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General Bike Related Banter / Re: My new adventure bike
« on: March 12, 2018, 05:03:43 pm »
Two awesome new scoots, congrats Neil  :thumleft: I was going to wish you guys many safe riding hours but looks like I'm too late... well for the missus anyway  :o So here's wishing you plenty then and hope the missus heals up soon  :thumleft:

That riding terrain looks amazing, wow  :drif:
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General Bike Related Banter / Re: Economically adventurizing a EXC 500
« on: February 09, 2018, 12:16:01 pm »
Cush drive sprocket would be the cheaper alternative  :thumleft:

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Velcro is absolutely styling, so much so that the YZ has needed some maintenance because he's on it every weekend.
Hje was kind enough to donate Danie an old DT125 to ride with Velcro, so the two of them go out together to practice. He's still loving the bike and is much more confident on it now. He's also had his first proper off but survived without too much damage to him and the bike  :thumleft:
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Hi Pielas,

You can add Hillbilly Farm in Ceres, also a Wilddog member. Owned by Steven and Tanith Matthews and very much biker friendly.
Tel: 0618193577
Coords: -33 25' 28.6" 19 15' 48.9"

I contacted them and they are on the map now thanks a lot. Looks like a great place with wonderful people
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General Bike Related Banter / Re: R1200GS to Husqvarna 701
« on: January 16, 2018, 01:32:59 pm »
I'll tell you what I told Ominorm when he was inquiring about the same thing... Just buy it, you'll never regret it.

I sold my Super Tenere a year after buying my 690. As much as I loved that big girl the 690 was just so much more fun to ride... just about everywhere, so the ST ended up standing in the garage. The only time I miss the 1200 is on trips over 200km's long and I probably only do one of those a year at the moment.

It's worth mentioning that a stock 690 or 701 in dealership trim is somewhat down on power to a bike with an Akro pipe and open airbox that's been remapped. Just keep that in mind when test riding one.
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Garage, Projects & Restorations / Re: My Up-cycled Projects
« on: January 10, 2018, 03:54:34 pm »
Wow, awesome job Jughead, really dig that door  :thumleft:
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KTM950's and 690's see to be prone to slappers after changing tires. Just torque the headset to twice the manual spec and it'll solve the problem  ;) My 690 regularly tries to make me climb off at 140km/h after fitting tubeliss and Dunlop 908's  >:(

Glad you're okay (relatively speaking), it's a k@k scary experience  :o
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General Bike Related Banter / Re: Alexander Nel (Camelman) ........
« on: November 22, 2017, 03:46:47 pm »
Gees, life is sometimes so brutal  :'(

RIP Alex, you were a man that lived life to the full and died doing something you loved.
Many life lessons can be learned from how you set about accomplishing things you set your mind on.
Ride & fly free with the angels.
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Finally I have some feedback on Velcro and his YZ85  ;D

I got an sms on Sat morning from Danie saying that Velcro has been putting in some time on the bike and he'd like to show me his progress so I headed down to the sandpit on my 690 just before the rugby to spend some time with him.

Wow, the little okes is styling. Danie managed to find a secondhand seat and cut it down for the bike and dropped the suspension a little. As soon as his feet could touch the ground he got his confidence back. He pulls away well, runs through the full box and cruises around like an old pro. He's still very respectful of the powerband and only saves it for the straights (thankfully so) but it won't be long before he'll be ring ting tinging everywhere.
I was seriously impressed with how far he has come in such a short while. He's absolutely loving the bike and taking very good care of it  :thumleft:

I spent a little time with him coaching him on how to ride sand with more confidence and his body positioning while standing, so that's his homework for the next 2 weeks  ;) Feedback to follow  :thumleft:

Now I need to work on drilling it in his head and Danie's head that safety gear is there for a reason... notice the lack of boots :xxbah: In his defense, learning to change gears with boots is not the easiest thing in the world, especially for a kid.
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Yep, I still see Velcro but I haven't been able to take the little guy riding yet as it's been two weekends and the one I spent in the Tankwa and the other was my birthday weekend so it was party time  ;D

Hje popped in there on Sat before coming around to my place and Velcro is up and riding the 85cc on his own. Not in the powerband yet but getting his confidence up and progressing nicely  :thumleft: His Dad (Danie) has also done a deal with Hje for his old DT so now Danie & the older boet have a bike to join Velcro on outrides. Hopefully I'll get a gap this weekend to take them down to Boelieplaas near Stellenbosch for some fun  :thumleft:
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General Bike Related Banter / Re: Plastic Bike Which One?
« on: September 19, 2017, 11:40:31 am »
Great choice and perfect for that kind of riding  :thumleft: Looks like you're having a proper jol on it already  :thumleft:
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Here's a little YouTube clip of the event that my girls put together  :thumleft:

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From my side, thank you all once again, this truly was a special day, not only for Velcro but all involved in the initiative  :thumleft: Thanks to all the WDs that took the time to come through this afternoon as well, it was great having such a large group representing us  :thumleft:

The actual bike handover was a little bit of an anticlimax from an excitement point of view because the once chipper Velcro was at a loss for words and close to tears, I think it was all a little overwhelming  :o I guess most of us would have been the same if 30 bikers pitched up in our front yard with a new bike for us, out of the blue  :imaposer:

He was however extremely chuffed and no sooner than everyone had left, I had to go home and fetch my bike and take him riding with his Dad in the sandpit down the road, along with 6 other neighbourhood kids who are now suddenly bike and Wilddog fans  ;)  ;D

Dad spent an hour teaching him clutch control and gears and I recon that by tomorrow afternoon, he'll be shifting sand on that little YZ85  >:D The bike is still a little too tall for him so we'll drop the sag and push the forks through a little to help him get his toes on the ground. Unfortunately the boots that were donated were a little too small so he couldn't use them to help with the toe touching but we'll try make a plan with another pair soon enough.

Dad (Danie) had a friend that took some great photos and he'll send them through during the week. For now, here's a few from my daughters phone.

Thank you all once again, this was an amazing initiative and I'm really glad I was part of it along with the rest of you  :3some:
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Velcro's Saturday got a little better (if that's possible) wth a full set of used kit donated by a mate of mine, Daniel Forsyth. It's the right colour as well  ;D
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I chatted to Graham Hedgecock this morning about Velcro and he has offered to give him a few free training sessions including the basics. For those who don't who who Graham is, he's WCs top Enduro rider and heads the National Junior Enduro series. Velcro will be styling in no time  ;D :thumleft:

He might also be blessed with a pair of Boots & Helmet, I'm just waiting for confirmation of sizes  :thumleft:

Incredible how this simple request has snowballed, I can't help but be blown away by it, it puts a stupid grin on my face every time I think about it  ;D
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Right, I'm back  ;D  Danie dropped off Velcro's bike with me on Sunday and OMG, it's a little thing of absolute beauty  :drif: You guys have done something truly amazing here. My wife & girls were so excited they even took turns to sit on it and admire it. Danie bought an absolute minter  :thumleft:

The bike is so clean that we have decided against the service and sticker kit from Droomers... It just doesn't need it. Droomers has instead offered a few "extras" that I'll collect tomorrow  : :thumleft:

So some info on the handover to Velcro: It's happening this Saturday afternoon at Danie's house in Brackenfell. All the WD's who would like to join are welcome, whether you donated or not. We'll be gathering at the Checkers parking lot off Brackenfell Boulevard at the bottom of Protea Heights at 2:00pm. Danie and myself will be there with the bike on my trailer under a cover and then we'll ride through to their house. They have a small park opposite their house so the bikes can park in the park.

We'll then do a small handover to Velcro and witness the total disbelief  ;D : :thumleft:

Thank you once again to each and every WD that contributed to making this happen, beside changing a kids life, you won't believe how many other people's lives you touched through me and other WDs sharing this incredible story with friends and family.
Together we can make such a huge difference, thank you  :3some:
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 :imaposer: glad someone else got to experience his enthusiasm  :thumleft: Danie popped into my place yesterday and we chatted about how best to make this work. The next step is the delivery of the bike to Droomers for the once over and the new sticker kit. The surprise delivery to Velcro will depend on how long that kit takes to make and fit but I'm guessing we'll be good to go by next weekend  :thumleft: More details will follow in the week.

Good news from Danie is that the bike is in absolute mint condition. The previous owner was apparently very meticulous about his toys so it looks like they picked up a little gem  :thumleft:
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Some great news...... Because it's a Yamaha......
Phew....  at least the kid is off to a good start. Good job Buff!! You and the fellow dogs that contributed and supported this kid changed his life forever.

You Sir, are a true gentleman  :thumleft:
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