic C Zef  :thumleft:

Aerials are kooooooooooooooohhhlllll
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Wild Dog Pictures / Re: SHOW US PICS OF YOUR PETS - Poll added
« on: May 19, 2018, 03:33:46 am »

Our Shorkie, Johnny Blue
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At the beginning of the hiking trail up to the scenic bluff overlooking Lake of the Clouds, one has two choices to get to the trail start, a ramp or stairs.  I chose the ramp, which just a few minutes prior a large family had used.  As I was walking on the ramp, I looked down and to my surprise I saw a 50 dollar bill wrapped up to about the size of a piece of chewing gum.  I picked it up saying to myself finders keepers, I was so happy thinking about what Id spend the 50 bucks on, perhaps a couple nice dinners with drinks for the next 2 evenings!

Well, during my hike up to the scenic overlook, which takes quite a bit of time to climb, my conscience kicked in.  Amazing how our conscience works on we humans.  On one shoulder, the little devil saying things like, hey, you found it, its yours, keep it, spend it, if you lost a fifty dollar bill, nobody else would give it back, theyd keep it too!!!  The angel standing on the other shoulder saying, its not your money, someone else earned the money, its their money even if they accidentally dropped it.

So, by the time Id hiked up to the scenic overlook, my conscience was killing me, the angel won!!

There were probably 30-40 people on the bluff, so I spoke up and said folks, I have an announcement to make.  Knowing full well if I announced I found a 50 dollar bill on the ramp at the bottom of the mountain, who lost it, thered be many takers, lol, I decided to tell the people Id found something very small but very valuable on the ramp, but only the rightful owner will know what it is.

Everyone checked their pockets.  Only one person, a nice grandma, spoke up and said, I sure did.  She told me shed reached in her shorts pocket to retrieve a piece of bubble gum for her granddaughter, and lost a folded up fifty dollar bill.  I handed her the money, everyone present was in amazement I hadnt just pocketed the money.  She was part of the large family whod just used the ramp a few minutes before I used it.  Her family told me I had to be one of the most honest people theyd ever met, and nobody does that kind of thing anymore.  It was a feel good moment for me and it WAS the RIGHT thing to do. 
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The Museum Collections / Re: Redneck Motorcycle Collection
« on: May 17, 2018, 02:38:48 pm »
Hello Wilddogs, Im leaving soon on a multi month motorcycle trip.

I will do my best to post one bike each day, pending an internet or WiFi signal.

Im excited to announce vintage dirt bikes are coming up very soon.

Here are a few examples of whats coming:

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Wild Dog Pictures / Re: SHOW US PICS OF YOUR PETS - Poll added
« on: May 17, 2018, 02:09:59 pm »
Winter is still here.

Yuda man, eberhard, for covering your babies with blankets.  When my 2 dogs were alive I tucked them in to bed every night to. 

They NEVER forget how you treat them :thumleft:
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Ride Reports / Re: Northern Cape quick Nam South Trip
« on: April 24, 2018, 10:55:26 am »
Questions @JK.

I viewed the websites for some of the hotels you stayed.  Some had rates listed, others did not, like the Pofadder and Scotia Inn.  It appears to me the rates ranged on most of the hotels from R650-R1000 for single occupancy.  Would you mind sharing rates of the Pofadder and Scotia Inn?

What kind of point and shoot camera did you shoot your pics with?  Nice pics.
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Military Board / Re: Combat knives
« on: April 22, 2018, 10:36:38 pm »
First Knife I made after a long time...shaya Forge random damascus fighting knife with Giraffe bone handle..

 :drif: Very nice
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Military Board / Re: Military Pictures_New Pics
« on: April 22, 2018, 10:25:35 pm »

Hilarious, thanks for sharing, @eberhard!! :imaposer:
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I got a fairly early start, trying to get used to the Ducati, as I hadn't ridden the old girl in quite some time, other than the short ride I took the night before.  I decided to head towards Marquette.  On the way, I was contemplating whether to climb Mt. Marquette with my Ducati.  I thought to myself the only way I'd probably make it to the overlook on top of the mountain was to ride the snowmobile trail, a mix of gravel and hard packed sand, with a few loose sand spots up and down, as there is no paved road to the top.  Nothing a proper off-road tire like a worn Michelin Pilot Sport 2CT can't handle.  :peepwall:

Near Negaunee and Ishpeming, I stopped to grab a pic of Teal Lake facing East. 

I arrived at the bottom of Marquette Mountain, trying to decide whether or not it was worth it to risk the climb to the overlook, especially considering that side-panels for an '03 Ducati St4s are unobtanium.  Not exactly legal for me to be on the snowmobile trail in the summer, did I mention it is a one-way trail, and I was traveling in the opposite direction of the one-way route?  I decided to make a go of it.  With a couple slips of the clutch on the way up, I made it.

The overlook is above the Ducati in this pic. 

The following pics are overlooking downtown Marquette and Lake Superior.

In this pic, you can see an old ore dock, no longer in use.  Also, a couple of breakwalls to keep the water and waves down in order to control erosion on shore.

Zoomed in on the old ore dock.

In this pic, the domed building is Northern Michigan University's hockey arena, a magnificent structure, with enormous curved wooden beams.

A nice looking sailboat sailing in the bay, along with a couple fishing vessels.

My Duc, waiting patiently for the trip down the mountain.

Here's a snapshot of road conditions going down.  Nothing like a 90 degree turn to the left at the bottom of the hill with ABS screaming in protest.

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The Museum Collections / Re: Redneck Motorcycle Collection
« on: April 05, 2018, 02:00:58 pm »
big oil, positive feedback will always be forthcoming on this thread. It's a 'go to first' part of the forum.

Which is why it worries me a bit to see you pissing off other forum members and courting disfavour with the moderators.  :-\

I appreciate your concern, I understand I can be very opinionated and polarizing.  The overwhelming majority of forum members are nice to deal with, but there's also some blindingly stupid liberals on this site too and I've never gotten along well with leftists with my love for freedom of speech. 

At the end of the day, if I get banned for life, it won't affect me as it's very clear the forum is owned and moderated by bias leftists.  There's a different set of rules for leftists vs conservatives.
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