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Yet another awesome ride! Thanks everyone. We were 12 at Cipla but 3 guys sensibly split off in favour of a more flowing ride. The rest stayed with me for more punishing tight stuff.  We took on a little bit more technical stuff than usual and everyone covered themselves with glory!

3 more molesnakes were seen.

Ticks were also encountered.  Check your bodies, bikes and kit. They're persistent little buggers.

Good to see the recovering Squirrel and partner at the Barrel. The story of his right wrist is not for sensitive listeners (like me).
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So there we were, waiting for the terrapin to show itself. But it wouldn't
A couple of weeks ago riding with William I took him through a big pond near that spot, and I saw the terrapin!
Probably this guy.

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Ride Reports / Re: Drive Report: Thumper Bash August 2018
« on: August 21, 2018, 04:54:14 pm »
Lekker report Ri, as I've come to expect.  ;)

As they say, plus one!
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Racing Section / Re: Tankwa Cross Country Rally 2018
« on: August 20, 2018, 11:44:05 am »
Thanks for the pics, Buff.

Seriously, guys, there is nothing in this rally that is not entirely rideable by a halfway competent rider. Who cares where you come in the order? Just taking part is first prize!

Our children and grandchildren will hear of our exploits with rapt awe, even if they can't ride one.  ;)
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Racing Section / Re: Tankwa Cross Country Rally 2018
« on: August 20, 2018, 06:30:26 am »
Guys, I've just come back from a weekend in riding heaven!

We stayed at Rooiputs (Race HQ) and I helped Offroad and Buff map and check out the tracks. I spent my time following them in a Hilux bakkie (The Lexus) with the fuel, while they were out on quad and bike.enjoying the most varied, glorious riding conditions imaginable.

Get your hot little entries in now. The farmers have opened many, many areas where ordinary folk never get a chance to ride. Step away from your keyboards and do something quite extraordinary.
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Of course I know that bike well from the years on the quarrytracks, having ridden it on a few occasions. Over those years I watched the patina develop, but I don't remember it ever letting Dogmatix down. I was keen to buy it myself, but I'd already bought his famous XLR250.

Good luck with the resto, and I look forward to seeing it in its natural habitat again.
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You can tell I've been looking at pics on my HD.

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There have been better posed shots than this.

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Scrat, Gerrit DuToit, who you know from the Honda Quest, has a brother, Lofty, in Oranjemund who is a prize winning 4X4 driver. Apart from being just as awesome as his brother, he should be very knowledgeable about the area.
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I see some of my information was less than accurate.

"The Hildebrand Anglo-Boer Monument can be found on the Kraalbosdam Farm approximately 6 km north of the quaint town of Darling. The Monument and grave site reminds one of the heroic efforts of the Boer War Forces to liberate the Cape Colony of British rule and is currently being maintained by the Dutch Reformed Church of Darling.

C.P. Hildebrand was appointed Field Cornet of the Boer Forces of the Maritz Commando in 1901 and was ordered to conduct raids to the south, in the direction of Darling. On 10 December 1901 Hildebrands’ troops moved toward Darling, occupying it the following day. Darling was the most southerly village that a Boer Commando ever penetrated during the Anglo-Boer War (1899 – 1902)

Hildebrand arrived for supplies and horses on the 12th November 1901, but British reinforcements, 500 men strong, arrived the same day and forced Hildebrand and his forces to withdraw 6 km north again. During the battle that took place on Mr Loedolff’s land Hildebrand was mortally wounded. His body was hidden by his men and only found a day later by a Shepard working on the farm who wrapped Hildebrand’s body in blankets and buried it in the same place.

 A few months later, his body was disinterred and Hildebrand was given a dignified burial with a white marble headstone. It was in 1937 that the decision was taken to erect a monument on the site and the Hildebrand Anglo-Boer War Monument was consecrated on 16 December 1940. The marble headstone was incorporated into the needle of the Monument."
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Yet another great ride today. The 3 Giraffids met me at Sunrise Circle and we did the urban thing out to the Barrel. On to Cipla where we met Daniel, William, Jean, and Herman. Lekker ride out, past Morning Star and under the railway line and up the "Sense of Humour" track. But this is now a pleasant road, hardly needing a S of H to ride it anymore. Then the riders with no sense of self-preservation did the whoops up to the corner of the big field (where the helicopter fetched me once). Mrs Giraffe and I saved our strength and went up the field by the triangle track extension. Then I took them down the new new nasty Stump track, but they all survived.

After that it was mostly better known tracks, a bit of cross-country, some of our new stuff and on to the Barrel for the important stuff.

Fuzzy arrived looking worse for wear, but brought the spiffy new shirts. Thank you very much.

Then back via the urban thing to complete the splendid Sunday morning.

Thank you everyone.

.kmz attached
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Ride Reports / Re: A PIECE of PONDOLAND
« on: May 10, 2018, 06:18:52 pm »
Enjoying this immensely. Thank you.
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So I went out alone to do some track development, and had a really nice time. Got some new, nasty, soft, sandy, twisty, bushy tracks.

But then at 9:55 some plastics came down Frankdale road. One of them was on the single most noisy bike I've  ever heard. The scars from his spinning wheel are still there to see outside the church where the weekly service was being held. You, sir, behaved like an uncouth ass. It is not unlikely that actions like this will ultimately persuade the City to summarily close off the area. In the face of such arrogant high-handedness we have no chance of sympathy from the general populace, much less the authorities and landowners. I despise your attitude. Prick!
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07h15 Barrel, Sunday morning.  2 groups - slow and not-so-slow.
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Ride Reports / Re: Nawakwaland en die weskus pad ;D
« on: December 27, 2017, 09:52:46 pm »
The West Coast has an attraction of its own. Great shots!
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Great ride yet again! Thank you Zanie, Squirrel and MarkB.  Had the best time. Once again Zanie impressed us with her fearless approach to all obstacles!

Good to meet Omninorm and Jayson Hill at the Barrel.
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These last few posts have gone over this old codger's head.

I have only one bike. And I'm not too really fussed about which one it is. I have found that if I've got more than one bike I'll always have one in pieces and so I might as well only have one. As long as it's reliable, can do off road and climb pavements I'm pretty happy.  I honestly don't care that one bike is so much faster than the next  - that will get you to the scene of the accident so much quicker. This forum is populated by so many racers that people who just want to ride seem to be in a recessive minority.

If you must complicate your life, get the bike that pleases you, not the bike that other people want for themselves.
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Ride Reports / Re: I Get It !
« on: November 13, 2017, 02:24:44 pm »
Awesome! Enjoy a million safe miles.
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Awesome morning!

8 riders having the best time out there. Thanks Squirrel Hunter for the help with the new track and thank you Kawaki, MarkB, Ish, Katana, Walkaboutboertjie and ZA.

Some new track was explored, new challenges conquered and the familiar tracks were suitably flattened. Success all round!

Specially for Katana:


I'll include the new bits tomorrow.

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Really great report. Thanks.

We live in a beautiful, inspiring country.
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